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Profit beim führenden Marktplatz für Gebrauchtmaschinen kaufen. Mehr als 200.000 Maschinen sofort verfügbar. Sofort kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung anfrage Total income from Mushroom cultivation. One kilogram of oyster mushroom fetches Rs. 120 in the market averagely. So, if we consider 500-kilo grams as average yield per crop for 9 crops it will be 9 x 500 = 4, 500. In this way for selling 4, 500-kilo grams of oyster mushrooms farmers will get Rs.5, 40, 000 Estimated Profit Margin for a Mushroom Farm If you have a 500 square foot growing area, in a year that can produce about 12,000 pounds of mushroom. Oyster mushrooms are currently selling for $6-8 a pound wholesale. 12,000 pounds of mushroom at $6 a pound could make you $72,000 in a year's time Mushroom Cultivation Profit Analysis in India: Here in this section, you are going to see the mushroom cultivation profit margin. We have given detailed information in the below section. The Total Yield of Button Mushroom per 1 Square Foot is 10 Kg to 15 kg. While the same Yield per 250 square foot is about 2,500 kg. If you see the Cost of.

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income, or $24,960 per acre (Mudge, 2013). Cornell Extension Agency (CEA) mushroom growers consulted reported better profit potential for indoor production as compared to outdoors. They provided estimates of $1 to $3 per square foot in net income, representing a potential $43,560 to $130,680 income per acre for indoor growing operations If you have a 500 square foot growing area, in a year that can produce about 12,000 pounds of mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms are currently selling for $6-8 a pound wholesale. 12,000 pounds of mushrooms at $6 a pound could make you $72,000 in a year's time 3000 kg of mushrooms are produced per shed and sold @ Rs 100/kg: Rs 3, 00,000.00. Therefore, The total profit generated in mushroom farming can be estimated as Rs 1, 09,374.00. Farming of mushrooms is believed to impact the livelihood of people positively by contributing to economic, nutritional and medicinal sectors Mushroom production per shed - 3000 kg Income by selling @ Rs 70/kg - Rs 2,10,000/- Net profit per shed (210000-106384) - Rs 103616 2. Cultivation under Environment Controlled Conditions White button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) cultivation is a highly technical activity and is done in a scientific manner Retail oyster mushroom price per pound in 2021 ranges anywhere between $5-$15. You do the math. You might be impress with your mushroom profit calculations. Mushrooms are particular about their growing conditions. But oyster mushrooms are one of the easiest varieties to produce

White Button Mushroom. Portobello Mushroom. Dhingri (Oyster) Mushroom. Paddy Straw Mushroom. Among all the above, White Button mushroom has high demand the most popular hence most farmer select this variety for commercially mushroom farming. The average price for white button mushrooms is between 50-100 rs per kg Growing various herbs and plants we use for spices can be very profitable, which is why they are some of the best cash crops with the highest profit per acre list. The most popular culinary herbs include basil, chives, cilantro and oregano. For instance, according to NC State Extension website, large producers who grow basil for oil, plant. 5. Cost of Mushroom Farming. Rs. 1,60,000. Net Profit of Mushroom Farming. Rs. 1,40,000. The Total Recurring Cost of Mushroom Farming Rs. 1,60,000. Net Profit of Mushroom Farming per year is Rs. 1,40,000. You would earn a good income if you could see the table above then the recurring costs Organic Farming. H ow can farmers earn extra income in a limited space through organic means? Pragnesh Patel, an MBA graduate who became a farmer, has come up with a fantastic solution - mushrooms. His small 18 x 45-foot mushroom shed is producing 700 kilos of oyster mushrooms every four months, earning him an extra Rs 4.2 lakh per year 11. How much money can a gourmet mushroom business make? Because the crop cycle is short - six weeks to harvest is typical - growers can make a good and steady income in a small space. Using an indoor bag system,most growers are producing 25 pounds per square foot of growing area every year

Logs fruiting and mushrooms produced from a 500-log outdoor operation. Year Logs at Start Of Year Logs Fruiting Pounds of Mushrooms 1 130 0 0 2 257 127 254 3 381 251 564 4 503 373 746 Table 2. Log losses and mushroom yields for each 130 logs on a five-year cycle. Year Percent Loss Logs at Start of Year Pounds per Log Mushrooms (Pounds per Year. He harvests around 80kg a day on the one-acre farm and sells them for around Rs125 per kilogram. Mushrooms have been a favourite in Coimbatore for around 20 years, say cultivators. Even when. 1) Mushrooms. When you think of small scale farm ideas, mushrooms probably aren't one of the first things that come to your mind as the best cash crops you can grow. But growing mushrooms can be surprisingly profitable. Especially oyster mushrooms which can be grown in as little as just 5 weeks and sell for $10 to $20 per pound Yield: per one square meter of mycelium about 18 cm thick, more than 30 kg of mushrooms can grow. This means that a room with a growing area of i.e. 560 m2 (1,840 Sq. ft.), about 17 tons (37,5 thousand pounds) of mushrooms will grow

