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  1. Typical 180 inch 10 point whitetail buck harvested on the last evening of the hunter's hunting trip to North Dakota. Gallery: Whitetail Hunt Photos. Tags: big bucks, guided deer hunts, hunting trips, trophy deer, typical whitetail bucks, whitetail bucks, whitetail deer. Advanced Search
  2. 180 Outdoors LLC. is an outfitter located in Southeast Kansas and offers guided and non-guided whitetail deer, waterfowl, turkey and predator hunts. We specialize in the overall experience and pride ourselves in the amount of return customers we have every year. As you know, Kansas has a world renowned whitetail deer herd and we have compiled.
  3. Field Scoring a Whitetail Buck. Follow along with each tip in order to find out how to properly field score a whitetail! The first step in this process is establishing your reference points. When field scoring deer, your best reference point to get an idea of the frame size will be the buck's ears, eyes, and nose
  4. The buck's net score topped out at 183-1/8″. Two bucks are currently tied for the world-record typical 8 at 180-3/8″. Tim Walmsley said Everything about this buck is just special; In.

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World Class 100% Fair Chase Oklahoma Whitetail Deer Hunting. 2019 Season Dates. Archery: October 1, 2019 - January 15, 2020. Muzzleloader: October 26, 2019 - November 3, 2019. Rifle: November 23, 2019 - December 8, 2019. We have wonderful genetics in our area. The mature deer taken thus far on our property have ranged from 150-180 Texas Whitetail Hunting Trophy Rates Trophy South Texas Bucks. South Texas Doe Meat Hunts $250 per deer (2 doe minimum per hunter) Management $2,500 130 -139 Class $3,000 140-149 Class $4,500 150-159 Class $5,500 160-169 Class $6,500 170-179 Class $7,500 180-189 Class $8,500 190-199 Class $9,500 200-209 Class $11,000 210- + Class PO I don't live, and I have never hunted in Lorain County, but I know of 3 maybe even 4 deer that went over 200 in the last 2 years. The deer have a TON of places to hide from what I am being told by guys whom hunt there. Here is a picture of the buck I was talking about. Offical score of 244 7/8 Louisiana Whitetails, llc Hunt Packages Come Hunt With US!!! Louisiana Whitetails, llc has a wide variety of hunt packages that will suit anyone's hunting dreams & desires. Happy Hunting Our World Class Whitetail Deer, with their incredible main frames, long tines, and lots of mass, will surely get your attention! Our dense whitetail habitat is home to record setting typicals and record. Whether you're looking to hunt a management deer or a true Texas whitetail giant, look no further! Our specialty at 5 Star Outfitters is hunting 150 B&C to 200+ class whitetails. Our Texas whitetail ranch has been expertly managed and have some of the best genetics you will find in a Texas Hunting ranch

