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Doing letter mail merge to employees. Not all employees have a middle initial so an additional blank space is created in the final merge. I want the space to close up so that there is only one space between first and last name. Used the IF THen ELse option but that's not correct - it prompts for additional text, does not allow deleting a space. Hi, I wonder if you can help. I have set up a mail merge using Publisher, with Excel as the data source. it's a simple address labels one. I know how to get the merge to remove empty lines when fields are empty, but I cannot get it to remove empty spaces when there are more than one field on a line By default, Word's mailmerge suppresses blank lines. However, there are limitations: acts only on paragraphs that contain only mergefields and white space (e.g. spaces, tabs, manual line breaks) and in which all mergefields are blank; does not occur when the field is nested inside another field (e.g. IF fields and INCLUDETEXT fields); an Here's the deal, we merge excel columns into address labels. Everything works great. Problem is when we have an address where there's no first or last name, just a company name. WE set up the labels like this: <<First>> <<Last>> <<Company>> < > etc When there's no first or last name, the space that we manually insert in word remains there, so that when the company name gets moved up to the top. Unfortunately, there's no native support for conditional fields. You can try the option to remove blank lines, but that will only get you so far with a merge document, especially if you use the combination to define an address block. I'm currently trying to write a quick and simple expression evaluator to get me around this limitation

Expand the merge field (put the insertion point within it and press Alt+F9) and then add the following code just before the closing field brace: \#0000000000 Note that there are ten zeros in the formatting code. Once the code is added, and with the insertion point still between the field braces, press Alt+F9 again to collapse the field 1. Make sure that each of your six lines has only the mergefield in it - no other text, space, punctuation, or coding. 2. End each line with the Enter key (don't use the shift key with it) dewestone Windows 10 Office 2016. Novice. Join Date: Jul 2014. Posts: 4. How to suppress space when data field is empty. I am creating a merge letter using data from an Excel worksheet. The data fields extracted from Excel are: First_name, middle_initial and last_name. Some of the rows in the middle_name column are empty

In the Merge dialog box, under When Merging Records, click either: Don't print blank lines when data fields are empty Fortunately, there's a simple fix: Before you generate the merge, select Content Placement Options from the Data Merge panel menu and turn on the Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields checkbox. If you've already merged your document, you'll have to regenerate a new merged document

If there is no value found for a mail merge field I would like to remove/delete it so the finally generated document does not have any blank spaces.<< Based on the description, you want to remove the blank spaces when you using Open XML to mail merge. To achieve the goal, we can remove the maile merge filed if the data is null or empty rather. I pressed ALT F9 to do this, and although the spacing now works, if I place the merge field that follows directly after the closing bracket as I have it now, it skips the record of data that comes after the closing bracket when I preview the mail merge

Remove space if a merge field is blan

During a simple mail merge operation a blank page is being inserted to document when the merged document is printed. The blank does not display while in the document but shows on print preview. did you try back spacing all of the spaces (if any) on the blank pages this takes you to the mail merge dialog box, press ok to then go to the. Creating a letter merge template. I'm 99% done, but if a field is blank Word adds a space... Currently using «First» «Middle» «Last», if the Middle field is blank in the database, Word places a space where the middle initial would have been, thus leaving (2) spaces between the First and Last name The mail-merge process is familiar to the staff and that is why I think it may be the best method. Everything works great except merging the one column that has extra spaces. Is there perhaps an IF statement I can nest in the mail merge that says something like [If LASTNAME < 100 characters [26 blank spaces]-count(LASTNAME)] I was asked a great question. In Word, how do I show blank lines? By default, Word automatically suppresses blank lines. I used the keyboard and did SHIFT +.

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  1. If you are using the Thunderbird address book as a data source, you need to use square brackets if the field name includes a space (i. e.:[Address 2]== ) to hide the second line of the address if the Address 2 field is blank. In general, avoid field, table, or database names with spaces
  2. In the Data Merge menu, choose Content Placement Options, and select Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields, then click OK - it should work
  3. The most common and most popular data sets used with InDesign's Data Merge to generate variable data projects include fields that are filled in some records,..