No matter if you farm 1/2 acre in the city or 100 acres in the countryside, there's a mushroom suitable for growing for market. Although some mushrooms require specific humidity and temperature conditions to propagate, many mushrooms can be grown indoors or out, with as little or as much attention as you would like to give to them According to Kigli Farms, on a per acre basis, mushrooms are unbeatable simply because they are fungi rather than plants and as such do not require sunlight for growth. For example, USDA producer..

They can last for about 3-4 weeks in a cooler before they start fruiting in the bag and yield is decreased. We can offer wholesale rates if you are interested in a minimum purchase of 20 blocks of the same mushroom species. Here is a breakdown of our whole rates: 20-50 kits: $20 per kit. 51-100 kits: $17 per kit 10 best cash crops with the highest profit per acre 10 Most Profitable Gourmet Mushrooms to Grow 11 Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs 11 Most Profitable Livestock.

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Growing mushrooms for profit can make for a full-time job if you put in the time and effort. Many factors have an influence on your profit margin: the size and location of the mushroom farm, the species cultivated, diseases, management, advertising, marketing, and the years in the industry The yield of this mushroom variety is about 2.5 Kg per bed. Oyster Mushroom Cultivation. This type of mushroom is grown where the climatic conditions are not favorable for button mushrooms. In addition, it is the simplest to grow and most delicious to eat. Being very low in fat content it is recommended for controlling obesity and patients. In one acre, you can plant about 30 rows of 80 plants. You'll get about $10,000 worth of fresh or dried lavender in an average year. A peak harvest will yield about $30,000 per acre. However, as previously mentioned, you can use your lavender to create other products and further maximize profit instead of selling the plant material directly Oyster mushroom requires average temperature range of 20 - 30 degree C while humidity of 55-70 percent for a period of 6 - 8 months is needed in a year. In hilly areas - the best growing season is during March or April to September or even October. In lands at sea level i.e. on plane lands the ideal cultivation period is from September or. Small scale mushroom growing is very lucrative because you can take care of a small farm. Many people love mushrooms because they are healthy and one of the solutions for food safety. The price of mushroom varies from $5- $20 per pound. It averages about six crop cycles per year, meaning you can fetch as many profits as possible. 8. Basi

6,920 lbs per acre Worth $3,418/acre Blueberries 8,710 lbs per acre Worth $17,429/acre Non‐Storage Onions 35,000 lbs per acre Worth $7,980/acre Storage Onions 65,000 lbs per acre Worth $5,206/acre Potatoes 61,000 lbs per acre Worth $4,090/acre 4,296 lbs per acre Worth $485/acre Fresh Sweet Cor A mushroom farm makes money by selling harvested mushrooms. Mushrooms might be sold by the pint, quart, or pound. How much can you charge customers? Specialty mushrooms typically retail for $16 per pound. Oyster mushrooms wholesale for between $6 and $8 per pound, and other types of specialty mushrooms have similar wholesale prices Harvest your mushrooms at the correct time. It is time to harvest your mushrooms when their caps right before the caps entirely uncurl if you grow oyster mushrooms. Button-style mushrooms need to reach a specific size before reaching this stage to maximize profits. Twist the stem off as close to the growing block as possible. The Small-scale mushroom cultivation 8 2 Biology of mushrooms 2.1 Fungi Mushrooms belong to the kingdom of Fungi, a group very distinct from plants, animals and bacteria. Fungi lack the most important fea-ture of plants: the ability to use energy from the sun directly through chlorophyll. Thus, fungi depend on other organisms for food, absorb Mushroom is a crop not a plastic toy to print them out of a molding machine. Before asking how much money you can earn, you may have to consider asking a list of questions to yourself, such as a) What variety of mushrooms to grow b) local demand f..

