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  1. demand for child care services, the market for child care in the area, potential child care service types, child care center features and estimated costs, and center operating model options. Information was collected through multiple methods including: • Advanced Demographic insight on the population of the key market are
  2. A business plan is a three to five year roadmap of your child care business. Drafting your business plan is essential. It will assist you with planning, preparing and operating your child care business. The business plan, which is basically a detailed description of each aspect of your business, is divided intovarious sections as outlined below
  3. The Child Care Center Business Plan provides a description of the center, tells who the center serves, and outlines its competition. In addition, it lays out the center's marketing strategy (how the center will maintain full occupancy), and explains the financial operations of the center. Th
  4. Congratulations! A career as a child care provider can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Child care providers influence the lives of children every day. As a child care provider, you will be providing learning opportunities that will help each child grow and develop. Working as a child care provider not onl
  5. The 2019 edition of Child Care in State Economies provides an update to the initial version of the report released in 2015 by the Committee for Economic Development (CED). This edition provides policymakers and business leaders with a current an
  6. bonus for each child adopted and an additional $2,000 for a special needs child. Employees work to keep the federal dollars flowing; • that there is double dipping. The funding continues as long as the child is out of the home. When a child in foster care is placed with a new family then adoption bonus funds are available
  7. Your Child Care Program Getting the word out about the child care services you offer is an important part of maintaining and sustaining your business. There are many steps you can take to highlight your program. Here are 12 tips to get you started: For additional resources or hel

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DAY CARE CENTER will be committed to taking a leadership role in child care services. LONG -TERM OBJECTIVES: 1. In future, we would expand our business by providing various diversified services for children including play-group and kinder-garden school facilities. 2 Unpleasant as it sounds, how providers care for the business aspects of child care can be as vital as how children are cared for. When your business runs smoothly it allows staff to focus on the.

Marketing is part science and part art. Two child care providers located in the same geographic area may have very different marketing strategies. In fact, a family provider wants her business to be different to create a unique market niche. The purpose of creating a unique market niche is to make the family child care home stand apar Benefit from On-Site Child Care, details how employers that offer on-site child care saw returns and savings between 50 and 200 percent of the costs to operate the child-care.2 While large employers typically have more resources to invest in on-site child care, small employers have tools at their disposal to provide on-site or near Child Care Center Financial Planning and Facilities Development Manual 8 Introduction Gaining a clear understanding of the financial side of a child care business will strengthen it significantly, and will help to: • Manage and plan the business better • Assess the readiness of the business to take on financing of a development projec

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A day care business is a very lucrative and profitable business venture. In the past it was common for parents to stay at home with their children during the day, therefore Early Child Development (ECD) day care centers were seen as more of a luxury than a necessity states for every child they adopted out of foster care. In order to receive the adoption incentive bonuses local child protective services need more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sells and you must have plenty so the buyer can choose. Some counties are known to give a $4,000 to $6,000 bonus for each child adopted out t

The Corrupt Business Of Child Protective Services.pdf (PDFy mirror) Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Share to Twitter. Share to Facebook. Share to Reddit. Share to Tumblr. Share to Pinterest. Share via email The Center for the Child Care Workforce (2004) estimated the average hourly wage for child care teachers to be $8.37, near the poverty level. Further, between 1999 and 2000 the national turnover rate was estimated at 30 percent (Whitebook et al., 2001). When addressing recruitment and retention of qualified child care teachers, the Center for.

Regardless of adequacy, child care for young children is often expensive relative to a family's economic resources. Issues related to inadequate child care also impact a family's economic well-being. Inadequate child care can influence a parent's job selection, increase absenteeism, and detract from their work performance quality child care and early education services to children and families in New York City. Each Child Care, Inc. Resource Paper presents information and resources on one or more aspects of developing child care and early education programs. Child Care, Inc. 275 Seventh Avenue New York, New York 10001-6708 (212) 929-7604 Ext. 3012 Fax: (212) 929. The Business of Child Care 4th Edition by Karen Kearns and Publisher Cengage Learning AUS. Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9780170280990, 0170280993. The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 9780170389211, 0170389219