Re: [solved] Mail Merge - conditional space in address line by JohnV » Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:24 pm The article assumes that each line is in its own paragraph, I guess with the unstated assumption that the user has already arranged it somehow placeholders {} but it seems that the series of steps to create a merge field with an IF statement is very particular. In addition, if it's blank, it shouldn't take up a space. In other words, if I have something like: <<client_Prefix>> <<client_firstname>> and the prefix is blank Open the Mail Merge document and click the Mailings tab at the top of the window. Be sure the Preview Results button is toggled off so that you can see the Mail-Merge fields. Then right-click a Mail-Merge field (such as «Donation») and choose the Toggle Field Code option

ms word - How to hide blank mailmerge address fields in

  1. 1. Open Microsoft Word and a new blank document (or the document with the already prepared standard text) 2. place the cursor into the area where your fields and suppression shall appear. 3. Menu/Ribbon Insert >> Quick Parts drop down >> Field. 4
  2. These steps work in both Word 2013 and Word 2016. With the Word document open, open the 'Mailings' tab. Click on the 'Start Mail Merge' button. Then click on 'Normal Word Document'. Close the save the document - the link to the data source has now been removed
  3. Learn how to use the Numeric Picture Field Switch ( \#) to specify how many decimal places to display in your Word mail merge. If the result of a field is not a number, this switch has no effect. With the mail merge main document open, press Alt + F9 to view the field codes. The field code will look something like {MERGEFIELD fieldname }
  4. In the merge document, press Ctrl+F9 and then type a name to create a bookmark. Repeat this, using the same name, in every place where you want the response to the Ask field to appear in the document. Place your cursor somewhere in the document, before the first bookmark you just created. Go to Mailings > Rules > Ask
  5. Win10Pro, LO 6.2.7, mail merge using CSV data source: Everything about mail merge in Writer works as expected, EXCEPT address blocks created always show with double spacing, i.e. with a blank line between address elements in the address block, like the example below

InDesign CC 2018 Data Merge Blank Lines not removed. I'm merging a CSV file for envelope addressing. I am choosing the Remove Blank Lines. They are not being removed. This began when I upgraded to CC 2018, never had this issue before and been merging data for years. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and. Navigate to where you saved your file from your spreadsheet. Set up your document to merge (if you haven't done so already). For a detailed introduction to Data Merge, see the series of posts by Steve Werner, Automating Data Handling. With the Data Merge panel open, you can insert the Type tool into the text frame, then click on the item you want to appear in the space you've provided Mail Merge - How do I get it to remove blank lines or extra spaces when the field is blank Using Office 2003 and after using 2000 many times to mail merge. I'll cover the following topics in the code samples below: Microsoft Word, Office 2003, Microsoft Word Mail Merge, Database, Merge, Shift, Enter, and Blank Lines

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Having blank lines in your Excel file can mess up your mail merge. If you need to leave the spaces in your Excel file, you can just tell Microsoft Word to ignore those blank rows. Go to Edit Recipient List and uncheck the blank rows. This will tell Word to ignore those blank rows in Excel. 7. Mail Merge Is Skipping Some Record Win10Pro, LO 6.2.7, mail merge using CSV data source: Everything about mail merge in Writer works as expected, EXCEPT address blocks created always show with double spacing, i.e. with a blank line between address elements in the address block, like the example below Press [Alt] + F9 again. Position the cursor anywhere in this field and press the [F9] function key to update it. Or, right-click the field and choose Update Field. Preview the results to confirm the merge field displays with the formatting you want to see in the document for each of the mail merge records Keyboard Shortcuts. These are shortcuts that you might find useful: Ctrl+H opens the Search and Replace dialog box.. F5 opens the Search and Replace dialog box with its Go To tab active.. Ctrl+Alt+Z toggles around the four previous place in which you edited the document.. Ctrl+Click with the insertion pointer anywhere in a sentence to select that sentence.. Double Click anywhere in a word to. On your original source document (before completing the merge), right-click on the field and selectToggle Field Codes.. It will look something like this (wherePrice is your particular field name): { MERGEFIELDPrice } Place your cursor before the closing bracket and type: \# $,#.00 (There is a space between the first # and the $.

