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  3. With the above settings, tapping once on your screen will show your Always On Display while double tapping will show your Lock screen. If your issue is still unresolved, you may contact us via our hotline at 1800-4252997 (1800 GALAXY S) or via our Live Chat. We are available 24/7. Is this content helpful
  4. 1 Head into your Settings > Advanced Features 2 Tap on Motions and gestures 3 Toggle on or off Double tap to turn off screen 4 If you have enabled this setting, double tap an empty space on your Home Screen or Lock Screen to turn off the screen
  5. Double tap to turn on the Samsung device's screen. The function is enabled by default and can also be disabled in the advanced functions. Double-tapping to turn on works for the lock screen, Always On Display or when neither is enabled. Supported devices also bring the double tap to turn off screen
  6. i have the S21 Ultra Unlock from factory samsung, and i got the sams issue i did all those solution, turned of double tap turn off screen and turned it bacm on, and the magnification or accessibility buttons or zoom never been touched and they are off amd still have that issue for double tap tp turn off the screen i even restart the phone. since i got the 3.1 UI update i got the same problem.
  7. One UI 3 is the interface version of Samsung based on Android 11 and which many users in Europe can already enjoy. Models like the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 20. This new version of the interface introduces new functions for phones, such as the ability to turn the screen on and / or off with a double tap

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  1. For some reasons, double tap to turn off screen from the home screen stops working completely after updating to the latest software update. Does anyone have the same issue ? I have tried restarting and turning on-off the feature in setting. None of that worked for me so far. Please fix it Samsung..
  2. Double tap screen on off - Samsung All PhonesFull Video https://youtu.be/4JCdjzA41u0#TechTricks#doubletabscreenon#a71 #a70 #a70s #a50 #a51 #a50s#samsungm3
  3. Double tap Apps. Double tap Settings. Use two fingers to scroll down. Double tap Accessibility. Double tap Vision. Double tap Voice Assistant. Tap between ON and the blue slider. Double Tap the Blue Slider. Double tap OK
  4. Pretty simple fix for this that worked for me.. turn off the phone, turn it back on holding down the volume down key. This starts the phone in safe mode. When aod is on the message should still be displayed but you should be able to double click and start the tutorial. Once viewed it doesn't come back
  5. Tap Accessibility, and then tap Screen reader. Tap Voice Assistant, and then tap the switch to turn it on. Your watch will now provide audio descriptions for each screen on the watch. Tap any item to hear it described. Double tap it to perform the described function
  6. double tap screen on/off setting in Samsung Galaxy M21, double tap screen use kaise karen infotak online #infotalkonline=====Motorola Mob..

Go into the device settings, then from My device, choose Accessibility.From that menu, press TalkBack, then click the switch in the top-right corner to turn TalkBack off.. After tapping something once to get the yellow box (and the spoken description of what the thing is), double-tap anywhere on the screen to click the highlighted thing Double Tap Home Screen to Screen OFF, Shake to Screen ON Shake to turn OFF, use the proximity sensor to open the screen to the most comfortable and most effective. When only opening screen features with the proximity sensor when taking the phone out of the bag itself on the screen

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. I'm referring to this pop-up. If you didn't get this pop-up, I'd suggest you to go into your Settings > Accessibility > Installed Services, then find Nova and turn it off. Ensure that you have set Screen Lock for Double Tap gestures in Nova Settings. Then, double tap on the home screen and the above pop-up will be displayed

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Some third party launchers let you do that, or stand-alone apps. I use the double tap to sleep with Nova Launcher and it works ok. I locks reliably, but sometimes the screen flashes for a moment right before it turns off. I asked, and they blamed it on Samsung Screen recording is back in Android 11, Android 11's hidden double-tap gesture lets you take screenshots (Updated) RadioShack Offering $50 Off Any Android Phone Purchase Of $99.99 Or More

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Double tap to wake. Turn on the screen by double-tapping instead of using the Power button. This is. featured on the Galaxy A20 only. From Settings, tap Advanced features > Motions and gestures > Double tap to Method 1of 3:Activating Double-Tap on Samsung Download Article. Open Settings . You'll find the gear icon in the Quick Settings menu if you swipe down on your screen, or you can find the gear app icon in the app drawer or by searching. Tap Lock screen. It's usually in the third grouping of menu options and you might need to scroll to find this. Android 11 on Samsung's One UI 3.0 has a new feature known as Double Tap to Sleep or Double Tap to turn off Screen on some devices. So if you have the Android 11 update on your Samsung this is a must use feature