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Chapter Four: Developing A Family Child Care Business Plan A business plan is a concisely written summary of a child care business and/or a proposed development project. Business plans are important for securing financing for a child care facility development project or just making a current child care business more successful. This chapte The third is an overview of starting a Family Day Care Business. Child Australia Child Australia is the Professional Support Coordinator for Western Australia (PSCWA) and the Northern Territory (PSCNT) and has a team of consultants who can support Family Day Care services

on starting a child care business in Minnesota. That charge reflected three major economic facts • Lack of quality, affordable child care is a significant barrier to the participation of women, single parents, low income parents, and rural parents in the workforce. That barrier then creates furthe your child care business income and expenses in a way that will make sense to you and your tax preparer when the time comes to file your tax returns. Why Family Child Care Providers Should File Tax Returns • It is the law: anyone who takes home net earnings of at least $400 in a year from self-employment must file a tax return Child care administrators will greatly value the business skills detailed in The Business of Child Care: Managment and Financial Strategies. With particular focus on managing enrollment, recruiting and retaining staff, budgeting, financial record keeping, and decision making, this book details the critical business elements needed to run a child care center as a financially stable enterprise (1)Licensed child-care centers; and (2)Any unlicensed child-care center that is subject to Licensing's regulation and requires a license per Chapter 42 of the Human Resources Code. Revised June 202

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  1. Business is in compliance with local zoning laws. Business is not prohibited by deed or landlord restrictions. Child care licensing rules allow me to operate in my home. Child care licensing rules require home improvements to open my business. Start of Business Date: _____ Food Progra
  2. licensed child care provider, or want to become one, that is your job too! Licensed child care providers are business owners. They want to use and build on their knowledge of child development, and meet our state's health and safety rules. This guide answers common questions about: > How to become a licensed provider
  3. e the effects of child care affordability and accessibility on the workforce and on Montana businesses
  4. CHILD CARE DEFINITIONS The universe of respondents in the SIPP child care module consists of adults who are the parents of children under 15 years old. In households where both parents are present the mother is the reference parent. Ques-tions on child care arrangements for each child are asked of the reference parent. If the mother is not.
  5. care facility (discussed later under Daycare Facility). Note. With the exception of these two uses, any por-tion of the home used for business purposes must meet the exclusive use test. Storage of inventory or product samples. If you use part of your home for storage of inventory or product sam-ples, you can deduct expenses for the business use o

availability of high-quality child care decreased employee absences by 20-30% and reduced turnover by 37-60%.17 Nationally, 63% of children under five are in some type of child care arrangement every week. On average, young children with working mothers spend 36 hours a week in child care.1 Sec. 2201. Child Care and Development Block Grant Program. Sec. 2202. Child Care Stabilization. Sec. 2203. Head Start. Sec. 2204. Programs for survivors. Sec. 2205. Child abuse prevention and treatment. Sec. 2206. Corporation for National and Community Service and the National Serv-ice Trust. Subtitle D—Public Health Sec. 2301 This Guide provides informational resources on for starting a rural child care center, childhood developmental resources, different types of child care programs, funding programs that have been used to assist child care centers, statistical resources, journals and organizations that provide information to child care providers and parents on topics of interest in this field ☐A written disaster and emergency plan. (A copy should be available in all areas used for child care and business space.) ☐Completed safe sleep policy (applicable if requesting lcensurei for children under 12 months of age). ☐A schedule of planned daily activities for day and/or nighttime care. ☐A sample weekly menu

Illinois Child Care: Developing Center-Based Programs 2 • provide child care in a community with a local employer or employers who reserve spaces for their employees' use. • provide child care for the children of the community and the children of employees of one or more companies which oversee the management of the center Child Care Services Guide 6 November 2020 D — - Child care licensing is a type of regulatory activity in which the state authorizes an individual or a group to operate a child care facility. The Washington Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Child Care and Early Learning, is responsible for monitoring compliance with state standards