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  1. Your guaranteed trophy whitetail hunts starts at a fee of only $250/day which includes your lodging, meals, transportation on the ranch, guide, and game care. While in the pasture you will probably have an idea of what size buck you are looking for but just incase you decide to go bigger here is a list of the fees associated by class of deer on.
  2. Thank you very much 180 Outdoors! -JAY, IOWA I want to thank all of the guys at 180 Outdoors for a great Kansas deer hunt. Comfortable deer stands in great locations helped make this a memorable hunt. They have a good group of young guides that have a lot of knowledge about hunting and understanding the areas that they place hunters
  3. World Class Monster Whitetails. Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch is a Whitetail Deer Hunting and Elk Hunting haven located in the Ozark Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma. Our private hunting ranch sits on 4,300 acres of beautiful hardwood and pine-covered hills, laced with a network of trails, beautiful streams, and ponds. Our trophy whitetail deer hunts are.
  4. World Class Whitetail Deer, Pheasant, Quail & Turkey Hunting Quail & Turkey Hunting. WELCOME TO WHITETAIL TROPHY HUNTS. 2009 ARCHERY 190 CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PHOTO GALLERY. 2006 Archery. Brandon Hammons 176 inch: 2006 Archery. Don Reilly 167 inch: 2005 Bruce's archery 180 5/8 inch. For Trophy Whitetail Deer, It Doesn't Get Any Better Than.
  5. We take the hassle out of the trophy fee system that you will find at many other ranches and let you enjoy the hunt instead of worrying about how much you will be paying for the hunt. Trophy Whitetail Hunts. We offer hunts for bucks in the 150″ - 200″ plus range. These are guaranteed Trophy Whitetail Hunts. These are up to 3 day hunts.
  6. Guest day rate includes lodging, meals, and ranch amenities. >140 class - $2500.00. 150 class - $3500.00. 160 class - $4500.00. 170 class - $5500.00. 180 class - $6500.00. 190 class - $7500.00. 200 class - $9000.00 ($250 inch over) All hunters will be required to sign up for Las Cazadores Hunting Contest and all harvested animals will take a 15.
  7. Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio. One of the premier whitetail ranches in the country! We're passionate about deer hunting and trophy whitetails, and our private, managed, high fenced whitetail herd has some of the best genetics in the country, consistently producing outstanding trophy whitetail year after year! Our slogan of Great Deer

180 - 189 Class. A Texas whitetail hunting experience that rivals some of the finest in the country, and delivers the quality buck that you are looking for. Our 170 Class and up hunts also include a free Doe and Hog from our 700 acre low fence ranch. 180 - 189 in. $7,500: 190 - 199 Class Our 5 Star Trophy Whitetail Low Fence Hunt includes (1) trophy deer, (1-2) doe. The total cost of this hunt is $3,750.00. Hunt is fully accommodated with the following amenities: lodging,food (open bar), digital photos of your trophies, care of game, and transportation to and from local airport. Trophies typically harvested will score in the 120's to 140's B&C. Call for availability 325-365. Up to: 150 Class: $3,500. or up to 160 Class: $4,000. Trophy Hunts. These hunts are for bucks up to 180 B&C. This inclusive package includes three days of hunting, three nights stay, all meals, a one-on-one guide service and transportation to and from the Cheboygan or Pellston Airports. 161 - 170 Class: $6,000 Hunt 140-180+ Trophy whitetail deer with Take-Em Outfitters in Alberta! With one of the highest percentages of trophy-class bucks, Alberta has become world renown for its Whitetail Deer hunting. At Take-Em Outfitters we SCOUT year round for our clients. We offer 6 Day Alberta Whitetail Hunts (both archery and rifle) on private land and crown

The whitetail deer are extremely abundant in this area with classes ranging from 180 SCI - 250+ SCI. For the past 3 years, hunters have experienced successful harvests while whitetail deer hunting in Texas at the Lazy Ck Ranch. Lazy CK Ranch has 2 types of Texas Whitetail Hunts After logging over 50 days in a stand in Missouri, Sean McCrory was able to catch up with a 180 class buck he called Thumper. Sean bowhunted this buck for se.. 3 day hunt 180-189 Class Whitetail $8,000 now $7,500 3 day hunt 190-199 Class Whitetail $9,000 now $8,500 3 day hunt 200 and above $10,500.00 now $10,000 plus $200 per additional inc www.HornsWhitetailAdventures.co We also have a picture of a 17-point 180 class buck that had locked horns with a 10-point buck whose horns we cut and released the deer. A photo of the 17-point buck can be seen below. During the hunt you may also harvest free-ranging exotics, Rio Grande Turkey and mature management bucks

Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio is offering a $2000 credit towards a whitetail deer in the up to 180 to 200 class, the balance due at the end of the hunt will be $5000. Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio is located near Berlin Ohio in the heart of Amish country. Included in this donation is a $2000 credit toward the harvest of a. A limited number of hunts up to 135BC and full blown trophy hunts from 135-180 BC hunts are available. Hunt for the best mature buck we can find on the ranch, within your package. Excellent lodge, great meals, professional guides and modern equipment. South Texas is the Mecca of Whitetail deer & wild Bobwhite Quail hunting Xtreme World Class Whitetails of Ohio has generously donated a $2000 credit toward a whitetail deer in the 180-200 class. The balance due at the end of the hunt will be $5000 (the regular price for a whitetail deer of this class is $7000). Additional hunters can be added at a discounted rate 413. Location. Fort McMurray , Alberta , Canada. Nov 18, 2009. #1. Here are a couple of cell phone pictures of the big white tail I put down the first weekend of november. Me and my dad pattern a lot of deers and we set up in one of our good spots in the morning and out poped this bruiser after a doe. Never saw this deer before 180 B&C Class Buck ->$13,500 whitetail deer hunted on Hindes Ranch is priced according to the Gross Boone and Crockett Scale. To be consistent, the scoring of the harvested bucks will take place on the ranch, be compared to Hindes Ranch pricing sheet, and the price will be determined accordingly. They are great people and you will have a.

Hunts start at $5,800; Hunt a world-class mature deer that is anything but a management buck. Just because these hunts are for bucks under 170 SCI doesn't mean you should expect less focus, less effort, or less enjoyment during your time at Timberghost Depend on Bucket List Outfitters for an incredible hunting experience. We offer a range of whitetail hunts in a variety of Texas locations. Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m

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  1. Mule Deer hunts are on private property in the Famous Badlands of North Dakota where President Teddy Roosevelt ranched in the late 1880s. These badlands create many opportunities for spot and stalk hunting for 140-180 class deer. Licenses can be purchased on line at the North Dakota Game and Fish web site, first come first served till March 1.
  2. He shot is first deer with a bow at age 11. It took me 40 years to kill a 150 class deer and the interesting thing about this is these were shot on the same hunt in Texas low fence and both were cull deer!!! (management bucks) Land owner had a rule any 8 point is a Cull! Man what a hunt
  3. imum scores of 160″ or greater
  4. The hunting ethic he learned from his grandfather--one shot, one kill--served him well when this 180-class typical streaked past him in hot pursuit of a doe. Using his grandfather's single-shot.
  5. Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting. 180 class deer on spencer lake? Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 25 of 25 Posts. Prev. 1; 2; First 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. C. chass · Registered. Joined May 21, 2014 · 1,473 Posts #21 · Oct 7, 2014. at1010 said: well i stand corrected!.
  6. Legendary Bucks. Typical & Non-Typical South Texas bucks that range from 180 to 220 B&C, and a simple pricing plan that takes out all of the guesswork. We focus on quality over quantity of bucks. And since we only sell a few hunts each year, our availability is extremely limited
  7. This outfit has harvested many deer scoring Boone and Crockett including 8 over 200″, 8 in the 190″class and 8 in the 180″ class. Their lodging, food, and service rank at the top of the whitetail world and their 16,000+ acres with over 300 stand locations is second to none. You really are within reach of your whitetail hunt of a lifetime

Trophy Hunting Prices. All hunts require a non-refundable $3,000 deposit when booked. There is no additional fee for non-hunting family. Non-hunting guest will pay a $200 per day fee. Lodging and Meals. $1,500. Lodging Bed Tax @ 10%. $150. One on One Guide, Open Bar, Transportation, Deer Caping, & Field Dressing Our hunting areas are 50% woodland and 50% agricultural consisting of corn, beans, wheat, and hay. This provides the whitetail with a plentiful, high-protein food source to develop good quality antlers. It is not unusual to harvest whitetail from this area that score from the 120 to 180 class. How Your Deer Hunt Will Go.. Over the years, the amount of 150 to 180 class whitetails harvested in Henderson County would be unbelievable to most, with several 200 class bucks taken as well. With multiple leases obtained, added to our personal properties, we are able to offer up to 7,000 acres of beautiful fields, timber, creek bottoms, and food plots Deposits may be refundable if another hunter can be booked during the same hunting days that hunting season and for the same class of deer. Pricing Categories (Rifle Hunts) We price our whitetails based on what we think their gross Boone and Crockett score will be. We harvest the following classes of deer on the ranch (see Our Deer Herd.

