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  1. Remove Popcorn Ceiling with shop vac by amatur
  2. Use a sprayer with plain water. Tape a larger scraper to a shop vac and go at it. Very little mess or clean afterwards
  3. This vacuum attachment with ceiling scraper will removes your popcorn ceiling.! ️Check It Out! http://bit.ly/PopcornCeilingScraper-----..
  4. This simple and easy trick uses only a shop vac and a 6 inch putty knife and of course some duct tape. All one has to do is duct tape a 6 knife centered ove..

Pump up the pressure on your tank sprayer and aim your nozzle toward the ceiling. Begin spraying the water directly onto your popcorn ceiling. Wear safety glasses / goggles to keep the water from dripping onto your eyes and eventually the popcorn. Do not try to be a rebel and not wear them POP EEZE Popeeze Popcorn Ceiling Scraper Vacuum Attachment Tool - Shop Vacuum Attachment for Removal and Repair of Acoustic Texture Ceiling - Remover of Ceiling Texture Without Bag or Mess. 3.3 out of 5 stars. 826. $44.99. $44. . 99. This tool is a versatile option that can be used for any ceiling surface. This tool is a versatile option that.

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  1. In this video, I show how easy it is to remove popcorn ceiling texture. I perform the task in an 11 foot by 12 foot bedroom from start to finish in just over..
  2. Remove the Popcorn Ceiling Prepare to scrape off the textured material. Make sure to wear the proper safety protection when removing popcorn ceiling. Paint scrapers help extend your reach when paired with a handle or painters pole
  3. You can correspond now by mail THE DRYWALL DOCTOR P.O. Box 1559 122 N Wheaton Ave. Wheaton IL. 60187 How do you remove popcorn texture from ceilings? Can yo..
  4. Popcorn ceilings can be seen as such an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful home. However, the thought of manually sanding it off sounds so much worse than actually having to look at the ceiling itself
  5. Easy but somewhat messy way is to slightly dampen the acoustic using a garden type sprayer. Let it sit a few, and scrape away. It will be a little harder to remove on the tape joints/seams and easier in the field of the wallboard. Whatever spills off of the dropcloths let dry and vac up
  6. ate dust in the house, he has the vacuum exhaust hose expelling all debris outside
  7. Attach POPeeze to your shop vacuum hose and a pole to make the difficult task of removing popcorn ceilings much easier! CLEANER: No more scraping the ceiling texture and allowing the debris to fall to the floor. Popeeze generates significantly less mess to clean up than conventional method

One trick to removing popcorn ceilings is having the right tool for the job. Meet my modified shop vac scraper. I took this simple drywall spackle knife and taped it to my shop vac attachment. When you go to scrape your ceiling, all the popcorn is sucked away into the shop vac, leaving you with hardly any mess In this regard, how do you remove a popcorn ceiling from a shop vac? All you have to do is spray your popcorn ceiling with water. Grab a 6-inch spackle knife and duct tape it to the end of your shop vacuum. The spackle knife easily scrapes off the popcorn ceiling, while the vacuum quickly sucks in the debris How To Remove Popcorn Ceilings In 5 Simple Steps Architectural Digest from media.architecturaldigest.com. An ambitious homeowner can remove popcorn ceilings with nothing more than a spray bottle, a wide scraper and plenty my shop vac came with a wide, flat nozzle that had a little lip on one edge Thank you to HGTV and the dozens of professionals who made videos straight up exact copying what I figured out years before. A few things: I normally wear a. Homax Popcorn Ceiling Scraper. This handy tool is similar to the PopEEZE product but does not require a shop vac attachment. Instead, it features a unique bag attachment that captures texture as it is removed, so the texture falls into a bag and not on the floor

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Removal of popcorn (we used water & scraper) 2. Sand uneven areas 3. Wipe down with sponge I am currently renovating my first ever house and just finished scraping the popcorn ceiling and I had a couple questions. 1. After taking a look it looks like there is still some slight popcorn left. Your shop vac (if you have one) came with a. I am a Painter in Michigan and I use this when I remove the popcorn, however 6 out of 10 times I have to float parts of the ceiling with a 2 foot knife to make it flat and smooth again because the popcorn was used to cover up those darn cracks and defects, and that is why for some people it cost an arm and a leg to get rid of it, and that is why I am the only company I know of that works with.