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Conclusions. Child care is an overlooked but crucial social determinant of health that has the power to significantly benefit both children and their families through improved cognitive development and increased maternal workforce participation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic • A Child Care Aware study published in 2013 reported that a dual-earner family in Iowa pays an average of 11.6% of family income on child care. The challenge becomes clear when looking at costs for families paying full tuition at the ISU campus centers; a family making $100,000 annually and paying the full rate for an. children in Australia participate in some form of child care or early learning service at some point inthe years before starting school. In 2012, around 19,400 child care and early learning services enrolled over 1.3 million children in at least one child care or preschool programme (comprising around 15,100 approved child care services and 4,30 Regulations Governing Licensure of Child Care Facilities Office of Health Protection For 12 or Fewer Children in the Operator's Home Child Care Facilities Licensure 2 100.04 Definitions 1. Act The Mississippi Child Care Licensing Law, Section 43-20-1 et seq. of the Mississippi Code of 1972. 2 Some child care centers and many family child care homes are not fully enrolled and as a result have significant revenue losses. Larger centers (or a network of centers linked by a shared administration) can be more financially stable depending on the age distribution of children served and the quality level

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  1. Child Care Needs Survey Results ----- 12 Family Child Care Homes Survey Results----- 19 Section III: Child Care Center Licensing and Operation Requirements ----- 25 The California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division ---- 25 The California Department of Education Child Care and Development Programs ----- 26.
  2. 9+ Child Care Authorization Letter Examples - PDF. Having a child is both a blessing and a challenge for any parent. Working a nine-to-five job while making sure that your child is fed, dressed, taken in and out of school safely can be very stressful. You may also see notice letter examples
  3. Child Care Definitions Adult is any individual eighteen (18) years of age or older. The assistant is an adult who is employed or volunteers in the home to care for children in case of an emergency, to meet staff/child ratios, to substitute for the provider during absences or to assist the provider with the care of children
  4. Child Care and Development Fund Request for Application (RFA) Child Care Start-Up and Expansion Grant Send applications to: DHHS Child Care Grants PO Box 95026 Lincoln, NE 68509-5026 Submit an original and 3 copies. Please use 8.5 x 11 paper, stapled in the upper left corner. Business plan and narrativ
  5. 7. Ski area guest child care facilities as defined at Sections 26-6-102(5) and 26-6-103.5, C.R.S. C. Any child care providers wishing to be declared exempt from the Child Care Licensing Act based on the nature of their program must submit a request for exemption to the Department. That reques
  6. Download. The daycare services receipt template is printable and comes in PDF format. It can be converted to excel file format to make two copies of the daycare service receipt. It includes designated space for filling in date, amount, received form, name of child, for child care services from and provider's signature
  7. Conclusion. This article has many daycare business plan mockups that have been created on multiple applications - MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF. If you're having plans to prep a business plan for a daycare facility of your own, this template is a very good option that you could choose to customize and use for the cause

This letter was mailed to all NYC family and group family child care providers, upstate day care centers and all registered school age child care programs. Topics include; Obesity Prevention, safe sleep practices, required CPR and first aid, inspections and immunization survey. December 2011b - Dear Provider Letter Below is an overview of information and resources that can provide your child care business and family with financial support. This webpage with resources is also available for your family and the families you serve. Visit mn.gov/childcare for additional resources on health, safety, and supports with supplies.. Child Care Aware offers some terrific resources for child care providers to help you through this process. Insurance Policies Depending on the type and size of your daycare center, you'll need insurance policies of several different types, including liability, property, workers' compensation, and business insurance provided business consultation to 43 family child care providers in Minnesota. Providers and consultants worked together to assemble detailed and comprehensive documentation of the program's finances over the prior 12 months. About a quarter of participating program A child care facility that is license exempt is one that is not licensed by IDCFS but must still meet minimum requirements set by Illinois in order to operate as a child care provider. The CCAP will only allow a license-exempt home to care for three children, including the provider's own children, during a day unless all of the children are.

Child Care Facility: means any building or shelter in which custodial care is rendered to six (6) or more children, and for which compensation is received in the form of a payment, fee, grant, goods or services in kind for any of the children receiving care, whether or not operating for profit or which is held out to the public to be an. Some companies provide their employee's child care benefits as well, just like many provide health benefits to the employee. Here is an example of a detailed childcare business expense form with all the sections and subsections of child-related expenses that one might incur. Sample Business Expense Reimbursement For Report Overview. The U.S. child care market size was valued at USD 54.3 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% from 2020 to 2027. The increase in the number of working parents and the subsequent demand for child care are factors that are expected to drive the market in the coming years The Child Care Is Essential Act and the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act, passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in July 2020 but not picked up by the Senate, would inject more than $50. Operating a child-care business is a great way to earn a living if you enjoy working with children. Generally speaking, there are two main ways to run a child-care business. If you want to care for a large amount of children, your best option is to start a center-based business