Anthony, Manager. Our company was established in 2000 and operates in 1 territory.. Masterpiece Whitetails is a world class hunting destination! We have carved out a piece of God's Country, grown and managed the best deer herd in the Midwest and opened it up for all hunters to fullfil their dream hunt Fair Chase Whitetail Hunts in Eastern Colorado. With open ground, this is an extremely challenging hunt, some of the Whitetails will bed in the cottonwoods that dot the river bottom, some will bed up in the sand hills and sage bluffs, you can see for miles, so seeing the deer is not the difficult part, it's getting one close enough for a shot that provides the largest challenge Whitetail Trophy Hunts: $6,995 (Plus Tax & Guide Gratuity) Hunt Includes 3 Days/Nights, All meals, lodging and tags are included *Trophy bucks are considered to be mature bucks over 180 Economy Class Trophy Hunt: $4,500 (Plus Tax & Guide Gratuity) Limited availability, Up to 3 days, Meals and lodging at hunter's expens Snowmobiler Lays Claim to 180-Inch Illinois Buck. Ron and Caleb Morris with the 180-class Illinois buck they found after Caleb ran it over while snowmobiling. The buck was dead and buried in the snow when Caleb hit it. (photos provided to Deer & Deer Hunting courtesy of the Morris family) When Caleb Morris, of Amboy, Ill., was launched from his. Welcome to the premier Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Preserve with World Class Deer and Lodging. 180-220 | World Class Hunting Ranch $9900 On sale for $6900 for one week only or while available with $1,000 deposit

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  1. Our Mule Deer hunts take place in the rolling hills, CRP, Canyons, coulees and Agriculture Fields of far Southwest Nebraska! Hunt area is adjacent to Kansas and 25 Miles from Colorado. Bucks will score from the 150's - 170's with the potential of 180+ class bucks
  2. This allows for a genuine opportunity to harvest a very nice buck. The hunting is primarily spot and stalk, greatly limiting the pressure on the deer. On the Management hunts, a mature buck will be in the 155-165 class, while the Trophy hunts yield deer in the 170-180 range. Our largest deer taken on the Ranch is 220+
  3. For those looking for a solid 150 class whitetail hunt, with a very legitimate probability of harvesting a world class giant, this experience will not disappoint. Deer in the 170/180 class are seen each year by our clients and sometimes, with a combination of a lot of hard work a little skill and some luck, these booner bucks hit the dirt
  4. Whitetail Deer Hunt Plans and Prices Whimsical Whitetails provides hunters a dream opportunity to hunt a world class Whitetail Deer. We offer Minnesota deer hunts for whitetail trophies, both typical and non-typical, all scored to Safari Club International (SCI) standards
  5. 1 DAY GUIDED OR NON-GUIDED HUNT. $250 Deposit. Light Lunch Included. Deposit subtracted from price if a deer is harvested . For The Courtesy of All Our Hunters, Please Respect That No Hunt is Considered Booked Nor Any Dates Secured Until Deposit is Received . VIEW BELOW FOR PICTURES OF OUR DEER ESTIMATED TO BE IN THIS CLASS
  6. TROPHY FEES & PRICES SOUTH TEXAS DEER HUNTING PACKAGES Here at White Ghost Ranch, we work hard to provide some of the best South Texas deer hunting packages money can buy. Below, you can find base prices for trophy buck scores. Ultimate Bucks 200's to 400 CALL FOR PRICING Trophy Bucks 190's $8,000 180's $7,000 [
  7. First class lodging, with satellite TV and high-speed internet, is located in the heart of the hunting area. The outfitter controls 11,000 square miles of big buck country, so each hunter will be in an area that is home to a top end trophy. This hunting territory also borders a 40 x 60 mile game sanctuary that is closed to hunting

