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TikTok is good for so many things—the recipe for a McFloat at McDonalds, cleaning advice (we're still not over the whole dishwasher filter thing) and, of course, all the TikTok dances.For those of us who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, some of the hacks we've discovered on the app have been legitimately helpful After pouring the noodles into the boiling water, I propped a wooden spoon on the pot, then stood and waited, hoping I had found a hack that I could pass down to my grandchildren (or at least generously share in a duet to my two TikTok followers). It didn't take long to see the trick worked. The water bubbled excessively as soon as I added. wooden spoon | 57.6M people have watched this. Watch short videos about #woodenspoon on TikTok In the video, McNamara places the wooden spoon inside a clear glass before filling it with boiling water. After stirring the boiling water with the wooden spoon, you can see all the food remnants detach from the spoon (gross, but somehow satisfying to watch). With more than 18 million views, it's safe to say that this cleaning hack came in. As she swirled the spoon around, loads of food particles moved around in the water - revealing the bits that were leftover on the spoon. TikTok users were horrified at the hack - and many swore they'd toss their wood spoons and start using metal utensils instead when they cook. I'm not doing this to my years old wooden spoons

A viral TikTok video by a 20-year-old student teacher has sparked a new cleaning trend for the cooking utensil. In the video, which has climbed to more than 20 million views, user Bonnie McNamara soaks a wooden spoon in boiling water. The spoon then begins to shed layers of what appears to be caked-on food. Watch and observe in the video below 3. Deep cleaning a wooden spoon. It's been advised that wooden utensils are cleaned after each use with dish soap and hot water. Then they're patted dry or left to air dry. That seemed good enough until this trend popped up. Watch as the user pours boiling water over a wooden spoon that's sitting inside a tall glass The wooden spoon test isn't the only cleaning hack we've enjoyed recently. Back in April one savvy couple sorted our cleaning woes with their simple but effective trick to get vegetable oil.

A CLEANING fanatic tried a deep clean on her wooden spoon and extracts a considerable amount of cooking oil. Chantel Mila, from Melbourne, Australia, showed off her cleaning prowess in a TikTok video - after being inspired by former MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston #shorts #tiktok #cleaning Click Read More Subscribe For Daily Videos Follow The Original Creatorhttps://tiktok.com/@miss.clean.with.m All you need is a wooden spoon and a glass (Image: @miss.clean.with.me/TikTok) Read More Related Articles. Woman uses Gorilla Glue on hair instead of hairspray and it ends in disaster; Read More Related Articles. New mum gobsmacked after 70-year-old mother-in-law asks to breastfeed her bab Chantel Mila, from Melbourne, shared a TikTok video showing herself testing out former MasterChef judge Matt Preston's cleaning method of soaking used wooden spoons in a cup of boiling water. The. 09. This TikTok Hack Uses A Wooden Spoon To Test Oil. You'll always know when your oil is heated to the right temperature with this wooden spoon hack. According to this TikToker, stick the handle.

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Video-sharing app TikTok is awash with many brilliant life hacks to learn from. From cleaning tips to culinary tricks to life hacks that transform the day-to-day, there is something for everyone. Secure, reliable and local - the most convenient way to find your domestic cleaner! Top reviews and award winning service! One-off and recurring bookings possible Albeit gross, this viral wooden spoon hack will have you running into the kitchen to try it yourself. The post You Need to Try This Viral Wooden Spoon Cleaning Hack appeared first on Reader's Digest The wooden spoon test isn't the only cleaning hack we've enjoyed recently. Back in April one savvy couple sorted our cleaning woes with their simple but effective trick to get vegetable oil out of the floor. It seems people have been loving a good kitchen TikTok hack recently too

One TikTok user, Ascenith Games, wrote: Why it could work: There's a hack to clean tarnished silverware by boiling baking soda with alum foil and soaking. Another person, Kitty, added: Omg I. PARTY SHIRT (@partyshirt) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | Spoon hack? via @miss.clean.with.m Donna shared the results of the cleaning hack, saying her spoon's going straight to the bin. Credit: Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise Australia/Facebook . One Aussie home cook tried the hack on her wooden spoon and was shocked by the results, sharing a photo of her spoon and the dirty water