The first time i tried to take off the popcorn ceiling with scraper it got everywhere, (i had to buy a shop vac to clean up all the mess (the spouse was not very happy with me)). The application was very easy, just brush it on to the ceilings, wait a bit and then you can scrape it off, it didnt tear the paper on the dry wall Luckily, the above video makes removing popcorn ceilings easier than ever. You may have heard of spraying a textured ceiling with water and then scraping the bumpy bits away. And while this works, DIYer Aaron Rollins claims his trick has the same result without the added labor and mess. Rollins duct-taped a spackle knife to the end of a vacuum. Once the entire ceiling has been scraped, go back with a 3in knife and do the edges where the walls meet the ceiling. Its a PITA the ass to get that with the 6in and shop vac. Just hold the nozzle below to catch what you take off. Also, now is a good time to remove and light fixtures/smoke detectors/ect and go around them But the rough texture catches lots of dust and cobwebs and it can be difficult to know how to remove popcorn ceiling. It can be a real pain to match if you have cracks or holes in need of patching. Figuring out how to remove a popcorn ceiling texture from a ceiling is a messy chore but worth the effort if the substrate underneath is in good shape Remember that finishing the ceiling after popcorn removal will be of the utmost importance with this method. You may have to fill gouges, tape the seams, and sand the ceiling to create the ideal surface for a new coat of paint. Painting your ceiling should be done in a two-step process

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The cost to test for Asbestos should range in the 50-150.00 range. Patching or repairing popcorn ceiling isn't really that difficult and many home centers such as: Home depot, Lowes, and Menards, will carry this type of patch kit that contain the textured mix with Styrofoam to closely match the existing texture If you do damage it, here are 10 tips for patching drywall and drywall repairs. To remove residual popcorn material and ensure you get into the corners, you'll want to put down the scraper and pick up a flexible putty knife.. You can also use a mud pan, specifically the kind for holding joint compound, to catch the wet popcorn so it doesn't all land on the plastic-covered floor Remove or cover up popcorn ceiling? Denver based condo renovation. Hello! EDIT: Pure giggles from your comments this morning. I have no shop vac (no light on the end of a vacuum thank goodness) bug spray, or an electric fly swatter, but I will brave my kitchen with a spray bottle How to remove popcorn texture from a ceiling. Use a 12-14 scraper like this one available at your local hardware store. I tried taping mine to a shop vac because I saw others have success with this method. Ultimately, I ditched it because it didn't end up working for me. I think maybe I didn't have the right vacuum attachment sooz001. 6 years ago. Check the age of the place before you remove the popcorn. 50's through the 80's the popcorn material could contain asbestos. Once it is off, you can decide what to do with the ceiling if you don't like the look. There are many concrete paints and stains on the market. Sort by: Oldest

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Alternatively, you can try to cheat your way out of removing your popcorn ceiling. If you own a powerful shop vacuum, attach a 4 putty knife to the end. Next, soak your ceiling in water. You can scrape the texture off quickly with the putty knife while the vacuum automatically sucks up all the dust and loose texture. Final Thoughts. Removing. When they do popcorn ceiling they don't finish the drywall. This is not 100%. I have helped two of my friends remove popcorn ceilings from their homes and both ceilings were completely and properly finished. We just had to touch up a few places where our putty knives gouged the ceiling. Yes, it was a thing to not finish the drywall under the.

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However, if there is a lot of dust, some cleaning may be needed. Using a wet/dry shop vac or an old-fashioned broom and dust pan will accomplish this task. To eliminate the final remnants of the popcorn ceiling removal, homeowners should then clean with a commercial sprayer and allow the material to fully dry To keep the mess to minimum, we duct taped our putty knife to our shop vac and scraped away! Worked great - hardly any popcorn on the floor. After the scraping it does take a lot of wet wiping to remove all traces of popcorn, but well worth it. Removing popcorn ceiling was supposed to be tedious, but not [] Reply. Guest Post by Kelly. Jan 28, 2021 - Explore Spearman's board Ceiling on Pinterest. See more ideas about removing popcorn ceiling, popcorn ceiling, diy home repair