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  1. Sand Rock Ranch is an intensely managed high-fence trophy preserve that offers Alabama Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts.Our management and conservation efforts have ensured that you will have an opportunity at a buck of a lifetime and will see several world-class Trophy Whitetail Deer
  2. PRICING. Whitetail Deer hunt: $3,500.00 per person, plus hunting license and trophy fee. Please Note: A trophy fee of $1,000.00 cash is due upon arrival; however, if you fail to shoot a Whitetail Deer of your choice during your hunt, a $1,000.00 cash refund will be paid to you immediately after completing your 6 day hunt. Approximate Non-Resident License Cost
  3. Team Whitetail Alberta has over twenty years of experience and is widely recognized as one of the true pioneers of hunting trophy whitetails in the big bush of Canada. Over the years, our clients have taken many bucks in the 150 to 180 class, including a monster of 248 inches (the largest whitetail ever taken by a non-resident hunter in all.

Texas Trophy Whitetail Buck. Whitetail Deer Hunt in Texas. Corporate Whitetail Deer Hunt at Shonto Ranch. Holiday Family Hunting at Shonto Ranch. Family Deer Hunt on Thanksgiving. Shonto Ranch. 845 Lower Turtle Creek Road. Kerrville, TX 78028-8086. (210) 317-4578 Below are our current rates for our Texas Whitetail Hunts. Daily Fee is $250 Per Day- All inclusive Guide, Lodging, and Meals/Drinks. Hunts are 1x1 or 2x1 Guided, depending on group size and hunt. We Specialize in Corporate and Group Hunts. We can work with you to meet whatever needs you have

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Alberta mule deer bowhunts & rifle hunts, black bear hunting, trophy whitetail hunting, moose hunts and elk hunts with Mike's Outfitting, Alberta Canada big game hunting outfitters & guide 3. If the buck is under 160 whitetail or under 180 mule deer B&C Gross the price stands. 4. If the buck is over 160 whitetail or under 180 mule deer B&C Gross there is a $1,500 trophy fee. 5. Hunts are priced as a 2 hunter to 1 guide. With 1 on 1 add $ 900. ----- Missouri Management Deer Hunts These are our most popular hunts and many of our mule deer hunters routinely report seeing over 100 mule deer per day during their hunt. Officially, we state that we hope to show our hunters minimum 140 class mule deer, however our experience indicates that each year many of our hunters harvest 160 to 180 class muleys and sometimes 190+ class We offer some of the best mule deer hunting in North America. We target deer in the 170 plus class and annually harvest numerous bucks in the 180-200 range. We hunt a huge area comprised of 10 WMUs (Wildlife Management Units) This is a classic spot and stalk mule deer hunt in the truest sense First Snow! Three views of an incredible 180-class 15-point Whitetail Buck in southeast Iowa, who is getting covered by the first snow of the year in early December. Fortunately, the Whitetail Bucks grow really, REALLY big in Iowa thanks to a couple of factors. First of all, there are lots and LOTS of soybean and corn fields

Our ranch has produced whitetails Texas Whitetail Bucks scoring from management class to 400+ B&C class. Venado Creek Ranch produced the largest whitetail recorded in Texas in the 2008-2009 hunting season, and the largest whitetail ever killed in Texas with a bow! This buck won the Los Cazadores deer contest, the world's largest whitetail. Recent Trophies: Whitetail to 119. Whitetail to 119. Whitetail to 119. Whitetail to 119. Whitetail 120-129. Whitetail 120-129. Whitetail 130-139. Whitetail 130-139. Whitetail 130-139 When hunting Whitetail with Rawhide, you can expect to see these deer scoring between 130 and 150; however, since there are significantly more Whitetail deer compared to the number of Whitetail hunters, we have taken up to 180 class. That being said, it's still hunting. Application dates: January 1 - May 31. We hunt REGION C, AREA 17. Whitetail deer can be found in the 140-150 class and on occasion we see bucks in the 160-180 class. We also can offer some whitetail hunts for the 110-130 class, with an occasional opportunity at a 150 class buck. There are areas where the whitetail is driving the mule deer out, due to their species being so aggressive in nature Ellen Turner Buck: 180-Inch Ohio Brute. July 07, 2015 By Ellen Turner. Not many Ohio deer hunters can say their first kill was made on another continent. But that's how I started my hunting career. Until 2008, I'd never hunted big game at all. Then, my husband, Jerry, placed a crossbow in my hands