TikTok is a font of knowledge—full of advice we didn't know we needed, but now can't live without. From cleaning tips to culinary tricks to life hacks that transform the day-to-day, there is. 2. Wash the utensil by hand. Use a mild dish detergent and warm water for everyday washing. Scrub with your fingers, a sponge, or other dish cleaning pad. Never wash woodenware in the dishwasher, as the rapid drying can cause damage, and dishwashing cleaner ages wooden surfaces. 3. Rinse and towel dry The oven-cleaning hack is as easy as one, two, three: In a bowl, mix ½ cup of baking soda, ½ cup Dawn and ½ cup white vinegar. Thanks to the baking soda reacting with the acidic vinegar, the solution will bubble up. Once it does, use a spoon or spatula to stir and form a paste

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  1. Tell me something you learned on TikTok that actually works, Kara says, introducing the cleaning hack. Apply any wood cleaner onto your refrigerator (she uses Method Daily Wood Cleaner in Almond; $5.99 for 28 ounces, Target), wipe all the fingerprints and smudges right off, let dry and now, no fingerprints or smudges once touched
  2. Whether you're cooking or reheating a family-favorite dish, one thing's clear: your gear is going to get dirty—especially those wooden spoons. @miss.clean.with.me's viral video, which garnered a shocking 21 million+ views, shows you how to clean your wooden utensils accurately. Yes, it's gross, but it's also eye-opening
  3. These Life Hacks From TikTok Will Become Standard Practice In Your Life Use an old pillowcase to clean fan blades because they catch the dust! Rest a wooden spoon on top of a pot of.
  4. Every now and then, in my nightly TikTok scroll, I find a life hack I absolutely have to try. Last week, a laundry tip that had amassed nearly a million likes caught my eye. Apparently, if you soak a too-small t-shirt in a solution of water and conditioner, it'll stretch back to a wearable (or comfortable) size

Carolina shared an unlikely hack, where she put foil in the dishwasher, with great results. (TikTok) This dishwasher hack will leave your silverware sparkling, she captioned the video on TikTok.. Carolina first showed spoons that had been in the dishwasher that had become scratched and clearly a bit tarnished over time If you're looking for tips and tricks to make home life easier, TikTok is a great place to find them. Over the last year it's been a mine for cleaning hacks including easily cleaning the microwave. Step 1: Salt. First, use very hot soapy water to rinse away any bacteria that may be on the wooden item. This is especially important if the utensil touched any kind of raw meat or fish. Once rinsed, pour a good amount of course salt over the top and rub a cut lemon over the surface until the salt has dissolved 7. Make your own oat milk. Making your own oat milk is easy. As well as saving money, it's a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, too. For this eco hack from TikTok user @ madky1234, you'll.

TIMESTAMPS:00:00 Coffee art00:20 Fast popcorn cooking00:44 DIY Fanta slime01:27 How to open coke with a stick02:23 How to make blue waterThis video is made f.. A woman has shared her secret to self-tanning your back, and all you need is a wooden spoon. It's always tricky, trying to do your tan yourself - let alone in lockdown, but now a TikTok user has shared her genius trick to make sure you're able to completely self-tan without the need of a friend to do those hard-to-reach areas Writing in 2016, for Delicious, Preston advises people to place their wooden spoons in boiling water for up to 20 minutes to see what comes out of the wood. When a wooden spoon is dirty, a visible and pungent layer of oil appears on the surface of the water How It Works. Here, you'll use a cheese grater to do the work of de-stemming for you. Start by making sure your cheese grater has large enough holes to fit the stem of your herb. All you have to do is feed the stem of your herb from the outside of the grater into the center. From the inside, gently pull the stem down until the leaves break free.

Perth mum shares insane dishwasher hack for making cutlery clean and sparkly. The Perth woman has shared on TikTok her secret trick to getting cutlery sparkling clean with one very simple addition People are soaking wooden spoons in boiling water to check how clean they are. Wooden spoons are used for all sorts of tasks in the kitchen and they can quickly soak up whatever you are cooking. TikTok user @konfina_reuse shares some pretty impressive styling hacks for breathing life into new clothes — even showing how to turn IKEA's iconic blue bag into a rain coat! Take a look at how. 2. Remove the outer layer of the seed by peeling it off. @BradCanning/ TikTok. Run the seed underwater then dry it. Once it's dried up, peel off the skin with your fingers to make sure the seed doesn't go moldy. 3. Allow the seed to sprout and grow a root by wrapping it in a paper towel and putting it in a Ziplock bag Another day, another TikTok hack to help make our lives a little easier. Thanks to these viral videos, we've learned everything from how to make powdered sugar to hacks for cleaning your wooden spoons.Today, we found a little something to help make peeling potatoes quick and easy

