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khayyam 2020; khayyam 2019; Khayyam 2018; Khayyam 2017; Khayyam 2016; Khayyam 2015; Khayyam 2014; Khayyam 2013; Contact; About The ceremony was supposed to be held on 18 May, but due to COVID situation we had to cancel it.. RESULT 8th KHAYYAM INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION oF PHOTOGRAPHY, 2020. The nominees will be published on the result page on 12 March 2021. Final winners will be announced on 18 may 2021. Open Monochrome (PIDM) (A) Open Color (PIDC) (B) City (PIDC) (C) Conceptual photography (PIDC) (D RESULT 8th KHAYYAM INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION oF PHOTOGRAPHY, 2020. The nominees will be published on the result page on 12 March 2021. Final winners will be announced on 18 may 2021. Open Monochrome (PIDM) (A) Open Color (PIDC) (B) City (PIDC) (C) Conceptual photography (PIDC) (D) Travel (TRAD) (PTD) (E KHAYYAM exhibition is with the patronage of the Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP) 2020/524 and the recognition by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) 2020-469. The Exhibition will be conducted in accordance with the rules of the PSA and FIAP Khayyam International Invention & Innovation Festival (KIIIF) 2020 (postponed) March 6 - 8, 2020 Sheykhe Bahaie Hall, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Ira

Best Author Award: FIAP light Blue Badge + Khayyam Gold Medal, Dikye ARIANI, Indonesia Best Middle Eastern Author: Khayyam Gold Trophy (1,500,000 Toman) & Khayyam 2020 Jury, Mohammadreza MASOUMI, AFIAP, Iran. Focus Photographer of The Year 2019: Amin Dehghan EFIAP, Iran Best Club & Khayyam Gold Medal: Shangtuf Image And Art Club, China 2nd Club & Khayyam Silver Trophy: Isfahan Photo Club, Ira Vocalist : JK-Jerry Khayyam Music : Rekesh Dukaloo ( RD Musiq )Mix / master : Rekesh Dukaloo ( RD Musiq )Graphics : Reza. The Khayyam Journal of Mathematics (KJM) (e-ISSN 2423-4788) is an international open access, peer-reviewed, referred electronic Mathematics journal. This journal is free of charge for readers and authors. KJM applies the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-NC) license to the published articles. KJM has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus.

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Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: Quatrain of the Day All hearts that shine with passion's radiance, no matter if they pray in mosque or church-- all those whose names are written in love's book have been set free of hell and paradise. trans. Juan Cole, (Whinfield 60) هر دل که در او نور محبت بسرشت گر ساکن مسجد است و گر ز اهل کنشت در دفتر عشق هر. Sylvia Frances Chan 27 July 2020 Amazing RUBAIYAT by OMAR KHAYYAM, WOW! My deep respect for the great poet Omar Khayyam and my great appreciations for the translating of this RUBAIYAT into the English language by Edward FitzGerald in 1859