How to remove blank spaces in Excel. Excel Details: If your data set contains superfluous spaces, the Excel TRIM function can help you delete them all in one go - leading, trailing and multiple in-between spaces, except for a single space character between words.A regular TRIM formula is as simple as this: =TRIM (A2) Where A2 is the cell you want to delete spaces from. excel get rid of blanks 1 Answer1. Active Oldest Votes. 0. Merge the 2 cells, add a section and insert a table 1 x 2 in the section. Add the label and the text field into these cells inside the section. Create a rule to hide the section until the specific item is selected. Share. Improve this answer The mail merge feature in Microsoft Word is a time-saving option to create repetitive documents from letters to contracts to emails to labels and more. However, you may notice a glitch that happens when you create a mail merge in Microsoft Word with Excel data, that is, the number formatting in Excel doesn't show up correctly in the Word. Remove all spaces; This tool supports Undo, but before you using this utility, you need take minutes to free install it. 1. Select the data you want to remove spaces, then click Kutools > Remove Spaces. See screenshot: 2. Then check the option that you need in the Remove Space dialog. Remove Leading Spaces only: Remove Trailing Spaces only oRow.Delete End If Next oRow Next oTable Exit Sub. End Sub. The issue is that once a mail merge is done and you have say 100 pages of tables (each table seperated by a :::::section break (next page):::::), and you run the macro above, ONLY the blank rows in th

Introduction to Remove Spaces in Excel. There are multiple ways to remove spaces in excel. The first way we can remove the extra unwanted spaces with the help of the FIND and REPLACE option (Ctrl + H). There we need to put a space and replace that with Blank (Nothing kept). This removes the spaces anywhere from the selected cells To put the blank line remover into practice: Open your Merge Form File in MS Word. Put the additional address field immediately after the Street Address field on the same line. (Your field names may be different based on your Time Matters customizations.) Press: Alt-F9 (Hold down the Alt key and press the F9 key in the top row of the keyboard. Way 1: Delete empty page through your keyboard . If you see the empty page on the last page, it is easy to solve. Step 1: Set the cursor on the blank page. Step 2: Press Spacebar or Delete key to delete an empty page in Word. Way 2: Clear single page break . Insert a page break may take up a blank or empty page at times under Print Layout mode. Mail Merge remove blank line. Steven Yarmush asked on 10/26/2011. Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word. 2 Comments 1 Solution 3670 Views Last Modified: 5/12/2012. I have used mail merge for a number of years without an issue. Our company updated to Office 2010 and I was able to find everything.well almos Steps for removing the blank page: Press Ctrl+Home to go to the top of the envelope. Click the Layout tab of the ribbon. Click the page dialog arrow in the lower right corner of the Page Setup group. Click OK without changing anything. If Word wants to modify the margins, click Ignore. Press Ctrl+End to go to the blank page

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Choose Tools→Mail Merge Wizard. In window 3, you'll see this section (shown in figure 4) that lets you suppress any blank lines in the address block. Figure 4: Mail merge wizard with the option to suppress blank lines. However, there are two disadvantages: 1) this is a very complicated, yet powerful, wizard; and, 2) it only works for. You can use FIND and REPLACE to replace white spaces from a cell, here are the steps: Select the cell or range of cells from which you want to remove white spaces. Use the shortcut key: Control + H to activate find and replace option. In find what input bar, insert a blank space using the space bar and Replace With should remain blank The data merge functionality in InDesign is quite limited - although good enough in most cases. An Xmpie plugin could do it, but that might be an expensive solution if the project isn't very big. What may work is doing the data merge into a new ID file instead of exporting directly to PDF, and then do a find and replace on for instance on. Mail merge has been around forever, but one aspect of it has always been a real pain. Dealing with a list of addresses that sometimes utilize Address 2 (or even Address 3) while others do not can leave you with unwanted blank lines in your merged document. Using the Address Block setting in Word 2007 [ If you use Mail Merge a lot in your business, then this course is for you. In the last course, Take mail merge to the next level (see the summary at the end of this course for a link to it), we created this e-mail message using the commands on the MAILINGS tab. Everything is okay with it except for one thing - the Mileage field doesn't have a comma

2) Merge the split PDFs Back into a Single PDF. You can merge the split PDF documents to recreate the original PDF without blank pages by either using the Batch function or using Drag and Drop. By Using the Batch Function. From Top Menu, go to Batch -> Document -> Merge Documents-> Add the split documents that were output in the previous ste This will delete the empty paragraphs and remove the extra space, hopefully removing your blank or wanted page. F ix number 2 - removing unwanted page breaks When you have your Show/Hide characters turned on you can also see where a page break has been inserted into the document