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  2. For this work a mushroom grower can expect anywhere from 0 to 4 lbs. per square foot; the national average for 1980 was 3.12 lbs. per square foot. Final yield depends on how well a grower has monitored and controlled the temperature, humidity, pests, and so on
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  4. Growing tomatoes is easy, which is why the tomato is the crop of choice chosen by many first-time gardeners. All you need is a moderately warm climate and plenty of moisture. You can grow tomatoes that are ready for harvest in as little as three months and you can yield up to 20 pounds of tomatoes per acre, too

A. Economics of Oyster Mushroom Cultivation in Polyhouse (3.5 to 4 TPA) 7 to 7.5 TPA. B. Economics of Oyster Mushroom Cultivation in Mud House (7 to 7.5 TPA) 95 to 100 TPA. C. Economics of Oyster Mushroom Unit (95 to 100 TPA) 1. (a) Total Infrastructure Required. Total land required for the project would be around 1 acre A half-acre of ginseng can be worth as much as $100,000 after five or six years. There are three methods to growing ginseng. One is the artificial shade method, which is usually too expensive for small growers, as the start-up costs are quite expensive. The other two methods are wild-simulated and woods-cultivated. Mushrooms. Ornamental Grasses. Beside above, how much does a basil plant yield? The least productive was the large-leaved but slow-growing 'Purple Ruffles', which produced just under 11 ounces; lemon basil, with its smaller leaves, outperformed it with 14.5 ounces. Our test plants produced an average of 13 ounces, or about 7 cups of leaves per.

Any mushroom unit located in and around the main markets should be able to make sufficient profit as they can save on transportation of produce. 4.2 Import / Export Trends Netherlands is the leading exporter of button mushrooms (40% share) followed by China, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea As with any industry, offering a unique product can net you huge profits. Growing plants for profit is no different. Some plants will bring in piles of money - as much as $90,000 per acre - while others will do just the opposite. Witting entrepreneurs that have identified gaps in their local market and looked beyond run-of-the-mill tomatoes or salad greens that saturate the market, are. The bagging machine makes 1200 -1600 bags per hour (20-26 bags per minute). The bag weighs 3-3 ½ lbs. (1.36kg - 1.58kg), and can be inoculated with a variety of mushroom spawn so you can grow different mushrooms by using the same machine system. The mixer can mix 350-400 lbs (160kg - 180kg) of dry sawdust per cycle dkyh rqylh (OCIMUM SANCTUM) Cost Benefit Analysis per Acre 3. Kali Tulsi Duration: 1. Seedling No. 10000 - 1000.00 Spacing (2'×2') 2. Land preparation - 2000.0

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  3. Garlic herb growing is carried out on raised seed beds, on ridges at a spacing of 30cm between rows and 15-20cm between plants, giving a plant population of 150,000-200,000 per hectare. The cloves should be sown 2.5cm deep in well firmed soil. The seed clove requirement is about 30 0kg per acre or 7 5 0kg/ha
  4. Plan for retirement by growing for profit. Grow your future today. Mushroom cultivation is a growing trend. Mushrooms are actually fast growing, can grow year round indoors in less space than other crops and bring a good price per pound. He was a quarter of a century old when he replaced 1/2 acre of grass for a garden. Now 26, Jared.
  5. 7. Mushrooms. For those without space to garden, growing mushrooms for profit can produce a great return in a small space. Exotic mushrooms, such as oyster and shiitake, make sense, as they can be grown indoors without soil. Oyster mushrooms, for example, produce around 25 pounds per square foot of growing space in a year's time
  6. Specialty Mushroom. startup costs for growing oyster mushrooms are low. Magic garlic can bring in as much as $100,000 per acre, netting you a profit of $82,000. Additionally, bulbs can be.

Yields. Based on grower information, the crop yields average 650 to 800 forty-pound boxes per acre. Also, is growing onions profitable? Income returns in 1 acre onion farming: From 1 acre onion farm, the farmer can get an yield of 130 qt from 1 acre area. The selling price of onions in the market is Rs. 1600 per quintal approximately as on 16.08 He is losing almost $580 per acre on his Macs, $850 per acre on the Spartans, and nearly $1,290 an acre on the Reds. Given these costs, Joe's net profit for the year would be $29,600. The last time I checked, the poverty line in Canada was around $24,000, Markgraf quips