  1. Omar Khayyam (/ k aɪ ˈ j ɑː m, k aɪ ˈ j æ m /; Persian: عمر خیّام ‎ [oˈmæɾ xæjˈjɒːm]; 18 May 1048 - 4 December 1131) was a Persian polymath, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet. He was born in Nishapur, in northeastern Persia, and was contemporary with the rule of the Seljuks around the time of the First Crusade.. As a mathematician, he is most notable.
  2. ―Porochista Khakpour, novelist, essayist and author of Brown Album (2020) About the Author Omar Khayyam (1048 - 1131) was a Persian astronomer and mathematician born in Nishapur in northeastern Iran who lived and worked at the courts of the Seljuk dynasty
  3. Vocalist : JK-Jerry Khayyam Music : Rekesh Dukaloo (R.D.Musiq) Mix / master : Rekesh Dukaloo (R.D.Musiq) Graphics : Dennis Gopi (Gopix) Producer : Raymond Bo..
  4. 2000 Years of Disbelief: Omar Khayyam February 17, 2020 James A. Haught. Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Patheos has the views of the.
  5. Vocals : JK-Jerry Khayyam & Rekesh Dukaloo Music : Rekesh Dukaloo ( RD Musiq )Mixing : Marijn NijkerkMasteri..
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Vocalists : JK-Jerry Khayyam ft. Mar Villarreal Music : Rekesh Dukaloo ( RD Musiq ) Mixing : Rekesh Dukaloo ( RD Musiq ) Mastering: Niko Beatnok Pavkovic. Khayyam, drink wine, for soon this clay of yours w ill make a cup, bowl, one day a jar. When once you hear the roses are in bloom, t hen is the time, my love, to pour the wine. Houris and palaces and Heaven and Hell t hese are but fairy-tales, forget them all. Beyond the earth, beyond the farthest skies I try to find Heaven and Hell 'Omar Khayyam is a Persian treasure and Juan Cole's new translation brings him anew to Western audiences who for centuries have been both delighted and educated by this medieval sage! Reading The Rubáiyát is a thrill - you feel the echoes of the 12th century seamlessly into our 21st, as this is a holy book of wisdom and magic. In another perilous era for Iranians, it's wonderful to see. The Patent Magazine is media partner of the 2020 edition of Khayyam International Festival from 6 to 8 March at Isfahan University of Technology. A new and prestigious international partnership has been signed between The Patent Magazine and Khayyam International Invention & Innovation Festival. KIIF was scheduled to be held on March 6-8 at.

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Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi (18 February 1927 - 19 August 2019), better known mononymously as Khayyam, was an Indian music director and background score composer whose career spanned four decades.. He won three Filmfare Awards: for Best Music in 1977 for Kabhi Kabhie and 1982 for Umrao Jaan, and a lifetime achievement award in 2010.He was awarded the 2007 Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in. Fundamentalist pandemics: What evangelicals could learn from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam Given the unpredictable nature of our world, nothing, secularization included, is a one-way stree L'école Al khayyam pour les classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles est ouverte aux inscriptions pour l'année scolaire 2020 /2021 pour les classes MPSI et MP. N1,Rue 27,Avenue Ettabari,Saada 1,(à côté des châteaux d'eau),Fès 30000 Fès, Maroc Tél/Fax : 0535612310, GSM:067506907 Khayyam Shepherd Kinston, NC. Neuse News. Letters to the Editor, Politics. letter to the editor, jim perry, politics, election 2020. Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0. Neuse News. KINSTON - We cover Lenoir, Greene and Jones Counties. Hyper-local news with no AP news, no pop-up ads, no subscription feesno kidding!. 0 December 20, 2020 Ronald Balfour and his Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 0 December 1, 2020 Prints from the Quarantine Quatrains FOLLOW Omar Khayyam Rubaiyat Blog via Emai

The challenge of reading Khayyam lies in the deciphering of the heavy coded symbolism and not so obvious theme (at least for the uninitiated). The fact is that 'Thou' is the beloved God, the food symbolises communion, and wine the divine ecstasy in the union, while the wilderness refers to the heart Musical Hits Of Khayyam (2020) Musical Hits Of Khayyam (2020) Various Artists/Musical Hits Of Khayyam (2020) Musical Hits Of Khayyam (2020) Various Artists. Play. Tracks. 1. Tere Chehre Se Nazar Nahin (From Kabhi Kabhie) Artists Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar. 2. Ankhon Men Humne Aapke Sapne (From Thodi Si Bewafai KHAYYAM 2020, IRAN Online Competition Yuk join event nya KHAYYAM International Invention & Innovation Competition 2020 SAVE THE DATE : Registration deadline : November 15, 2020 Payment deadline : November 20, 2020 Link pendaftaran bit.ly/KHAYYAM-IRAN-2020 Informasi lebih lanjut 0817 7091 412 Khayyam's Table. Omar Khayyam of Naishapur (I prefer the old spelling) was a tent -maker, as I have observed before. In the past the truly great seminal thinkers were all tradesmen of one sort or another, that is they did not expect their thinking to pay their wages, but earned their living with their hands - as you ought