If Lift to wake or Double tap to wake up feature is activated on your Mobile Device, screen may be turned on when conditions are satisfied. • Lift to wake: Set the device to turn on the screen when you pick it up • Double tap to wake up: Set the device to turn on the screen by double-tapping anywhere on the screen while the screen is turned off To deactivate these motion and gesture. If you'd actually read the entire section in the User Manual location cited you would know that it says this: Turn on the screen by double-tapping instead of using the Power key. This is featured on the Galaxy A20 only. As it clearly states from User Manual page 105 this feature is ONLY on the A20 NOT the A10e Samsung Screen zu Bestpreisen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic My device yesterday update andriod 11 with One UI 3.1 but I did not find out tap to double screen on option. Why Samsung? This feature include to the next software update as soon as possible. on as possible My Samsung tablet has started requiring a double tap to operate. Touch and slide does not work very well. My Samsung tablet has started requiring a double tap to operate. Touch and slide does not work very well. every time i turn on my galaxy note 10.1 gt-n8013 it doesnt get past the samsung word on screen and doesnt start anymore it.

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Android 11 on Samsung's One UI 3.0 has a new feature known as Double Tap to Sleep or Double Tap to turn off Screen on some devices. So if you have the Android 11 update on your Samsung this is a must use feature 1. Open Settings application. 2. Under System settings, go to Accessibility menu. (On some devices you may change tab, or you may find it under Personal settings) 3. Tap Magnification Gestures. 4. Make sure to turn it off, otherwise you can Pan or Adjust zoom level by tapping the screen, as described in the menu As the title suggests is it possible to double tap on empty area of Home Screen to turn the phone off just like we use Double tap to wake the phone. This was an inbuilt feature on Asus Zenfone 5z and seems counter intutive to have only one option to turn the screen on and not off here Not sure about the double-tapping, but it looka like you need to go to Accessibility>Talkback>turn off. Click to expand... That was it Thank you so much! turning that off made it all go away. If you want the most annoying thing in the world to happen to your phone... turn that feature on. #4. Varg, Jun 12, 2013

The thing is that, after selecting the lock screen for the double tap under the launcher options, when i tried for the first time it ask me to give it some permission and takes me to a phone settings menu that doesn't have what the instructions given asks for Double-tap to wake - When the screen is Off, Double-tap on the screen to turn on. Easy mute - Mute alarms & calls by placing your hand over the screen or turning the phone's face down. Smart stay - Keep the screen On while you looking at it. Galaxy M30s Motions & Gestures. You can hide specific apps in the Galaxy M30s Both ways provide way DTSO- use double tap on Android feature to turn screen on or off. There is no need to press the Power button. Method 1: By DTSO (double tap screen on off) app from Google Play Store: Most of the person like to use third party apps to overcome the problem of double tap screen on/off

Double Tap Off also allows you to turn off the screen quickly by touching the Home screen twice. DOUBLE TAP Save your hard power key, you only double tap home screen to turn off screen. Especially, we can double tap power icon on Always On Display to turn on screen without draining battery To disable voice assistant, double-tap the On switch then double-tap Turn off. Turn on/off flash notifications From the Accessibility screen, select Advanced settings > Flash notification > select the Camera flash notification switch * Original title: Double Tap Lock Screen Timeout. Just go to Microsoft launcher settings and click on gestures then click on none option then again click on lock screen and now if you will try to double tap on screen it will again ask you the two option, now choose the right option. Thanks for reading

From Settings, search for and select Side key, and then tap Side key again. Here you can select your desired settings. For Double press, you can choose between: Quick launch camera. Open Bixby. Open app (Tap the Settings icon to select an app.) For Press and hold, you can choose between: Wake up Bixby Devs Please add Double tap to lock the screen feature in Samsung m51. Thank App description. Double Tap Screen On and Off is an Android app that allows to wake up the phone by tapping on the screen. Some of the newer Android phones already allow people to wake up their phones with a few taps, but getting this feature on a phone that doesn't have it built in into the OS requires apps such as Double Tap Screen On and Off