Microsoft Word delete blank lines or empty paragraphs. VBA Macro to Delete Empty Lines in Word Tables Stack. If you have blank pages in a Microsoft Word document that you want to get rid of, or simply blank lines. Press Delete on the keyboard., Say you have multiple tables in a Word document and it is better to remove the three lines after One. In a blank Microsoft Word document, click on the Mailings tab, and in the Start Mail Merge group, click Start Mail Merge. Click Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard. Select your document type. In this demo we will select Letters. Click Next: Starting document. Select the starting document. In this demo we will use the current (blank) document Another option you can try is to make the paragraphs/blank lines in between your tables hidden. This is another Word feature where you can use a hidden paragraph mark that will keep the separation of tables - thereby successfully completing your CC reports - but the tables themselves actually appear to be joined together So far so good. But it happens that the last of the landscape pages contains a table so big that it takes ALL the space in the page, therefore the page break goes into the following page and I have a completely blank landscape page, wich I obviously don't want. If I hit Ctrl+F10 to show format marks and remove the new paragraph mark at the.

Getting Rid of Spaces in Merged Data (Microsoft Word

Unfortunately, there is no function that removes excess commas, so we have to start with a string with spaces instead of commas, then remove excess spaces, and finally replace the spaces with commas. Here are the 3 steps: Step 1: Join the cells with a space between each cell (The CONCATENATE part Delete all the empty paragraphs and you'll most likely get rid of your blank page. The following sections will explain a few situations in which deleting empty paragraphs will not work or will not suffice. Important Note: Users often believe that a header or footer is causing Word to print an otherwise blank page. The truth is actually. 30 Responses to Merge two columns with possible blank cells I was hoping to be able to add additional lists as well with the ability to remove the spaces. It's not to bad if you leave the spaces between the end of one list and the start of the next in. however the blanks in my list are created as spaces because a formula is. Spaces are shown as dots. Select the lines that contain spaces you want to delete and center the lines by pressing Ctrl+E, or clicking the Center button in the Paragraph section of the Home tab. Notice that the spaces on the lines are now gone. Now, you can format the lines the way you want without the extra spaces Press Ctrl + E to center align these lines. Keeping the lines selected, press Ctrl + R to do right align. This will remove trailing spaces. Keeping the lines selected, press Ctrl + L to do left align. This will remove leading spaces. And you are done! Now your MS Word document will be devoid of those extra leading and trialing space

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Sep 03, 2015 by azurous in Mail Merge Previously in the article Word IF Then Else Rule (Mail Merge) I've explained how you can use the If Then Rule in Mail Merge . In that article the If Then Else Field would insert a text string based on the result of the comparison Also, the length of the end of row character is also 2. So, length of a blank row equals 2* + 2. Example 2: Delete rows that contain at least one cell blank. Here the loop iterates through each cell in the table and if the length is equal to 2 (i.e. the cell is empty), the entire row is deleted. This example and the next one use the Mod operator Microsoft Word Learn everything you want about Microsoft Word with the wikiHow Microsoft Word Category. Learn about topics such as How to Remove a Blank Page in Word, How to Check a Word Count in Microsoft Word, How to Insert a Line in Word, and more with our helpful step-by-step instructions with photos and videos *Intel-gfx] [PULL] drm-misc-next @ 2021-06-10 11:15 Thomas Zimmermann 2021-06-10 13:32 ` Daniel Vetter 0 siblings, 1 reply; 64+ messages in thread From: Thomas Zimmermann @ 2021-06-10 11:15 UTC (permalink / raw) To: Dave Airlie, Daniel Vetter; +Cc: dim-tools, dri-devel, Maxime Ripard, intel-gfx Hi Dave and Daniel, here's the second PR for drm-misc-next for this week, and the final one fo Mail Merge: Suppress Lines with Empty Merge Fields. Consider an address block with several merge fields in a mail merge letter. Some fields might be empty such as the firstname and name. If no data is available for those fields, the complete line should be removed. The address block is included in a TextFrame, so that following elements are not.