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FitzGerald's version of Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat is one of the glories of English poetry. It has contributed more phrases and common quotations to the language, relative to its size, than any other piece of literature - including the Bible and Shakespeare. A flask of wine, a book of verse, and thou The Moving Finger writes He is 87-years-old and would like to help secular causes more. This series is a way of giving back. —. (February 17, 2020 - Daylight Atheism) This is the first segment of a series on renowned skeptics throughout history. These profiles are drawn from 2000 Years of Disbelief: Famous People With the Courage to Doubt, Prometheus Books, 1996 In 1882 Edward Henry Whinfield (d. 1922) brought out a bilingual Persian and English edition of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, based on eight medieval manuscripts. It is really his own selection, since he admits he played down the wine poetry (!), and several of his manuscripts are late and Indian. Whinfield did not know that the Rubaiyat or Quatrains of Omar Khayyam were not the work of a.

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This paper studies Hakim Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat in English and Persian language feature and non-biographical movies; hence, biographical movies depicting factual or imaginary life of Khayyam or any serials, TV productions, documentaries, non- English, non- Persian movies are not included. The aim is to expound any relationships between the. Trivia: Rajesh Khanna's home production Majnoon had Khayyam as the music director and starred Rakhee.Khanna always liked to pick up tunes and used to sit for music sessions.He liked the tune of the song so much that Khanna gifted a car to Khayyam in 1978.Unfortunately the film was left incomplete after shooting for 40% and no scene in bits ever released.Khayyam still has the car A new translation of 'Khayyam's' Rubaiyat. It is not often that we are treated to a completely new translation from the Persian of the Rubaiyat attributed to Omar Khayyam. So we have been delighted to learn from publisher I B Tauris of their recent publication of a new version in English of the Persian verses, produced by Professor Juan Cole The National Accountability Bureau requested on Monday an accountability court in Islamabad to speed up Karachi's Nehr-e-Khayyam reference proceedings. NAB prosecutor Usman Mirza said that 2020 is. June 20, 2020 September 12, 2020 Admin Authors, Biography, By Topic, Darussalam publishers, Prophet Muhammad, Omar Khayyam Sheikh, Prophet Muhammad, Strategies of Prophet Muhammad, The Life of the Prophet Muhamma

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  1. Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat is loaded with introspection and insightful solution of the perennial questions of life and the universe which come in his own style - four-line stanza, popularly known as Rubaiyat. Omar Khayyam (1048-1131 AD) was a mathematician and philosopher at a time and place where such were highly valued fields of endeavor
  2. We describe the design considerations, installation, and technical challenges of coupling a cyclical spatial heterodyne spectrometer (SHS) with the Cassegrain telescope at the Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton, California. The SHS instrument (named Khayyam after the mathematician) is mounted to a fixed focal plane shared by the 0.6-m Cassegrain Coudé Auxiliary Telescope (CAT) and has the field.
  3. The Khayyam Journal of Mathematics Impact Factor IF measures the average number of citations received in a particular year (2020) by papers published in the Khayyam Journal of Mathematics during the two preceding years (2018-2019)
  4. Ali Asghar Seyed-Gohrab is an associate professor of Persian at Leiden University. In addition to many articles, blogs, and chapters, he has authored, edited, and translated several books on Persian literature and culture. His latest publications include the edited volumes Pearls of Meanings: Studies on Persian Art, Poetry, Sufism and History of Iranian Studies in [
  5. Omar Khayyam (1914-1938) was a British-born Thoroughbred racehorse who was sold as a yearling to an American racing partnership and who became the first foreign-bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby. He was named for the famous Persian mathematician, poet, and astronomer, Omar Khayyam
  6. Omar Khayyam died on 4 December 1131. The earliest account of Omar's final resting place is provided by his pupil Nizami Aruzi who visited his tomb in 1135-6. In Balkh, in 1112-13, Nizami heard Omar make a prophecy about his place of burial, that his grave would be where flowers in the springtime would shed their petals over his dust.He describes visiting his grave in what was then the.
  7. TaKeOver) by Nino Khayyam published on 2020-03-25T18:15:00Z. BerNice Burgo$ (Prod. Blue Nova) by Nino Khayyam published on 2020-01-27T22:46:59Z. NiOr nIoR (Prod. Trap houSe Mob) by Nino Khayyam published on 2019-09-03T05:00:25Z. Undecided - DeViL iN DeTAiLs (Prod. The Alchemist) by Nino Khayyam