Move onto the next 3' x 3' squares of ceiling area while repeating steps 1 and 2. When all the popcorn is scraped off, sand the entire ceiling with a sanding pole & screen. Gather any of the scraped-off popcorn that's on the drop cloth and put it in heavy duty garbage bags. Vacuum up any remaining dirt or debris I purchased a power drywall sander from my local home store for just over $100. It sanded off my popcorn quickly while vacuuming the resulting dust into my shop vac for easy disposal. I saw them do this on the DIY channel and decided to give it a try. Not only was there very little mess, the ceiling was ready for paint when I was done For me, the old way tends to work best. My son once tried to bet me that he could take down a popcorn ceiling in half the time with a scraping attachment for his shop vac, but at the end of the day, I think he spent as much time struggling with his vacuum as he did scraping. Test for Asbesto 4. Spray the Ceiling With Water Before Carefully Scraping Away the Popcorn Texture. Fact: A wet scrape is easier than a dry scrape. Use a garden sprayer to wet a four-by-four-foot area of the. Lint roller method: There are several techniques to clean a popcorn ceiling and remove dust, so start with the easiest one first.If the ceiling is low, such as in a basement, grab a lint roller with a 3-foot extendable pole.This way, you won't even need to climb a ladder. Designed to clear pet fur off the floor, the 10-inch-wide sticky roller will grab dust from the ceiling and prevent it from.

Be careful not to sand the ceiling too roughly - you don't want to damage it after removing the popcorn ceiling. Use a Shop-Vac to remove any excess water and loose debris before removing the. This product can also make it easy when removing popcorn ceiling texture. The Ceiling and Drywall Dust Free Vacuum Sander fits on a common shop vac and catches all the ceiling and or wall particles so not to make a mess. WARNING: Ceiling texture that was applied before 1979 should not be removed without having it tested for asbestos. Asbestos. POP EEZE Popeeze Popcorn Ceiling Scraper Vacuum Attachment Tool - Shop Vacuum Attachment for Removal and Repair of Acoustic Texture Ceiling - Remover of Ceiling Texture Without Bag or Mess. 3.3 out of 5 stars. 799. $44.99. $44. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jun 9. FREE Shipping by Amazon This tool makes popcorn ceiling pop right off and into the shop vac with very little mess and in a fast efficient manner. It makes it so fun I almost want to reapply it and do it again! the only downfall is I think you have to order new blades off a different site The Homax Products 12 in. Ceiling Texture Scraper features a unique bag attachment to help capture falling debris. It is designed to remove unwanted popcorn ceiling texture. The 12 inch blade scrapes large areas - complete a room in 30 minutes or less

Caseyem11 on Feb 09, 2018. you can put a thin layer of Sheetrock over the popcorn ceiling, tape and paint. some popcorn contains asbestos so I do not recommend removing it. You did quite a bit of work in the house (beautifully), all of which created a tremendous amount of dust First, always test for asbestos before attempting DIY popcorn ceiling removal (use of asbestos in textured paint and in patching compounds used on wall and ceiling joints was banned in 1977).You can use an EPA-approved test kit sold in home improvement stores or have a professional come test the ceiling for you Photo Source . We recently shared a post on 3 options for getting rid of popcorn ceilings.There are a few different ways to approach it, including hiring a professional (like Mike's Guys) or installing beadboard sheets over the popcorn for a cleaner look.Of course, if you have settled on the idea of tackling the project on your own, we thought it would be helpful to have a step-by-step guide. POP EEZE - Note that this product is not recommended for popcorn ceilings that have been painted over. What you get: one funnel, three blades, written instructions and tips in English and Spanish. Attach popeeze to your shop vacuum hose and a pole to make the difficult task of removing popcorn ceilings much easier Finally, remove any gouge marks that may have been made while scraping with a skim coat of joint compound. Also skim coat any seams and nail holes as needed. Now you can roll up the plastic off the floor and discard the mess. Finish the cleanup with a shop vac. Congratulations, you have successfully removed a popcorn ceiling. You are now ready.