Whitetail deer are named for the white around their eyes, noses, undersides and tails, and are the most popular animal to hunt in the United States. Although we have hunts for any budget, Top Hand Ranch is particularly proud of its world class whitetail, starting at 215 pounds and exceeding 255 pounds It's a first class experience from every viewpoint. Whether it is the great accommodations and great food or the gorgeous property itself. The deer are beyond belief! It is 'Whitetail Heaven' with the perfect Whitetail environment that makes this a challenging hunt for that special dream Whitetail The area of Eastern Plains we hunt is historically famous for producing 180-200+ class mule deer. With the decline of deer populations and age class deer like these are hard to come by but a few hunters do get lucky every year. We would like to under sell and over perform for our clients Whitetail Hunts Our family has been hunting the mountains and foothills of the Alberta Rockies for four generations. We are the oldest outfitting company in the province. In 1993 we teamed up with C.L. Ranch to manage and operate a deer hunting operation. The Ranch is situated in the Chinook belt, west of Calgary, [ McLean Bowman Ranch Hunt Package $3,900.00. . Our current 2021 Hunt Package is a 3 day guided hunt, which allows a hunter to harvest a mature whitetail buck scoring up to 140 Boone & Crockett. Time permitting, our package hunt also provides hunters the opportunity to harvest the following additional trophies:

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Gun Hunts at the Refuge Ranch are done out of 14-foot Ambush stands that overlook food plots and 20-foot double person ladder stands overlooking funnels and draws. Your hunt guide will be sure to keep you in range when on your guided trophy whitetail deer hunt. Most shots on our trophy whitetail deer will be between 100 and 125 yards 3 day hunt180-190 Class Whitetail$7,495. 3 day hunt190-200 Class Whitetail$8,995. 3 day hunt200-210 Class Whitetail$10,995. Fair Chase Private Land Hunts$500/d - $2,495/w. Bow Hunting on Your OwnCall for pricing. Hunting Packages Policy. 50% deposit is required to book a hunt. Deposits are non-refundable Minimum of 2 Hunters per Whitetail Deer Hunting Package or Trip. Deer Hunting Packages start at noon and end the next day at noon. This includes dinner and overnight lodging with breakfast. For longer hunting packages please call us directly for a custom quote. $4,000 up to 150 150-160 $5,500 160-170 $6,500 170-180 $7,500 180-190 $8,50 This hunt will produce whitetail bucks in the 140-180 class and mule deer in the 160-200 class. This is the way that deer hunting was meant to be, lots of deer and high success rates! We also offer many other trophy hunts. We have some incredible Arizona Mule Deer hunts that can produce a world class Desert Muley, and we offer fully guided. Senior citizen 180 class mule deer hunts on private land with an excess of trophy 180+ class bucks. Three DIY hunts are going to be given to the first 3 hunters that book before March 31 st. If you are tired of 160 Mule Deer, which are nice deer don't get me wrong, but our bucks taken are 2 years older than 160 deer

JAG Ranch offers hunting for trophy and management whitetail deer three day hunts in South Texas , in County, Texas. We are located approximately 12 miles north of Beeville. The ranch is 1,600 acres high-fenced and protein fed, year round. We have approximately twelve blinds spaced out 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile form each other Welcome to Golden Triangle Whitetails, we are a fully guided whitetail outfitter in the heart of Illinois' big buck country. We own exclusive hunting rights on over 11,000 acres in Pike, Brown, Adams, and Schuyler counties. If you are looking for a trophy buck, quality hunt, and the very best accommodations, we invite you to contact us today Quality hunting without the high fence price. With a high hunter success rate, our 5,000 acre family farm and ranch (est. 1939), has some of the best and healthiest whitetail deer in the area. These deer are fed home-grown corn and supplements year round to ensure you take home a trophy Whitetail Deer year after year