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  1. SARADIPOUR Art (SARAI) is a contemporary gallery dedicated first and foremost to introducing Middle Eastern visual arts. Founded by Hassan Saradipour in 2018, our gallery serves as a platform to showcase both emerging and established artists internationally..
  2. Sona Hosseini and Walter M. Harris Khayyam, a tunable, cyclical spatial heterodyne spectrometer on Mt. Hamilton, Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems 6(1), 015005 (12 February 2020)
  3. 27th April, 2020 - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Marc's Almanac • By Marc Sidwell • Apr 27, 2020. Share.
  4. ed Armenian counterattacks, their gains would have been lost. Khayyam on 07.17.21 at 3:22 pm Thanks for objective information about Shusha. Reply. Lou Coatney on 07.19.21 at 8:23 am Excellent analysis. In one of my boardgames about the Russian.

September 1, 2020 · Վեր կաց, սաղի, ազատիր ինձ այս ցավից. Սիրտս հանիր այս աշխարհի գրավից, Enjoy your life with Omar Khayyam drinks. See More. See All. Videos. Omar Khayyam Extra Lemon. 3. Omar Khayyam Extra Original. 4. Omar Khayyam Armenia. 84 Apr 29, 2020 - Omar Khayyám; غیاث‌الدین ابوالفتح عمر ابراهیم خیام نیشابورﻯ‎, 18 May 1048 - 4 December 1131), was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet. He also wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, mineralogy and music. Omar Khayyám was a notable poet during the reign of the Seljuk ruler Malik-Shah I and his contributions. Listen to actor Benjamin Moore reading from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, in Edward FitzGerald's 1859 First Edition. These recordings were made to accompany our publication of Khayyam's verses, hand printed on our Albion presses, at the Petrarch Press, California. Quatrain 65 Then said another with a long-drawn Sigh The foundation's senior curator and director of collections, Omar Kholeif, said: Khayyam Fountain is an installation that captures the imagination with its complexity, specifically its ethereal interplay with light, and was one of Farmanfarmaian's most ambitious artworks.In Sharjah, it is given a new lease of life. Surrounded by windows, beams of light activate the artwork's myriad glass.

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Phan, D.,Bab-Hadiashar, A.,Lai, C.,Crawford, B.,Hoseinnezhad, R.,Nakhaie Jazar, R.,Khayyam, H. (2020). Intelligent energy management system for conventional. Restaurante Khayyam, Lisbonne. 328 likes · 10 talking about this · 20 were here. O Restaurante Khayyam é um oásis no centro da cidade, uma fusão da cozinha saborosa e perfumada com jardim persa. Das..

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  1. Taveras Liz will play inside linebacker, Mozion Khayyam and sophomore Abdoullah Gueu will be at OLB, and Mustafa Khayyam and Croom will play DT. 2020 Schedule Oct. 2: at Union City,
  2. Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 10am-12pm (California Time) / 7pm-9pm (Poland Time) ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP. In pandemic times, the abyss of uncertainty pervades every aspect of our lives. The poetry of Omar Khayam embraces uncertainty with a wisdom and sensitivity that has inspired humanity for centuries. OMAR KHAYYAM. Born in 1048, in Nishapur.
  3. 2020 BOOK RELEASES BY INDIAN AUTHORS . 1. OF CURSES AND KISSES by Sandhya Menon Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know is set in alternating timelines with 17-year-old Khayyam Maquet—American, French, Indian, Muslim in on a family trip in Paris, a dream for a budding art historian. But 200 years before Khayyam's story, Leila struggles to keep her.
  4. Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) was a Persian poet, mathematician, philosopher and astronomer. Khayyam may also refer to: Places. Khayyam, Nishapur, a village and site of the 2004 Nishapur train disaster This page was last edited on 17 May 2020, at 17:32 (UTC)