The best way to do this is to use a wooden spoon or spatula, and lay it across the top of the pot from one side to the other. The easiest way to stop pasta boiling over (Supplied) Now, when you do get distracted (and with busy lives it's kind of inevitable) and you aren't looking as the bubbles rise in your boiling pasta, the spoon will simply. Explore HouseDigest's magazine Cleaning, followed by 572 people on Flipboard. See more stories about Cleaning, TikTok, Home

TikTok may be known for its catchy dance challenges, but there's genuinely useful content to be found on the social platform as well. Case in point: One TikTok user shared an amazing three-ingredient oven-cleaning hack, which saves you from having to scrub for hours to get rid of baked-on food and grime Creator Of Gross Countertop Spaghetti 'Hack' Claims He Wants 'To Make Cooking Fun' or folds all the ingredients in with wooden spoons, adds some lettuce, tops the leafy greens with Kraft Italian dressing, and adorns her masterpiece with slices of bread. someone on tiktok said this might be a mess fetish of some kind because of the.

Explore HouseDigest's magazine Tips, followed by 566 people on Flipboard. See more stories about Cleaning, Microwaves, TikTok Hand-Wash With Hot Water and Soap Right After Using. To clean your wooden utensils, simply wash them under hot water with a gentle soap. You can use a sponge or a nylon scrubbing pad if you want.

3 - The Wooden Spoon. In this game, players will have to try to be the first to pick out which one doesn't belong from a list of words in a given category! If they get it right, they keep playing. If not, they're out! Supplies Needed: List of categories/items (see below) - here's a free sample list to get you started on ideas. The pink room, which has had historic visitors according to Ludovica's TikTok, has two wooden, twin bed frames, pink and green wallpaper and a fireplace. The grounds with a churc RELATED: Woman shares gross reality of her floors on TikTok. She used three different nuts to test out the tip: a walnut, a pecan and a pistachio. First up was the walnut and after rubbing it over a portion of the scratch it disappeared. Next up was the pecan with similar results. Rubbing a walnut on the mark completely erased it from the wood Stories in Cleaning Hacks include: This lens-cleaning gadget is the perfect way to keep your glasses clean | A viral TikTok revealing all the nasty stuff hidden in a wooden spoon is grossing.

Wooden Spoon Care: It is easiest to clean wooden spoons if you do it immediately after use, before food has time to dry on them. If spoons develop a musty odor, clean them well with dish soap and a teaspoon of baking soda added to the dishwater. Avoid using wooden spoons to stir raw meats (including eggs) or other foods that are common sources. Add the beef and continue to cook, breaking up the meat into small pieces with a wooden spoon, until no longer pink, 5 to 7 minutes. Add the water and bring to a simmer, scraping up browned bits. This TikTok Hack Makes Unclogging Your Drain Easy. Here's How Long Wooden Spoons Should Really Last In Your Kitchen. Cleaning / Melissa Maynard. The Reason Laundry Baskets Have Holes Isn't What You Think. The One Cast-Iron Cleaning Trick You Need To Try. Decor / Melissa Maynard Cheryl Nelson, lifestyle expert and owner of Prepare with Cher, explains all you need to know about this cleaning hack. Laundry stripping is a deep cleaning process that rids clothing and. 5. Use a plastic sandwich bag or envelope as a funnel. Liquids, snip a corner off a plastic sandwich bag and pour through the opening. Dry goods, simply roll an envelope into a cone shape and pour.

3. Boiling water. An old wives tale says that the best way to stop boiling water from spilling is placing a wooden spoon over the pot. 4. Cutting onions. There are many ways to cut onions without. This TikTok Has The Answer. SHOOK. One of the greatest mysteries of our time is the fact that you can't drink out of a McFlurry spoon. It seems like a missed opportunity, what with the clear. Skalinn from Stockton, California tries out a blender hack she learned from TikTok. She takes the bottom piece with the blades out of the blender and uses a glass mason jar instead of the pitcher. She starts the blender and the jar falls off and shatters everywhere

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On top of cleaning the toilet bowl, pay close attention to the tank . Open the lid of the toilet tank and flush to lower the water level slightly. Coat a brush with baking soda and scrub around. A TikTok user wowed viewers with a video that showed how she transformed her granite kitchen countertop into a very realistic looking marble one with a $180 DIY kit.. But her followers and some interior design and home organization experts are skeptical of this hack, and how well people could actually re-create it MasterChef judge reveals hack to clean your wooden spoons - be ready for the disgusting results. MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston shared the simple way for cleaning wooden spoons, which.