Office of Child Care Caroline Kueneman School-age Programs Specialist (801) 526-4343 ckueneman@utah.gov and Utah State University Extension 4-H (888) 4H-YOUTH www.Utah4-H.org Additional copies are available by contacting Utah Afterschool Network 747 East South Temple #100 Salt Lake City, UT 84102 (801) 355-3087 shannic@utahafterschool.or EMPLOYEE CHILD CARE DIRECTOR JOB DESCRIPTION 7. Oversee the day to day functions of the child care center and manage staff. 8. Develop and implement policies and procedures for the operation of the child care center. 9. Assure consistent compliance with all Texas DFPS Minimum Standards, including maintenance of annual fire, health and other.

Reopening New York City: What Child Care Programs Need to Know To operate your child care program, you must follow New York State (NYS) requirements designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. For answers to key questions about reopening, please read Reopening New York City: Frequently Asked Questions The Child Care Licensing Surveyor A Child Care Licensing Surveyor: • Is available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. • Responds to inquiries • Takes complaints against a facility regarding alleged violations of state laws and child care rules. • Phoenix Office (602) 364-2539 • Tucson Office (520) 628-654 Our Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Development (OECD) is committed to both the quality, availability and affordability of child care in Virginia. The Department provides guidance and support to parents, child care providers and the community to ensure safe, healthy and caring environments for children submitted, a Child Care Licensing Inspector will contact you regarding further actions to be completed. 2. Review and study the Regulations Governing the Licensure of Child Care Facilities or a the Regulations Governing the Licensure of Child Care Facilities For 12 Or Fewer Children In The Operator's Home (whichever is appropriate for your.

Additionally, you can deduct all of the business part of your expenses for maintenance, insurance, and utilities, because the total ($800) is less than the $1,000 deduction limit. Your deduction for depreciation for the business use of your home is limited to $200 ($1,000 minus $800) because of the deduction limit All DHS rules appear below. Rules by Division: Division of Aging, Adult, & Behavioral Health Services - Rules Division of Child Care & Early Childhood Education - Rules Title Type Posted Date Arkansas Birth-PreKindergarten Teaching Credential PDF 01/01/2020 Better Beginnings Quality Rating Improvement System PDF 01/01/2020 FBI Background Check Form PDF 01/01/2020 Minimum Licensing. 10 Steps to a Successful 2013 in the Business of Child Care. Local Apartment complexes If your child care program is located within 5-10 miles from apartment complexes. Be sure to drop-off flyers for the apartment manager to issue to new families. You can also get creative and issue home safety check list on the back of the flyers Developing a Business Plan for a Child Care Center Prepared by the Business Consultants at Child Care Aware® of North Dakota Developing a Business Plan - page 1 of 3 General Tips for Developing A Business Plan 1. Presentation matters Never underestimate the value of a professional-looking document. Bank and grant officers look at hundreds of. Child Care: Financing a Broken Business Model Child care providers are working within a broken system. Providing high-quality child care is imperative to ensuring the nation's children are safe, healthy, and learning, yet the high cost can prevent providers from running a sustainable business and is beyond what most working parents can afford

To provide excellent child play care in a kid-friendly atmosphere while ensuring our customers, both parent and child, receive excellent service in a playful, educational, and safe environment. 1.3 Keys to Success The keys to success in our business are: • Superior Customer Service: high-quality hourly care and service Creating a Child Care Environment for Success The design and layout of the physical environment; including interior finishes, outdoor spaces, selection of equipment, and room arrangement; have a profound impact on children's learning and behavior and on caregivers' ability to do thei your child care business, and so your solutions will vary too. In general, some of the things we hear child care professionals struggling with during this crisis are a decrease in attendance, a loss of income, as well as knowing when it's the right time to take certain actions (such as temporarily closing) Group Child Care Centers . The Department of Children and Families is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. If you have a disability and need to access services, receive information in an alternate format, or need information translated to another language, please contact the Bureau of Early Care Regulation at.