[ June 9, 2021 ] Omar Khayyam's 1000th Birthday Has Arrived: Today, June 10, 2021, Marks His True Birth Date Millennium, His Ninth Centennial of Passing Is Just Two Years Away in 2023 Omar Khayyam (AD 1021-1123) [ April 23, 2021 ] Omar Khayyam's Pen Name Origins Found, His Authorship of A 1000-Robaiyat Divan Independently Confirmed Khayyami Astronom P. C. Boutens 1870 - 1943 Nach der Übersetzung von Edward FitzGerald in 1859 wurden die Vierzeiler des Omar Khayyam im Rubaiyat (Buch der Vierzeiler) ein durchschlagender Erfolg in der englischsprachigen Welt. Omar Khayyam ist bekannt als Mathematiker und Astronom, aber welche von den berühmten 1200 (oder sogar 2000) Vierzeilern nun wirklich von ihm stammen, ist unklar

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A Poetic Tablecloth. This colorful tablecloth was designed by Marion Dorn Kauffer, an accomplished twentieth-century designer primarily known for her textiles and carpets. Designing across different media, she also created wallpapers, illustrations, and graphics. The printed pattern that decorates this tablecloth features a series of square and. Khayyam . The cup created masterfully for you to take Even a drunk consider impertinent to break. So many beautiful heads and feet, from top to toe Created by whose love, shattered by whose woe. My translation of one of my favourite quatrains by Khayyam: ترکیب پیاله‌ای که درهم پیوست بشکستن آن روا.

Meelodi Bergen based duo with an eclectic mix of musical influences, mostly deriving from Farstads extensive studies of stringed instruments around world, mixed with Farmanis persian vocals and lyrics from the likes of Omar Khayyam and Rumi. The duo has now grown into a larger unit including syrian singer Nawar Alnaddaf, and Snorre Bjerck, Anders Bitustøyl and Per Jørgensen The Great Blue. (updated Oct 2020) 2 Mausoleum of Omar Khayyám. Monument, a bust, and a small museum. The museum, however, shows a few arbitrary items not connected to Omar Khayyam. (updated Oct 2020) 3 Imamzade Mahruq. Next to Omar Khayyam's tomb, this Imamzade actually contains two tombs, Mahruq's tomb is deeper into the complex Sylvia Frances Chan (7/27/2020 6:10:00 AM). Amazing RUBAIYAT by OMAR KHAYYAM, WOW! My deep respect for the great poet Omar Khayyam and my great appreciations for the translating of this RUBAIYAT into the English language by Edward FitzGerald in 1859. The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam Poem by Omar Khayyam - Poem.

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The Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamOmar Khayyám This document is overwritten when you make changes in Play Books.You should make a copy of this document before you edit it. 1 note/highlightCreated by Nicholas de Vera - Last synced June 2, 2017 Fifth Edition Ah Love! could you and I with Him conspire To grasp this sorr December 16, 2020 3:22 pm. Khayyam Eddings, attorney for Humphrey, said the judge had granted his motion that Burks be held in contempt for releasing protected information,. Duke përdorur shërbimet e Gjirafa ju pajtoheni me përdorimin tonë të Cookies. Ne së bashku me partnerët tanë operojmë në të gjithë botën dhe përdorim cookies për statistika, personalizime dhe reklama Abstract. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine intelligence tool providing enormous possibilities for smart industrial revolution. Internet of Things (IoT) is the axiom of industry 4.0 revolution, including a worldwide infrastructure for collecting and processing of the data/information from storage, actuation, sensing, advanced services and communication technologies

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Omar Khayyam is easily one of my favorite poets. I love the semantic beauty of Gibran, the painted art of Blake, the heart of Kabir, the wisdom of Rumi and Solomon, and the devotion of Nanak. But, there's simply something which is so very unique about Khayyam. He was a man who risked a substantial quantity. He was a person of integrity March 25, 2020 July 21, 2021 FTK Book Reviews Uprooted is yet another Beauty and the Beast retelling and I brought it because of that brilliant synopsis, but that's the only good thing about this book 2020 Омар Хайям. Лучшие афоризмы. 2017 Omar Khayyam. Rubáyát about the meaning of life. 2017 The World in Pictures. 500 illustrated Rubáyát by Omar Khayyam. 2017 Omar Khayyam. Rubáyát about love. 2017 Other Books in This Series. Kama Sutra. 2017 Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper by Charles Perrault. 2017 Omar.