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Rinse the shower clean with cool water and wipe dry with a towel. Hydrogen Peroxide Add ½ cup of borax into the water and stir with a wooden spoon. Step 2 Saturate a sponge in the mixture. Scrub the mold and surrounding areas with the sponge. This TikTok Hack Makes Cleaning Your Shower Way Less Annoyin McDonald's Employee Shares the Real Reason Behind the Odd Shape of McFlurry Spoons. The cats out of the bag — here's why the McFlurry spoons look the way they do. The mystery of McDonald 's.

Wooden Spoon Restore If you just can't part with your old wooden spoons - and I wouldn't blame you; I've had mine for years - you can clean and restore those spoons to look like new again. You'll need to sand them down to help remove any stains and then add a coating of edible oil like vegetable, olive, or peanut oil 2. Vacuum . Cleaning equipment isn't the best idea for your equipment. Depending on your vacuum, there's potential for mangling— some have a blade right inside the tube, designed to chop larger. Whilst we love drinking tea, clearing up after can be a bit of a pain. If you don't tackle stains on mugs and spoons immediately, they can set in and be pretty tricky to get clean again. If your. The hack has been blowing up online with @_mynameischo posting a follow-up video showing other TikTok's using the easy hack (yes, it really works). @_mynameischo Truly in shock Cleaning Hacks. Liz Amaya used a smidgen of toothpaste and an old toothbrush to remove the scratches on stainless steel appliances. It only took a matter of seconds and worked on fridges, ovens, and pots. Woman uses 2p cleaning hack to make limescale-covered taps look brand new. Cleaning Hacks

For a quicker egg separating technique, call upon this TikTok food hack. Squeeze and hold the mouth of an empty (and clean) plastic water bottle close to the egg yolk and the release pressure on the bottle. It sucks the yolk up in an oddly satisfying manner. And, added bonus, this trick also puts plastic bottles to good use So when a TikTok video revealed a clean way to peel an egg in one swift blow, I was intrigued. This hack could be perfect for a quick hardboiled egg snack, especially when peeling can feel like it. The social media app provides so much home shopping inspiration thanks to users demonstrating life-changing cleaning hacks and reviewing incredibly clever devices and accessories. The latest and greatest gadget to go viral is a 5-in-1 spatula that somehow has the capability to flip, slice, scoop, spread, and strain foods You can find more tips and information on cleaning wooden cutting boards over on The Kitchn or Jump-start your career with our Premium A-to-Z Microsoft Excel Training Bundle from the new Gadget Hacks Shop and get lifetime access to more than 40 hours of Basic to Care for your wooden spoons How To: 7 Little-Known Food Hacks.

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13 Kitchen Tool Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner This tip is kind of crazy—and one I haven't personally tried—but apparently if you set a wooden spoon on top of a pot of boiling water. Cleaning Solution Ingredients. Here is what you'll need for this cleaning solution: Blue Dawn (I buy the concentrate, so the big bottle for $3.00) White distilled Vinegar $2.50 (I have rounded up the numbers for tax) Spray bottle (you can find them at the dollar store for $1.00) Scrub sponges so you can hang them in the shower if you want The Facebook page of Lisa and Josh posted a video featuring Lisa pouring a cold jar of traditional Prego sauce directly onto a countertop. This is the easiest way to make spaghetti for a. Others revealed how they clean their own wooden spoons and boards at home. ''I never soak my wooden spoon or boards. They get washed straight away with hot soapy water and put on a dish rack to.