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Spray with Water. swiggle1. dot pattern2. This Next. Source: This Next. Scraping the popcorn ceiling dry can make it go everywhere and take forever. Before you start scraping, use a spray bottle to make the popcorn wet. This will make scraping easier and help keep it from flying all over the place and sticking to your furniture and curtains Clickbank AdsDetails, Fiction and how to remove popcorn ceiling with shop vac and scraper February 4, 2020 | Leave a comment | Home Details, Fiction and how to remove popcorn ceiling with shop vac and scraper how am i able to make a little slim pantry extra useful for containers and bags of pasta and [ There is no unmessy: way to remove a popcorn ceiling.. This link is a great start to begin your project. One thing mentioned that I wasn't aware of is the possible inclusion of asbestos if your home was built before 1980, Hope it wasn't because then I'd recommend a professional since it is hazmat material and needs to be bagged off Steps to remove popcorn ceilings: Be sure to cover all of your furniture, cabinets, counters, floors, etc with plastic drop cloths before you get started. Use tape to attach it to the wall, cabinets, etc. Work in small-ish sections (4×4, 5×5 etc) spraying to wet the popcorn ceiling. You want to saturate it pretty well but not soaking

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Before covering, remove popcorn. I rigged a plastic scraper to the hose of my shop vac. It scraped off the popcorn right into the vacuum! Wiped ceiling down and we went right ahead and repainted ceiling. Removing popcorn will help your boards lie in flat and true Yes, scraping your ceiling is a messy process, but it's also the least expensive and can be completed by one person relatively quickly. Here's a step-by-step guide to remove popcorn ceiling. How To Remove Popcorn Ceiling Check for Asbestos. If the popcorn was added before 1979, get it tested for asbestos

Vacuums up paint debris as it happens, at the scraper head. Scrape up or down, vacuum slots on both sides of the scraper head capture dust and debris as soon as it happens. Comes with three (3) scraper blades. Perfect for popcorn ceiling removal or patchwork. Captures 98% of popcorn ceiling material as it is dislodged Calgary Popcorn Ceiling Removal & texturing. Popcorn ceilings were all the craze in the 70's and almost every house built in that time period had it. 50 years later we are all stuck with popcorn ceilings, which is a home for dust particles. Popcorn ceiling can often give your home an outdated and old look Features Features: -Captures 98% of popcorn ceiling material. -Vacuums up paint chips as they are made. -Vacuum slots on both sides of scraper blade. -Excellent for popcorn ceiling removal. -Save time and money associated with clean up after paint scraping. -Can be used on dry ceilings. Product Type: -Attachments & Tools Popcorn Ceiling Removal. Popcorn ceilings are also known as stucco or textured ceilings. There are many different types and methods of texturing walls and ceilings, but the stereotypical spray-on stucco, widely known as popcorn, is the topic of this post, and popcorn ceiling removal explained.. Facts, popcorn ceiling removal. Why remove a popcorn ceiling

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Started two days ago, I have found out hairline cracks in the popcorn ceiling (in the living room and bedroom where popcorn ceilings are used). I don't know much about Home Improvement so I have been digging up Google to find the repair method. I'm thinking to patch the cracks by squeezing a tiny bit of popcorn ceiling patch on a putty knife to. Prepping the Ceiling. With the popcorn material off the ceiling, the next phase is preparing the surface for a new texture. Sanding is the first step in prepping the ceiling. Use 200 Grit screen drywall mesh to sand the entire ceiling surface, removing any small bits of texture that were left behind. Now the surface should be smooth and ready. Cleaning a popcorn ceiling can be a messy job because some of the texture almost always comes loose as you are cleaning. Set aside plenty of time to do the job. If the ceiling has become discolored by roof leaks, heavy cooking grease, cigarette or fireplace smoke even from gas fireplaces , it is nearly impossible to remove these stains by. After years of searching, i finally found the best shop vac ever. The MV-912, Mirka Dust Extractor is a fine piece of equipment and a perfect new tool for every woodworker. I will tell you everything you need to know during this amazing tool review video. This industrial vac is perfect for use in customers homes, in the shop, or anywhere you.

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- New Product: The patent pending POPeeze tool will make the job of popcorn ceiling removal much safer, cleaner and more efficient than conventional methods. Attach POPeeze to your shop vacuum hose and a pole to make the difficult task of removing popcorn ceilings much easier It's known as a popcorn ceiling, and can quite a pain to remove. But Aaron Rollins has figured out a simple life hack to finish the job with no fuss or mess. He simply taped a spackle scrapper to the edge of his shop vac hose and voilà You can just as easily vacuum the dry stuff off the floor when you're done as increase the weight by tying a shop vac hose to it. I just wonder why they did so many of those in the 80s. I don't know anybody who likes popcorn ceilings except the spiders who seem to love hanging their webs on them Looking for a recommendation on popcorn ceiling removal. Was considering doing it myself, but don't have the time. Also looking to get pot lights done, but not sure if we should get the popcorn ceiling removed first or get the pot lights done first. Attach a 6putty knife to a shop vac, go nuts. Reply; Reply with quote; Nov 17th, 2016 5:54. So to sum up, to make this project as easy as possible: 1) Use plastic sheeting for the walls and floors. 2) Use a garden sprayer to quickly and evenly wet the ceiling. 3) Apply long, slow, even strokes with your putty knife. 4) Use the popcorn ceiling bucket to reduce mess