An ancient and stable civilisation, a welcoming nation. The pavilion will showcase Iran's economy, social development and culture. It will highlight peaceful coexistence and showcase Iran's ancient civilisation and traditions, its rituals and its people. Enjoy the fresh, cooling air of the water-filled runnels that run down the walkways Illustrator: Robert Stewart Sherriffs Khayyám the Polymath Omar Khayyám (1048-1131) was renowned in his own time as a brilliant mathematician. His key work in this regard is the Treatise on Demonstration of Problems in Algebra in 1070, which provided the principles of algebra (Encyclopedia Britannica). This treatise, and Khayyám's other mathematical works, were highly influentia Pictures of famous personalities who left us in 2020-21 Photos: Find out the latest pictures, still from movies, of Pictures of famous personalities who left us in 2020-21 on ETimes Photogallery

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Home » Thomas Joseph Crossword » November 5 2020 » Poet Khayyám. Poet Khayyám Thomas Joseph Crossword. If you landed on this webpage, you definitely need some help with Thomas Joseph Crossword game. If you don't want to challenge yourself or just tired of trying over, our website will give you Thomas Joseph Crossword Poet Khayyám. Mirzazade Khayyam Ismailovich. Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan 10.01.1974. Education: State Oil Academy, faculty: Automation of the production process. Specialty: engineer. Second education: Tbilisi State University, faculty: Law. He worked for 20 years in the military industry and 10 years in the distribution business

In the interest of unifying the online presence of the journal Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge (ISSN # 1540-5699), its Scholarworks platform has been discontinued as of Oct. 15, 2020, and is being redirected as follows. The full free-access contents of the journal can be, as in the past, accessed directly by visiting the journal's primary publication platform. The leading blog about Australia's Somerton Man Mystery 2020, the Tamam Shud case the very latest evidence, written in Australia by Australians. The small scrap of paper that had been torn from a book, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and which bore the words TAMAM SHUD, it was later to be found rolled up tightly and pushed down into a hard to. Omar Khayyam: Poet, Rebel, Astronomer. Omar Khayyam is known to millions as the author of the Rubaiyat. Yet he was also a mathematical genius, an herbalist's son who became a confidant of kings, and an exile who was hunted by assassins. Widely praised for its breadth and scholarship, in this revealing biography Hazhir Teimourian brings to life.

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Listen to music by Rabab Khayyam on Apple Music. Find top songs and albums by Rabab Khayyam including The Ever Flowing River Jan 28, 2020. #2. This was during my usual commute which is normally LTE. I had LTE disconnect on 15/01 no data connection at all for about 15 minutes or so. Reboot the car when I got home, no Data connection. Got 3g connection after about 10 minutes. Next day was still 3g 2020-01-07 Khayyam Maquet, a 17-year-old rising high school senior, wallows in self-pity during her family's annual summer trip to Paris. Her failed essay contest entry chasing a theory about a lost Delacroix painting gifted to Alexandre Dumas dashed her hopes of impressing her dream art school

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Xoori can easily take ownership of a project and guide it to delivery. At Exauric, she works with developers and UI designers in Australia and overseas, explaining client expectations and critical user experience flows. Xoori will be a great employee and an asset for any organisation she works with Presenting atElaine Fleck Gallery, Group Show, 2020. Omar Al-khayyam was famous during his life as a mathematician. His surviving mathematical works include: A commentary on the difficulties concerning the postulates of Euclid's Elements (Risāla fī šarḥ mā aškala min muṣādarāt kitāb Uqlīdis, completed in December 1077), On the division of a quadrant of a circle (Risālah fī. An accountability court in Islamabad reserved on Monday its verdict on the acquittal petition of Abdul Ghani Majeed, the CEO of the Omni Group, in a case on illegal allotment of Nehr-e-Khayyam. It. Sona Hosseini and Walter M. Harris Khayyam, a tunable, cyclical spatial heterodyne spectrometer on Mt. Hamilton, Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems 6(1), 015005 (2020). See article here

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