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Research on aloe vera farming has been stated that there is best result of yield by planting about 4000 plants per acre land but you can plant 3000 to 5000 aloe vera per acre. Planting is done with keeping space between each of the plants. The bets placing for aloe vera planting is the 40*45 or 30*60 which gives a greater amount of yield At a spacing of 75cm by 45cm one acre can accommodate 10,000 plants, each yielding about 10 heads to give a total harvest of 100,000 heads .At a market price of 10/= per head, the gross turnover of 1 Million per acre can be realized. The cost of production per acre is about ksh about 150,000 Oyster mushrooms can yield up to 25 pounds per square foot of growing area every year. At an average price of $7 a pound, a 10 x 10 space can generate $17,500 in a single year. Oyster and shiitake can be dried, or sold fresh, allowing for flexibility in distribution and timing The spawn sellers, training agencies, and bidders are those who are able to currently profit from the morel cultivation industry. A local farmer reported to Siyi that the cost of cultivating morels is terrifying, about 10,000 CNY per acre ($1,430 USD per acre), necessitating the harvest of at least 67 kg of fresh morels per acre to not lose money The profit and cost of sandalwood tree cultivation are depended on the market conditions and it will change year to year and region to region. Generally, in a one-acre land, you can grow the 400 to 440 sandalwood tree plants. Sandalwood tree cultivation costs depend on the many factors. In India sandalwood plantation cost per acre is 6,00,000 INR

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  1. The selling price of 1 kg coriander is Rs. 130 per kg as on 08.07.2019. Therefore, 2,000 kg X Rs. 130 = Rs. 2,60,000. Consider it as B. Net profit from 1-acre coriander crop cultivation: It is the difference between cost and the benefits which is Rs. 260000 - Rs. 23500 = Rs. 2,36,500
  2. 1. Prep. Open the box to find your detailed instruction card and spray bottle. 2. Water. Use the spray bottle to mist the cut area 2-3 times per day to create a humid environment. 3. Harvest. After a few weeks or so harvest your mushrooms and try out one of our recipes
  3. A farmer from Kirinyaga County has resorted to green maize cultivation earning about Sh100,000 gross profit per season which is four times higher as compared to growing the crop for dry grains, a venture he abandoned a year ago. Kennedy Njoroge early last year grew maize in his acre piece of plot in Mwea Sub-County
  4. The cost and profit in 1-acre dragon fruit growing. The cost of dragon fruit cultivation per acre in India would be around 3 to 4 lakhs which include planting material, fertilizers, manures, labour, and drip irrigation, etc. In the retail market, the dragon fruit is sold at the price of 150 to 200 RS. Remember, At the farm gate, you will get.
  5. Basically, you are growing an orchard. One tree needs about an inch of water a week. If you are growing 100 trees, then you need 1 inch of water per tree per week. That is a lot of water. So you'll need an irrigation system that will make watering your trees easier, efficient, and effective
  6. The going price for hemp grain ranges from $0.60 to $0.65 per pound, which might not sound like a lot. However, the average yield from an acre of well planted and maintained hemp is about 1,000 pounds. With costs of production ranging from $300 to $350, it's possible for you to make somewhere between $250 and $300 per acre
  7. Costs run about $130 per 1,000 crowns or from $780 to $1,170 per acre, including fertilizer and lime (if needed), soil preparation, etc., total cost should be about $1,500 acre. Crowns placed in the trench should have the crown buds facing up with the root systems spread out as much as possible Increased Domestic Demand for Mushrooms in the Region and the Rise in the Number of Growers Investing in Mushroom Cultivation as a Cost-Effective Farming Alternative to Drive the Market Growt Steps to Follow in Growing Mushrooms for Profit. 1. Check if you have a space for growing mushrooms. The best way to grow mushrooms is to do it indoors so that you can easily manipulate the temperature and lighting. Also, with this set-up, the weather will be your least concern Temperature and humidity regulation is a vital part of growing mushrooms. This equipment will cost between $12 to $10. Reducing the Cost of Running a Mushroom Farm. Cutting down on mushroom farming costs can be achieved in several ways. Groupings or partnerships are ways to cut down significantly on costs mushrooms cultivation in a commercial way is underway. However, visualizing mushroom From mushroom 95 kg @ Rs. 200 per kilogram 19000 By-Product 1000 Total Revenue 20000 Net Profit 14240 The maximum yield was recorded in the month of January of about 28.06 kg. The month April had showed reduced yield of about 15.10 kg