(Since most of the android devices screen does not respond after getting off so double tapping there will not work. To resolve this hardware issue we added similar functionality to unlock by waving above proximity sensor or by shaking your phone). 2. Try changing number of taps, waves or shakes to lock/unlock according to your convenience. 3 This would overlay the call information screen behind. When the message wass displayed, I was unable to hear a ring or voice on the call. The work around was to quickly double-tap and press speaker to allow the phone call to function. I had recently installed a new head phone jack inside the phone and had also received a software update Email to a Friend. 21-07-2019 12:11 PM in. Other Smartphones. @hkpantho: According to the user manual this feature is available on the M20 by going to Settings > Display > Double Tap to Wake Up. For further details on the available features of this device please check the link below In case the display does not wake up, you can then double-tap on it. A similar gesture will also let you quickly turn the display off—a more convenient option than pressing the power button all the time. There's also the handy Keep screen on while viewing gesture which ensures that the display remains on as long as you are looking at it. When you are typing text on the home screen you should do this or change number of tap to avoid screen off. + To uninstall the app you can click the button Uninstall in-app or go to System Settings—>Security—>Device Administrators to uncheck Administrator permission for Double Tap To Lock and after uninstalling Double Tap To Lock app.

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For example, you can double-tap on the screen to turn off the screen or to wake up Galaxy S21. You also need to use the double-tap (or single tap) gesture to access face widgets on the lock screen. So, do not confuse the function of the double-tap gesture on Galaxy S21 with the double-click on a PC The description of Double Tap App. We provide you a easy way to turn on and turn off screen without power button. It's very useful if your phone is broken power button or you don't like using hard key. FEATURES. * Double tap home screen to turn off screen. * Double tap home button to turn off screen Smart Screen On Off application is simple utility to automatically On or Off screen using proximity sensor and double tap on Home Screen, instead of having to press the power button manually. Smart Screen On Off have a power head floating in a convenient location is also provided to quickly turn off the screen

You can search for Smart Screen On Off in Google Play for features like double tap to sleep or wake, etc or you can also make use of the proximity sensor. Remember these apps are free and so may contain ads. So, don't keep your mobile data on all. This reduces the battery drain immensely and lets the phone detect if you are tapping the screen even when it is off. Sadly, I don't think Double Tap to Wake is possible on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge because of this reason but there is a way to enable Double Tap to Sleep functionality

The double tap to wake feature allows you to awaken your sleeping phone by tapping twice on the screen. This can be easier than pressing the phone's power button to wake the phone. This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off the double tap to wake up phone feature on your Windows 10 Mobile phone Please follow these instructions and check if the option is available. Best regards! Android 10 (One UI 2.0) Back. Continue. Open the Settings. Tap on Advanced features. Tap on Motions and gestures. Enable or disable Double tap to wake

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To turn off the screen of your Samsung Galaxy (only with One UI 3.0) double-clicking on the desktop you have to do the following: Enter the settings of your Samsung Galaxy and go to the section 'Advanced functions'. Go into 'Movement and gestures'. Activate the option 'Double press turns off screen'.From that moment you can turn off your Samsung Galaxy with a double tap DOUBLE TAP. Save your hard power key, you only double tap home screen to turn off screen. Especially, we can double tap power icon on Always On Display to turn on screen without draining battery. If your device does not have Always On Display, you can cover proximity sensor to turn on screen. FEATURES. * Double Tap home screen to turn off screen So i initially tried using Nova double tap gesture. It would turn the screen off but a second later it would go to the lock screen. Now i use Good Lock by Samsung and i actually like it a lot. In Good Lock go to the the Family tab - (no idea why it's called this) and then select One Hand Operation +...

2.Use two fingers to scroll, select the option by touching Accessibility once and then double tap to select. Select and double tap Vision. 3.At the top of the screen you should see voice assistant is on go ahead and select it and turn the option off as usual by first selecting it and double tapping and confirming the OK option in the same way Android Beam (On / Off) Tap and pay. Choose your default payment service. Tap and pay with open apps (On / Off) Airplane mode (On / Off) Mobile networks. Data roaming (On / Off) Network mode. 5G/LTE/3G/2G (auto connect For instance, with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, everyone was anxiously expecting for the double tap that was supposed to wake up or send to sleep the display of the device. Obviously, it didn't happen what users were expecting, but the manufacturer introduced the Always on Display

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You can double tap to sleep with Nova. This and I just noticed that they improved the way it sleeps. Before the screen had to wait 5 seconds before being turned off so you could use finger print unlock after. Now it just turns off. To wake, you can press the area of the home button while screen is off Galaxy G930A S7 double tap problem. I have a Galaxy S7 G930A. When I make or receive a call, I get a pop up of Double tap to unlock. I double tap and it unlocks for like 2 seconds, and it comes back. The only way for me to have a conversation with anyone is to unlock it, and hit the speaker button quickly, and then I can talk and the other.