BUSINESS PLAN FOR THE CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF A DAY CARE CENTRE AND BEST START CHILD AND FAMILY CENTRE . Owned and Operated by the Municipality of North Perth . Contact: Patricia Berfelz, Clerk . Municipality of North Perth . 330 Wallace Ave. N., Listowel, ON N4W 1L3 . Phone# 519-292-2062 . Email . PBerfelz@northperth.c 2. Can a landlord require a family child care provider tenant to get liability insurance to cover the family child care business? NO. California State law prohibits the imposition of any conditions on a licensee's family child care business. Therefore, a landlord cannot require a provider to obtain insurance for their operations What To Consider Before Purchasing a Child Care Center The intent of this document is to provide a potential buyer with a list of considerations to keep in mind before purchasing an existing child care center business, facility and land. Considerations covered in this document focus on conducting an objective investigation into the existin Scale and Expand Your Child Care Business The Business Of Child Care The Business of Child Care Child care centers provide care, love, and social-emotional growth for young children. The benefits are invaluable to both the children and families. But, there is a real cost and reality to managing a center, whether the child care is a family.

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CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE APPLICATION Instructions: Please read the application carefully. Complete all sections of the application. Answer each question completely and to the best of your ability. List everyone in your household. Please print clearly. The child care application asks you to give us the social security number for everyone in your. UnConference: The Business of Child Care. Child care centers provide care, love and social-emotional growth for young children. The benefits are invaluable to both the children and families. But, there is a real cost and reality to managing a center, whether the child care is a family, center based or relative center practices in the child care subsidy system can sometimes pose real barriers to accessing and retaining child care benefits and ensuring that children receive continuous care in stable, quality child care settings (Adams, Snyder, Banghart 2008; Henly et al. 2015; National Center on Child Care Subsidy Innovation and Accountability, n.d.) environment. Growth in child care franchises is significantly changing and truly developing a child care industry (Murdoch, 2004). Also, consideration needs to be given to increasing accountability in child care service delivery, and how to better support directors in their role as advocates in the broader early childhood field

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  1. Child Care Center Manual Table of Contents Mike DeWine, Governor Kimberly Hall, Director . Ohio Department of Job and Family Services The Electronic Publishing Unit makes every attempt to publish accurate and current information, however, we disclaim any liability or responsibility for an
  2. CHILD CARE RATES: Indicate WEEKLY child care rates your program charges the general public. Do NOT include multiple children discounts or late fees. Any field left blank, N/A or $0, will be entered as $0 and no payment will be authorized for that age group. To receive subsidy payment, all child care rates must be reported for all ages served by.
  3. Family child care is a special profession for those who love young children. As a profes-sional family child care provider, you must balance the skills required to care for children with those required to operate your business. Here are some tips to help you do this: • Learn the child care regulations for your area, and follow them
  4. g the Child and Dependent Care Credit must provide identifying information for all persons or organizations that provide care for the qualifying child. You can use Form W-10 to provide the necessary information to your clients. U.S. Department of Agriculture's Child and Adult Care Food Progra

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A Family Child Care must be located in a single-family or two-family residence. The Family Child Care must be operated by the person who lives there, whether they are the owner, or a tenant authorized by the owner. Family Child Care businesses are limited to providing care to a maximum of six children, or, if approved by Special Exception, up. C. I understand that a child care license is nontransferable. D. I will ensure that the child care learning center adheres to all licensing requirements. E. I assume responsibility for conducting the affairs of the child care learning center herein described and for meeting all applicable regulations. F Buy The Business of Childcare at Angus & Robertson with Delivery - Introduces students to the business side of planning, supervising and coordinating the day-to-day operation of a children's service. Written to support students in attaining the skills and knowledge required to achieve the Dipolma of Children's Services. With an easy-to-read and full-colour presentation reduce and control injuries in the child care setting. It also refl ects current changes in the National Health and Safety Performance Standards for Out-of-Home Child Care. By using this module, trainers will be able to: 1. Increase awareness about the types of injuries are common in the child care setting, who gets injured, how, when and why. 2

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7.701 General Rules for Child Care Facilities 7.701.1 ..