Indirectly, mushroom cultivation also provides opportunities for improving the sustainability of small farming systems through the recycling of organic matter, which can be used as a growing substrate, and then returned to the land as fertilizer. Through the provision of income and improved nutrition, successful cultivation and trade in mushrooms Cost per bed is about 60-70 rupees(INR) and Yield from one bed is appx. 1 kg to 1.5 kg ie about Rs. 200/- (INR) return as per market price of mushroom. So farmers can get net profit of of 130/- or atleast Rs. 100/- profit per bed (deducting all the risk factors) within 15 days

per month is estimated for inspecting and maintaining a quarter-acre field (8 hours per year for an annual labor cost of $92). If the growing area is subject to mole or vole predation, growers can use bait or bucket traps to limit damage from these pests. In addition, on sites with poor drainage an If you plant five to six plants per square foot, you can fit around 6,500 to 7,000 plants in one acre, and in the best conditions, end up with close to 14,000 pounds of strawberries. Prices of strawberries vary widely, but national averages show that farmers can get around $1.60 per pound at market and between $1.25 and $3.00 per pound from a U. Selling for $5,000 to $10,000 per pound, saffron is the most expensive culinary herb in the world, mainly because it is composed of the tiny, thread-like stigmas of the crocus flower. Roughly 50,000 flowers are needed to produce a pound of the dried herb, though this requires just a quarter acre of land, hinting at just how lucrative this crop. Soil and Climate requirements for Growing Shatavari: For Growing Shatavari we need to use the medium black soils which contain electric conductivity of 0.15, organic carbon 0.79%, and also the Phosphorus 7.3 kg per acre of land. The pH level of the soil should range from 6 - 8 for best growth of plants

Having this, oyster mushrooms are now gaining more importance leaving back the usual button mushrooms. The demand thus makes it favorable for new business starters. And also, growing them would not require much of science and technology. Oyster Mushroom Farming in a Small Scale. Mushrooms do not require land or soil in acres for them to grow is that you can produce a fair amount of income per acre. Some growers produce as much as $12,000 - $15,000 per acre. Another important fact is that almost all areas of the United States are suitable for growing some type of herbs. Most herb crops can begin producing incomes in the same year they are planted Commodity Planted All Purpose Acres Harvested Acres Yield Production Price per Unit Value of Production in Dollars; HAY & HAYLAGE: HAY & HAYLAGE: 1,625,00

There are three different ways to use wood as a substrate for growing mushrooms - logs, wood chips, and sawdust. The average C:N ratios for these different cultivation methods are: Log culture ≥ 100:1. Agro-waste 50 - 100:1. Straw & agro residues 25 - 50:1 The study finds production of a pound of mushrooms requires only 1.8 gallons of water and 1.0 kilowatt hours of energy, and generates only .7 pounds of CO 2 equivalent emissions. In addition, the annual average yield of mushrooms is 7.1 pounds per square foot - meaning up to 1 million pounds of mushrooms can be produced on just one acre Morel mushrooms grow best in cool, moist weather. The quintessential spring weather of mild days with temperatures of 60 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and cool evenings in the 40s with scattered rain and cloudy days will extend the morel growing and harvesting season. Conversely, when the season is dry and hot, morels quickly wither away So, what farming ventures can be done profitably on a ¼ acre of land? Here are 8 different types of farming you can consider. 1) Mushroom farming. Mushroom farming is not very old in Kenya. Cultivation used to be a complex affair but things have been made way simpler for farmers from the numerous research, training, and workshops #13. Mushroom. A mushroom farming business can be a means of big profit in just a few weeks with considerably low start-up capital investment to start a business. A person who has a little bit of idea in the science & technology of mushroom growing and has their own building for having the farm - mushroom farming business will be the perfect.

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So, what farming ventures can be done profitably on a ¼ acre of land? Here are 8 different types of farming you can consider. 1. Mushroom Farming. Mushroom farming is not very old in Kenya. Cultivation used to be a complex affair but things have been made way simpler for farmers from the numerous research, training, and workshops mushrooms. Figure 4: Mushroom house 1.6 Drying and packing Harvested mushrooms can be sold fresh, or they can be dried in a solar dryer and packed into plastic bags for sale. 2. Major costs and resources needed to cultivate oyster mushrooms The approximate production costs per average mushroom garden (about 5 k from the table 2 &3 that, per acre maintenance cost in the first year. It could be viewed from the table 1&2 that, per acre cost was amounted to Rs. 193270 small farms, Rs. 330495 medium farm, and Rs. 449020.4 large farms and average cost of production is Rs 252743.7 in the seventh year.. In the maintenance cost, th