From Settings, tap Advanced features > One-handed mode.; Tap Use One-handed mode to enable the feature and select one of the following options: • Gesture: Swipe down in the center of the bottom edge of the screen. • Button: Tap Home two times in quick succession to reduce the display size. How to activate Lift to wake on the Galaxy S20: Turn on the screen by lifting the device You can double tap the power button to quick launch Galaxy S9 camera. You can double tap icons on Galaxy S9 always-on display (AOD) screen to open the corresponding features. There is a variation of double tap: triple-tap. Triple-tap is a touchscreen gesture on all Android phones to magnify the screen

At the end, just tap the Activate button at the bottom right; There are also some pretty good apps that offer Double Tap To Wakeup and Sleep Function on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. They can turn your screen to black and when you will double tap on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, its display will be immediately powered on. You can also put your phone. TURN OFF VOICE ASSISTANT: From the Voice assistant screen, select the Voice Assistant switch to highlight then double-tap the Voice Assistant switch to select. Select OK to highlight, then double-tap OK to select and confirm turning off Voice Assistant. TURN ON/OFF FLASH NOTIFICATIONS: From the Accessibility screen, select Hearing Tap and hold an empty space on your home screen and tap on Enable From the right bottom area, you can tap on the Activate button. Once you complete all the fourteen steps highlighted above, you will be ready to start using the double tap feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9 to wake to sleep your smartphone From Settings, tap Display > Navigation bar > Full screen gestures > More options for the following: •Swipe from bottom: Swipe up from three different areas at the bottom of the screen to go back, go to the Home screen, or view recent apps. You can also swipe up and hold the screen to use your device assistance app

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One of these useful features that come with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Always called on Display Mode. Although, quite a number of Samsung smartphone lovers were expecting Samsung to come out with the Double Tap feature that you can use to switch on and off the screen of your smartphone The cheap/low end phones aren't equipped with a proximity sensor and thus use the padlock/double tap feature to avoid your ear from hanging up mid call. So, there is no was to disable the double tap to unlock or get rid of the annoying padlock. Hope you found this thread first. double tap to unlock samsung J1 mini smj100 Double Tap - set it to Screen On Tap to Wake/Lock screen Guide is for Samsung Amoled device Only\for all any device with amoled screen/ After we set off the Screen You can tap the screen two times and the configuration screen opens here - also follow closely after my settings (prove to work best) to preserve battery life and cause all. To tap something, tap it first to highlight in yellow, then double tap it. With this in mind you should be able to follow these steps in order to turn Talkback off on any Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone - and most other Android phones too! Double tap apps. Double tap Settings. Scroll (with two fingers) down to Accessibility and double tap it The Smart Screen On Off app and the feed head float can help minimize the use of the power button anytime and anywhere. - Float on other apps! - Double-tap the home screen to turn off the screen. - Cover the proximity sensor to turn on the screen (if it is not, press Always visible). - Double-tap the Always On power icon to activate the screen

Double tap to show clock was all I needed. If you wake up late at night and wanted to check the time quickly you could do this discreetly. Now it's as bright as ever blinding my eyes..gr8. will have to turn this previously good feature off now. Surely this can be reverted back to previous version Tap Motions and gestures. Scroll down and find Motions and gestures. Turn off Smart Stay. Tap on Smart stay option and move the slider to the right to turn it on. If your screen still turns off. Moterola told me to use 2 fingers to control the screen. It worked great. Then, Did you mean: how do i stop double talk on g6 Search Results Featured snippet from the web To turn TalkBack off / on: Touch Apps. Touch Settings. Touch Accessibility. Touch TalkBack. Slide the TalkBack switch to the On or Off position. Touch OK Current Phone Model. LG G4. I found a video on how to disable the double tap feature for the G3 and tried it on the G4 and it worked. My phone must of been doing this the whole time I've had it because went I went on my nightly 6 mile run, I came back with only a 8% loss in battery power while running my GPS tracking app and listening to music