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• 180 - 190 $5,800 • 190 - 200 $6,200 • 220 - 250 $7,500-$9,000 Come and experience the ultimate West Virginia trophy whitetail deer hunting at Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve. Our Hunters can harvest some of the largest class trophy whitetail's managed at our Preserve. The Trophy Whitetail Hunt provides each hunter the. Trophy Deer Hunting in Oklahoma. Nestled within the famous Red River Country of Oklahoma the Whitetail Hunting Ranch is less than 2 hours from Dallas Texas. The ranch is highly managed for age, nutrition and genetics to produce exceptional trophy whitetail. The 2015 Hunting season yielded gross scores ranging from approximately 140 to 250+, a. We have had a wildlife management program in place for years and have seen the number of mature bucks grow year after year and our guests can expect to see lots of deer and have a realistic chance at taking a mature trophy whitetail buck in the 135 - 180 + class. Archery Package: $2,250 per hunter. 4 nights lodging, 4 full days huntin While those units are typically the best hunts in the state, most of the other late rifle hunts in November will produce 180 class bucks, but you will have to put some time in to turn one up. Idaho offers opportunities to hunt whitetail deer as well

The Whitetail Deer is an appropriate hunt for all ages and experience levels. Heaven's Doorstep proudly offers first-rate accommodations for hunters with physical disabilities. Hunters can choose from a variety of hunting methods. Archery Season Sep. 28 - Nov. 1, 2019. General Season Nov. 2, 2019 - Jan. 5, 2020. Pricin Cargile Ranches hunting opportunities are available on many different properties in Tom Green, Irion, Sterling, and Crockett Counties. Season leases are available on occasion and guided hunts are available each year for Whitetail deer, Javelina, and Rio Grande turkey. Many 120 to 180 class deer have been harvested on these low fenced ranches that are easily accessible from the airport in San.

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Mule Deer Hunting. Mule Deer hunting trips are one on one and run out of tent camps in the mountains. These 5 day hunting trips are in very high, rugged terrain and our results have been excellent on big mule deer.You can expect to get into deer in the range of 130-180 B&C.. Mule deer hunting trips are offered from the first week of October through the end of November Whitetail Hunting..... Whitetails General. Ethics, Even with a Heathy 180 class deer! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts. C. ChrisLinnMo · Registered. Joined Sep 21, 2010 · 146 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 19, 2010. My Son (he is 8) and I left for New Haven from Linn at 4:00 this morning.. 5 Day General permit, Trophy Whitetailed Deer Sept. 1 - 30, Archery $3,950.00, Town Hunt (1 to 2 preference points required) Nov. 1 - 30, Rifle $4,550.00, 2 on 1 guide (1 to 2 preference points required) Our general permit, November whitetailed deer hunts take place on several large, private ranches located in the beautiful Black Hills of Northeast Wyoming

Trophy Whitetail Hunts Rifle or Bow. Trophy Fees Below - Deer Hunts are scored by SCI. up to - 130 SCI - - $2000. 131`` To 140`` SCI - - $3250. 141`` To 150`` SCI - - $4275. 151`` To 160`` SCI - - $4600. 161`` To 170`` SCI - - $6500. 171`` To 180`` SCI - - $7675. 181`` To 190`` SCI - - $8275. 191`` To 200`` SCI - - $9750. 201`` To 210`` SCI. They target deer in the 170+ class and annually harvest numerous bucks in the 180-200 range. These hunts are typically conducted in and around either the Red Deer or Bow River valleys. Both mule deer and whitetail occur in excellent quantities and can be hunted in several fashions, including tree stands, ground blinds, and spot and stalk Whitetail Deer Hunting Kentucky. Preserve Whitetail Hunts up to 149 class $4,000 150-159 class $4,500 160-169 class $5,500 170-179 class $6,500 180-189 class $7,500 190-199 class $8,500 200-220 class $9,500 220 up call for pricing ! Please note: Big Typicals over 200 may be slightly higher in price due to their demand Hunt How to Kill a Whitetail Buck in CRP Tony J. Peterson Oct 21, 2020 That buck, a legit 180-class deer, was in a spot that didn't look like much, but offered him a lot of options for spotting and smelling danger. In other words, it was no accident that he chose to bed in some grass instead of the wooded river bottom half of a mile away..