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A perfectly-clean kitchen is a thing of beauty, isn't it? While we don't exactly enjoy cleaning up after cooking a big meal, getting the counters and stovetop back to pristine condition is SO satisfying. There's always been one area, though, that's decidedly NOT satisfying: cabinet fronts. Sticky, gunky cabinet fronts. Whether they get into that state thanks to new food splatters. The Spruce / Michelle Becker Most people reach for bleach to obliterate toilet germs and stains. However, Green living expert Mark Lallanilla says that plain old white vinegar is not only an effective cleaner but also safer than chlorine bleach. To eliminate hard water stains, soak toilet paper in vinegar and place directly on top of the stain.Let the vinegar-soaked paper sit overnight Jun 17, 2021. TikTok/Mollie Wood. A woman, Mollie Wood, and her friend, have gone viral on TikTok for posting about a distressing experience they had in their local Wetherspoons pub, The Back of. A dry wooden spoon destabilizes the bubbles when they come into contact with its water-repelling surface. This makes the boiling water retreat. Second, bubbles and foam created from boiling water are filled with steam (aka water in the form of a gas or vapor). If the bubble touches something whose temperature is below 100°C (212°F), the steam. Step 1 - Prep. Pour one cup of white vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup, along with one cup of warm water. Place the cup or bowl into your microwave, then place a wooden spoon into the liquid. (This step helps ensure that your vinegar and hot water mixture won't get overheated and accidentally explode

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Learn about more fast and easy cleaning hacks. 7. Keep your cutting board from becoming cracked and dry by periodically oiling it, otherwise, bacteria can seep into the crevices TikToker Reveals How Much Dirt Is In Wooden Spoons - And How You Can Clean Them 5 months ago Viral TikTok Clip Shows Bloke Painting Entire Wall In 30 Second A viral TikTok video showed a user whitening her teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Beauty reporter Audrey Noble talks with experts and investigates whether you should be following this. Experts weigh in on the benefits of drinking liquid chlorophyll water to treat skin conditions like acne and discoloration which has taken TikTok by storm with remarkable before and after videos

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Food Blogger and TikToker, TasteGreatFoodie has shared a lettuce keeping hack that I'm quite sure is going to be a complete game changer for many of us. No more food waste and throwing out limp, slimy lettuce - you just need a glass jar to get you on your way to keeping lettuce fresh for a month. YES, A MONTH. MIND BLOWN. No sludgy brown lettuce in sight Once plugged in, a steam mop heats up quickly. Therefore, the mop foot can get too hot to handle if you try to attach the cloth while it's heating up. There's also a potential risk of electrical shock while handling a wet mop cloth while the mop is plugged in. Before you plug in the steam mop, take time to fill the water reservoir, unwind the. This litter mat hack will keep the litter box area clean from track litter. 6. Make a DIY litter genie for litter waste. The litter genie is a great invention. It's a small garbage bin that goes next to the litter box. It holds the waste, and it keeps the smell contained. But it's made out of plastic The wood handles and sturdy tops make these cooking utensils a great buy. 3 beach hacks from TikTok you need for your vacation. Get rid of mold and mildew with these TikTok cleaning hacks

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For the caramelized sugar topping, heat the sugar in a heavy 8-inch skillet over medium heat. The key here is to let the sugar sit in an even layer and DON'T touch it. Once the sugar is starting to melt, give it a stir with a heat-proof spatula or wooden spoon. Pour an even amount onto the chilled custard and quickly use your hand to move the. FREEHAND WOOD BURNING. Published on June 22, 2021. P. Pyrocrafters. 14k Followers. Man Crafts Crafts To Do Wood Crafts Wood Burning Tips Wood Burning Crafts Wood Carving Art Wood Art Epic Art Drawing Challenge. 53 A clever TikTok parent had a genius way to sneakily get her child to drink medicine.. @_brittanyaromo. ##babyhacks ##fyp ##babygirl ♬ Don't be suspicious - io non so. Tanya Romo (@_brittanyaromo) shared a hilarious video of her crafty method to get her daughter to take her medicine.The video — which garnered over 3.8 millions views — shows Romo holding a juice box with a square cut.

Many food hacks picked up a big following and became trendy so lets dive into the top TikToks. From the iconic Whipped Coffee, to using wine glasses to cut cakes, this ranking showcases some of the most popular trends and the creativity that was shared across the globe during hard times **** Prior to recording and editing this episode the cooking hack was found on tiktok and was not tried by the Divas. After the episode was edited the hack was tried and did not work! The only way it wold work is if the wooden spoon was wet but we DO NOT recommend this!**** As always, here are the links for all of our DVM Diva accounts Vinegar is a very good cleaning agent, but it smells awful. You can use it to clean your shower, face basin, toilet tank and bowl. But it will leave your bathroom smelling disgusting. You get around this by making scented vinegar to make your bathroom smelling fantastic. Cut small pieces of lime, lemon or oranges, and place in a jar of vinegar