Tap on Bixby Key and change it to Double Press to Open Bixby. Turn off Marketing Notification. Go to your home screen and press and hold it to get the widget-configuration mode. Swipe left and. When using Explore by touch, you don't swipe the lock screen to unlock the device, you have to double tap the screen, hold your finger to the screen on the second tap, and then swipe These widgets are shown on the always-on display after you double-tap on the clock. Full screen mode turned off. to take advantage of the full screen, Samsung has included an option to. How to take off TalkBack on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3? I cannot do anything. I cannot scroll down or slide down the thing where you can see the stuff downloading. To be able to use the device with TalkBack on your device, you are going to need to double tap your selections to process through the selection Double Tap Screen On and Off is an Android app that allows to wake up the phone by tapping on the screen. Some of the newer Android phones already allow people to wake up their phones with a few taps, but getting this feature on a phone that doesn't have it built in into the OS requires apps such as Double Tap Screen On and Off

Step 2 : Double tap Screen reader . Step 3 : Tap on Voice Assistant until we see the blue outline show at that menu . Steps 4 : Tap then double tap the Turn Off Slider Button option to disable or stop the Voice Assistant setting . These steps for disable or turn off Samsung Talkback / Voice Assistant procedure may not always work with all. Samsung Galaxy S ® 4 Mini. From a Home screen, tap Phone (lower-left). Tap Menu . Tap Call settings or Settings. If needed, tap Call on the settings page. Tap Turn off screen during calls to enable or disable. Enabled when a checkmark is present. Share. Connect with us on Messenger Turn the phone off. Press and hold the power button past the Galaxy S20 name appears on the screen. Once Samsung appears, release the power button and immediately press and hold the volume down. When your Samsung Galaxy Ace is in TalkBack mode, your lock screen will show a message saying that you need to double tap and swipe to unlock the screen. However, this is a case of mistranslated -- what it actually means is that you need to use two fingers to swipe to unlock your phone


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Double Tap to Wake brings the ability to check your lock screen (meaning time, date and notifications) without having to press the power button or unlock it with your fingerprint. Many have said their lock screen notifications are generally pointless with the addition of the fingerprint scanner on the back, but Double Tap to Wake is a nice. I just double checked the screen off gestures and sure enough the double tap to wake was set to off. Set it to on and now the double tap to wake is working. #13. john.fernandezIT. Eclair May 22, 2019. john.fernandezIT, May 22, 2019: JoseReyes69. Tap the Settings and double tap on it. Or tap Apps icon, double tap on it and tap Settings and double on it to open Settings. When it is ON, you need to tap on item and double tap to open it. Scroll to and tap Accessibility using two fingers. Tap and double tap Vision. Tap and double tap Voice Assistant

The categories available are Landscapes, Everyday, Food, Pets and Art. Approximately every two weeks, the wallpapers for the Lock Screen are automatically updated. Android 11 (One UI 3.0) Back. Continue. Tap on Settings. Tap on Lock screen. Tap on Wallpaper services. Choose Dynamic Lock screen or None Tap an app shortcut to launch the app. Double-tap. Lightly tap items twice to select or launch them. l. Double-tap an image to zoom in or out. Touch and hold. Touch and hold items to activate them. l. Touch and hold a field to display a pop-up menu of options. Swipe. Lightly drag your finger vertically or horizontally across the screen. The double-tap to wake up and sleep option is popular as one of the best options for opening and locking the device screen. Although we all are mature enough to understand everything, the fact that we often seek lazy features to perform some of the tasks on our device couldn't be denied Galaxy S10 Series. Having same issue in my S10e. Workaround as below. Activate Always On Display on from settings. Now unlock your phone. The green effect will vanish for the current logged in session. Always unclock once you have received watch either automatically or by double tap (Based on the selection of Always On Display)


Hmm turned out it was semi related to the app i was wanting to see all the cool features of the droid x so i decided to start from the bottom of the settings and work up and when i got to accessibility i clicked screen reader to see what it does and a little warning came up and so i just clicked cancel it said something about how it will collect everything i type and stuff so i just clicked. Samsung Galaxy S9 lock screen and always-on display. Top tip: If auto brightness is off, you can double tap on the always-on clock and a brightness scale will pop-up From the home screen, pull down your notification shade and tap the Settings gear icon in the top right corner, and scroll down until you see Advanced Features. Tap on that. In the middle of the. You get the color red screen with kids friendly icons and only apps and games design it for kids. #4. Tap TO Show AOD on Galaxy A10. The fourth one is about always-on-display. You already know that you can activate or disable it but this Samsung allows you to activate it and only see it when you tap the display while it was off If your Samsung Galaxy device has recently received the One UI 3 update, check out some of the top tips and tricks for it below. 1. Double-Tap to Lock and Unlock. You can lock your Samsung Galaxy device running One UI 3 by simply double-tapping an empty area on the home screen. This feature only works with the stock One UI launcher