Show your clients, employees, or family the trophy deer hunting experience of a lifetime. Call Today . From the hunting experience to the accommodations, G3 Whitetails will make sure every detail is centered around you. Whitetail Deer Buck $4500 •Up to 169 class $5500 •170 - 179 class $6000 •180 - 189 class $6500 •190 - 199. SUPER TROPHY CLASS WHITETAIL HUNTS. Over the years we've harvest some EXTREMELY Monster whitetail bucks. We like to call these bucks our Super Trophy class whitetails - these whitetails score between 180B&C - 220 B&C. We include your lodging in this package. These packages are very limited. ONE PRICE HUNTING! Hunts are 3 days / 2 nights. Hunt in one of the best areas allocated in Western Manitoba for Trophy Whitetail Deer. Our exclusive, 2,500 square mile area is located in and along the Duck Mountains of western Manitoba. This new area has many trophy size Whitetail buck in the 140-180 class

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I hunted with Wild Kakwa Outfitters for trophy Whitetail Deer I hunted for 5 days and saw 12 bucks, 18 does and 2 moose. I killed a huge 180 class buck so I was looking for another big buck. I saw plenty of whitetails and on the fifth day I shot a nice 10 point buck Careful management of age and class as well as a selective culling program have produced Trophy Whitetail Deer any hunter will be proud to hunt. Gold Medal Whitetail Deer Hunts. We offer two early season Deer Hunting Special Programs at Greystone Castle. Our Gold Medal program was first introduced in 2014

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Recent Deer Hunting Results. Firearm Results: What an exciting season! Our clients harvested over 25+ beautiful whitetail trophies that scored over 200. Ten of which scored 250+ and one which scored 300+. This is proof that with the right genetics, proper nutrition, proper habitat, along with strict age and herd management the opportunity to. Idaho Mule Deer Hunting Guides & Outfitters. Idaho is the top rated mule deer hunting state with over the counter tags. Bearpaw Outfitters offer guided hunts, semi-guided, unguided, and guaranteed hunts, horseback drop camps, drive-in camps, & DIY hunting maps The mule deer bucks that roam the southern Alberta prairie are legendary. Whether pursuing bachelor herds of bucks with a bow in the early season or during the rut with a rifle, it is a hunt no one will forget. We pursue only mature mule deer and target bucks in the 180-200 class. The topography and deer numbers allow us to look over.

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Details of Giant Canadian Whitetail Hunts. Most hunters dream of that day when they will harvest that huge trophy class Whitetail buck. At Silvertine we can make that dream come true! The Silvertine preserve was born not only for the exceptional elk hunting, but also from a special passion for Whitetail deer hunting High fence trophy hunt for whitetail deer includes first class lodging, license, permit and food. Walhondingwoods.com. Trade Interest Big Game. Canada Greenland Ireland Whitetail Deer 2500 acres. High Fence Hunt, 180-250 B&C deer. Lodging, Food, and Drinks included. Traditional Spot &Hunt or Blind Hunting. Trade Interest Bear Elk. South Texas Hunting Outfitters specializes in whitetail deer hunting. We offer guided whitetail hunts on various ranches in South, Central, and West Texas. We have built our business model around whitetail deer and land management in South Texas. STHO manages several ranches totaling over 50,000 acres