To do so, perform the following steps in Microsoft Word: 1. Remove the line break, if any, after the Address Line 2 merge field. 2. In the WordWriter template document, insert a line break within the Address Line 2 data marker itself: After the merge field name, enter \f, followed by a space, double quote, then press Enter to get a new line. Hold the Alt-key, and use the pad to type 0160 - the 0 is important. It puts a non-breaking space to the text or inside your variable that PrintShop Mail will not remove. So you can use it anywhere to prevent the removal from empty lines. Inside a variable, you can also use the CHR function to insert a 0160. Hope this helps create your mail merge main document and attach a data source to it in the usual way. ensure the mail merge main document is the active document. click the Mail Merge Helper icon in the QAT. locate step 3 and click the Merge... button. click the Print blank lines when data fields are empty. button A mail merge address frequently begins with a Title field (Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr/etc). Typically, you would want the Title field to be followed by a FirstName field; and you would want a space between the title and the first name. But what if some of the records have a blank Title field? You don't want the address to start with a space

How to suppress space when data field is empt

Microsoft Word - Deleting blank table rows in mail merge document. I have a mail merge document that references a rather large CSV file. The mail merge creates a report for each row of data in the CSV, while this is fine for most of the information (Title, class, reference number etc) the problem comes with some of the data not existing in the. Here You'll want to click Remove Blank Lines For Empty Fields. This will ensure that fields that aren't filled in for addresses aren't filled with blank space. Step:8. Now you're ready to complete your mail merge! Click the button on the bottom right corner of the data merge box and Voila! You have a mail merged document There are blank spaces between the two values: The blank spaces come from the trailing spaces from the VAR1 variable. You can use the TRIM function to remove them You may have various requirement to remove the last empty pages in a Word document. Syncfusion Word library (Essential DocIO) is a non-UI component which used to create, read, and edit Word documents programmatically without Microsoft Word or interop dependencies. Using this library, you can iterate into Word document elements and remove empty paragraphs using C# and VB.NE

Office 2010 Don't print blank lines when data fields are empt

Note that the first Replace replaces 3 spaces with one. The second and third replace 2 spaces with one. NewSentence is the completed sentence. It appears to work well for me.--Fred Please respond only to this newsgroup. I do not reply to personal e-mai Remove space if a merge field is blank. Social.technet.microsoft.com DA: 28 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 80. Remove space if a merge field is blank; Doing letter mail merge to employees; Not all employees have a middle initial so an additional blank space is created in the final merge; I want the space to close up so that there is only one space between. Click the top cell in a blank column. The cell must be on the same row as the first line of data in the column with the spaces. For example, if you want to remove spaces from column C, and C's first row of data is in row 2 (C2), click the second cell in your blank column (e.g. E2, F2, G2, etc) keeps one blank for this blank string and the latter returns no blank characters. The advantage of using the STRIP function is that it runs faster than TRIM(LEFT) or TRIMN(LEFT) (SAS OnlineDoc® 9.1.3). If you have a large data set, it is recommended to use the STRIP function to remove leading and trailing blanks. COMPARISON 3: COMPRESS vs. COMPB We have an HTML email template, wherein a if statement outputs a blank by comparing for two values and a field value for rest. Please see below If statement: Apart from Bronze and Gold team, rest team value should be printed. whenever team field value is Bronze or Gold it should not print anything and skip or remove blank line

FileGets: BackStreet Browser Screenshot - BackStreetThe Programmer&#39;s Corner » CALEND

1. If you want to use the number for each paragraph, select all the paragraph. 2. Under paragraph, group click numbering drop-down option to appears different style of number. 3. Click any numbering style you want. If you want to remove numbering from the paragraph, click none option from the dropdown list c# trim start and end. regex to remove unnecessary spaces in c#. string remove whitespace c#. . Create an extension method of string class to remove extra space in string for example. how to remove extra spaces and returns in a string without regex c#. c# remove whitespace and newlines from string If you are merging mail lists in Microsoft Office 2016, you will need to insert fields where you want the personalization to be. First, position the insertion point appropriately: For letters, click where you want the merge code to appear. You will want the recipient's name and address near the top of the document, just [ The Find What line looks a little scary, so just don't look too closely. If you simply can't look away, understand that it's a string of GREP characters that looks for two or more spaces (i.e., em spaces, en spaces, flush spaces, hairspaces, etc.) and replaces all of those with one spacebar space. Hit Change All and poof

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