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Guava (seebe bikke)cultivation to make a profit of 2.5 lakh per acre by shivanand shenoy of Hosmaar in Mala village of karkala district udupi district. 99019.. If you have a 500 square foot growing area, in a year that can produce about 12,000 pounds of mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms retail for $6 a pound. 12,000 pounds of mushrooms at $6 a pound could make you $72,000 in a year's time. Simply put, growing gourmet mushrooms for profit can be a way to make a nice extra income, or can even be a new career To uniformly apply 1-inch-thick fresh mushroom compost to 1 acre of land would require ≈40 tons/acre or 139 yard 3 /acre of fresh mushroom compost as calculated from an average bulk density of 575 lb/yard 3 . A 1-inch-thick layer of mushroom compost is typically applied to agricultural fields in Pennsylvania (Wuest et al., 1995)

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  1. A: Yes. The easiest way to start a mushroom business is to grow oyster mushrooms by using cottonseed hulls. The start up cost is about $1,000 - $3,000 depending on how easily you can get the cottonseed hull. After you get profit from oyster mushrooms, you can invest more money and expand your business to shiitake, maitake, etc
  2. Commercial raspberries in mainland growing locations average 1200 plants to the acre with trellises. The project Mysore raspberry plant produced an annual marketable yield of 11.6 pounds The queen bee of fungi, the shitake mushroom which takes gourmet cuisine to the next level of fine dining, will soon come at a fraction of its current price
  3. per acre and production cost is at $16,233 per acre. Given the average yield of the experiment of 16,220 lbs. per acre (average of 4 years from 2014 to -2017) and an average price of $ 1.32 per lb., returns to management is estimated at $6,260 per acre

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As part of the grower-partner program, the initial planting is about $20,000 per acre, or a $10,000 per acre investment with a 50% deferral program, until year three. Annual costs include $600 per acre for fertilizer and about $500 per acre for irrigation. Cespedes says there is no need to apply insecticides or fungicides on the crop Mushrooms can be one of the most lucrative crops if grown the right way. They have reached a whole price of 8$ per pound, which is insane. But don't let numbers fool you, growing hydroponic mushrooms is a very complicated process. As a result, not too many growers are growing it despite its excellent sale price PG 17: Plant leaves are dark green and bulbs are white and attractive with 25-30 cloves per bulb.Ready to harvest in 165-170 days. It gives average yield of 50 qtl per acre. Yamuna Safed (G-1): Bulbs are compact with silvery white appearance.Cloves are of sickle shape with 25-30 cloves per bulb

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There can be a huge market for herbs and herbal teas--mint, lavender, etc. The $/acre can be insane. Even common red clover buds bring crazy prices if picked, dried, and put into tea mixes. Mostly perennials, too. Garlic and mushrooms can make money in otherwise unproductive spaces. Renate is right that it is a lot of marketing AND market research While preparing the land for turmeric farming and cultivation, beds must be prepared with 15 cm as height and 1m as the width. The length can be as per convenience. When sowing the rhizomes or turmeric seeds, there should be a space of 10 cm between two rhizomes. The beds must be 50 cm apart from each other The low has been $350 per pound, with current season commanding over $2000 per pound in some markets. Certainly $500 per pound is completely realistic, and at a minimum of 50 lbs per acre, this amounts to $25,000 (gross) per year/per acre. We are currently selling truffles for $800 per pound. Home. About Us. Truffles. About Truffles. Cultivation Low bean seed rate per acre. To MAXIMIZE the bean production, you require to plant 50 kilos of beans seed for 1 acre. I know this seed requirement seems way TOO high. However, I am talking from experience. Personally, I used 30 kilos for the acre of beans. From my OBSERVATION, I should have used 50 instead of 30 kilos per acre as a granular fertilizer before rice emergence. Apply Zn seed treatments to supply 0.25 to 0.5 pounds of Zn per cwt of seed. For salvage of Zn deficiency, apply 1 pound actual Zn per acre as EDTA chelate to drained soil and fertilize with 100 lbs ammonium sulfate (AMS) and re-flood

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The per kilo price of avocado is taken to be 80 Rs , Which is the minimum at market rate. Mandi price currently is Rs.190 but this is off season for avocado in most parts of india. So 40 Trees with each tree bearing 50 KG fruit on seventh year earns 1,60,000 Rs per Year in revenue. Yield The Economics of Small scale Indoor Mushroom Cultivation How Do I Start A Mushroom Business? Winter 2018 Webinar Series; Small Scale Mushroom Production 2 Car Garage Gourmet Mushroom Farm at Home, Grow 300 Lbs $2000 per month Small Scale Mushroom Cultivation Journe

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