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Popcorn Ceiling Scraping. You might be tempted to use a power sander to remove the popcorn—not a good idea, as the dust can fill your lungs for days afterward. Check out telescoping scrapers: you attach a trash bag to one and start scraping. Popcorn Removal Process. The worst part of removing popcorn ceiling is the huge mess it makes I have an old Ridgid WD06250 6 gal shop vac, I'm removing some popcorn ceiling and the filter is clogging very quickly and the vac is losing suction. Seems this model is different as the hose doesn't come into the tub but into the top. Any advice on filter bags that would fit? Ridgid brand or other? Last edited by Foxtrot01; 08-02-2020, 12:10 PM

6,890 Posts. #3 · Jan 23, 2019. Removing popcorn should normally not require any sanding, unless the ceiling was previously painted maybe. But it's done. Don't know what you meant by promise but assume that means prime. If you are painting with standard flat ceiling paint, then that should be fine Hello all, I have an old Ridgid wd06250 shop vac, I'm removing a popcorn ceiling and noticed that the filter is getting clogged quickly and the vac is loosing suction. I was hoping to find some filter bags for this model and can only find the Ridgid one type b but even that one doesn't seem to work well since the nozzle doesn't go into the tub Popcorn ceiling—If you have a heavily textured ceiling and just don't like the look, you have a few options. With unpainted texture, the most common approach is to mist it with a spray bottle and scrape off the softened texture. Removing popcorn ceiling that way makes a big, sloppy mess and almost always leaves you with repairs to do afterward Popcorn ceiling removal requires effort but to reduce the amount of time and labor involved, a number of techniques could be used. Tips for removal can be found on the internet in forums, chat rooms, and even do-it-yourself sites. the textured ceiling being removed would go directly into the shop vac for easy disposal Follow up on pop corn ceiling removal. Because of the cost of these asbestos precautions, some people might opt to just leave the popcorn ceiling as is and go over it with a new ceiling. Shop vac, brooms, and a little time make cleanup soooooo easy, and the plastic doubles for painters tarp and for skim coats also. .

Easy way to remove textured / popcorn ceiling without theDIY Popcorn Ceiling Removal: How to Easily Remove PopcornHow to Remove Popcorn Texture from a Ceiling that has beenDustless Technologies Dustless Technologies ChipBuddie

DECIDING IF TO DESIGN AROUND OR REMOVE POPCORN CEILING? The house has popcorn ceilings in all the bedrooms, the living room, the dining room, and the study (even though at the time, it was supposed to be the media room). Maybe it would work for you if you have a shop-vac with a longer hose, though! 0. Emily 5 months ago Reply to Rache Getting rid of the popcorn ceiling is almost as easy as, well, popping popcorn! All you need is a 6-inch spackle knife, a squirt bottle of water, duct tape, and a shop vacuum. Duct tape the knife to the end of your vacuum, and then you're ready to go. First, you need to spray the ceiling with water Hi Clem, The popcorn ceiling is mostly just an aggravation. It's fairly easy to remove with a 4″ drywall or putty knife. Make sure to wear a mask as it will get a bit dusty and have your shop-vac ready to do the final cleanup. Next, use a Pole Sander, the kind the drywallers use, to lightly sand. Now prime the surface with Zinsser 123 I don't think the vacuum is ruined, it just needs to be cleaned properly. Since it is a shop vac just empty the dust out into a safe container, clean the inside of the vacuum out with some household cleaner, and then change the filter. You should be good to go after that Step 1: Prep the room and yourself. Start by prepping the room. In addition to all the dust and debris that will be falling from the ceiling, pieces of the popcorn may loosen and come down as well. Cover the entire room, including the furniture and floor, in drop cloths or a plastic tarp. Next, gather all your tools and materials so they.

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