  1. Starting a Child Care Program - A guide to information you need about Family Child Care Learning Homes and Child Care Learning Centers. Summary: Learn the tasks and steps involved in starting a child care program: a Child Care Learning Center or Family Child Care Learning Home. Find the answers to common questions and concerns applicants have when opening a child care business, including.
  2. To create a service based operation whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations. The utilization of The Toddler Warehouse by at least 40 different families in the first eight months. To increase the number of client's served by 20% each year. To develop a sustainable, profitable, start-up business. Start your own child care.
  3. Child Care Homes . 1240-04-01-.22 Specific Requirements for Child Care Centers . 1240-04-01-.23 Specific Requirements for Drop-In . Child Care Centers. 1240-04-01-.01 SCOPE AND PURPOSE. (1) Scope of Rules. These rules are applicable to child care agencies subject to licensing by th
  4. child care options and supports the providers, to launch a program to expand and streamline child care services across the state. The new program, called Elevate New Mexico Child Care, will utilize the Wonderschool platform to provide a marketplace, platform, and community for providers to successfully run their preschool, daycare, or in.
  5. The Child Care Initiative will provide vital resources to expand access to affordable child care for working parents with the greatest need while also sustaining the industry of child care providers across Washington. Grants of $50,000 - $250,000 are available. Provides funding to 501(c)3 community-based organizations
  6. it is the policy of the state to ensure the protection of all children under care in child-care facilities. In addition, Human Resources Code §42.042 authorizes the Executive Commissioner of HHSC to adopt rules governing the regulation of child care facilities in Chapter 42. The agency hereby certifies that the emergency adoption has been.
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policies or procedures related to the Emergency Child Care Bridge for Foster Children; and in Chapter 3.35 of Division 2 of the Health and Safety Code and any accompanying regulations, or other written policies or procedures related to Child Care Provider Registration. 12.The deadline specified in Water Code section 85200(d) for a Cash flow is the movement of money in and out of a business. For small businesses, cash is necessary. A childcare provider needs to have cash in order to start, operate, and expand operations; but many small business owners often have trouble managing and maintaining cash

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Form 2935, Admission Information (English and Spanish) Form 2937, Child Care Licensing Waiver/Variance Request. Form 2940, Request for an Administrative Review (English and Spanish) Form 2941, Child Care Operation Sign-in/Sign-out Log. Form 2947, Child Care Center Personnel Information Record. Form 2962, Verification of Liability Insurance Minnesota Child Care Laws The Public Health Law Center is in the process of assessing state laws and regulations related to the child care setting through an existing grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Healthy Eating Research program. As part of this project, the Center is conducting a 50-state.

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Child care licensing is a type of regulatory activity in which the state authorizes an individual or a group to operate a child care facility. The Maryland Department of Human Resources, CCA, is the state agency that is responsible for all child care licensing and regulation. These responsibilities include issuin C. Business and Professional Practices D. Health and Well-Being . • Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale-Revised (FCCERS-R) to Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale-3 (FCCERS-3) Note: The School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale-Updated (SACERS-U) has not been revised and therefor approval and issue your license within three business days. This completes the initial licensing requirement for a family child care home located in the City of Philadelphia. REMEMBER: • Your City of Philadelphia Family Day Care License (3397) must be renewed every year. The license expires the last day of February in every year

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Child Care Market Size. The global market for child care reached a value of nearly $339.1 billion in 2018, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3% since 2014, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.3% to nearly $520.4 billion by 2022 For Family Child Care Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS Dear Provider, This documentation list was compiled to help you prepare for your upcomingBusiness Administration Scale for Family Child Care (BAS) visit. The list includes each of the 10 items in the BAS and the indicator strands/rows (e.g., 1.1, 3.1, 5.1, and 7.1

What Child Care Programs Need to Know April 10, 2020 Alongside the Paycheck Protection Program and other direct, targeted supports for child care, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) is a possible way for your small business to help cover certain costs during this challenging time. We know it can feel overwhelming Welcome! I am glad you have decided to enroll your child in my Certified Family Child Care. Should you have any concerns or wish to check the status of my Certification, please feel free to contact my regulatory agency, 4-C at (608) 271-9181. As a certified provider, I can care for up to three unrelated children in addition to my own, unde To obtain a current application, access the required online orientation on the Become A Child Care Provider page. Day Care Center Application Package - SAMPLE (outside of NYC) ( PDF Day Care Center Application Package - SAMPLE 2.1 MB) Family Day Care Application Package - SAMPLE. ( PDF Family Day Care Application Package - SAMPLE 4.3 MB

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