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Telekom Magenta TV - Tarife, Angebote und Verfügbarkeit prüfen sowie Beratung vom Partner. Highspeed Surfen zum kleinen Preis sowie Fernsehen in bester Qualität mit Magenta TV In this video we are going to demonstrate that how you can connect Two television s with Single Dish receiver/ set top box. Watch video for complete details... Single Cable Distribution LNB or Single Solution LNB or Unicable LNB : Unicable or single solution LNB can be used with multiple receivers as long as the unicable software installed in your set-top box. You can connect multiple set-top boxes to this LNB (or dish antenna) by using splitters

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  1. Can Dish TV be connected with two televisions? Yes, Dish TV innovates like no other company in this field. They have the best Technology that is available for settop boxes with Hopper3, Hopper Duo and Hopper Sling giving the best for customers
  2. With Tata Sky's Multi TV, you can get multiple TV connections with a single dish - all within the same house, letting you catch up on your movies while your kids watch their favorite cartoons - all at the same time! Get Multi TV Connection Need Help? What is Tata Sky's Multi TV connection
  3. g. Adding service to more than one TV is easy with DISH, and will only affect the primary and secondary receivers you will need. Choosing Your Primary Receive

How to Connect Satellite TV to Two TVs Run the coaxial cables from your satellite dish to the LNB IN jacks on one side of the multiswitch. Attach one coaxial cable to one of the To Receiver ports on the multiswitch. Fasten the other side of the coaxial cable to the LNB IN port on the input panel on the first satellite receiver Re: geting tv signal to second tv from one dish receiver Do you have two outputs on the jack for your main tv? If you do you can run your satellite output to your satellite box, then run Satellite out back into the coax (cable connection). This will back feed all the other Tv's

This video shows you how to connect two tvs wireless. And this will make you have a smart tv. How To Connect two TV Wireless. connect your cable box to two. There are single-, dual- (even tripple) tuner Dish receivers, but I don't think you can buy them, you get them as part of your Dish subscription. Some of them even have an option to connect (wired..

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IMPORTANT: The steps provided in this solution apply to a Dish Network Satellite receiver with a dual tuner designed to connect the receiver to two televisions If the cable you think is attached to a dish is connected to a normal TV via the aerial socket there is no way it can work. The TV would have to have a built in satellite receiver for there to be.. If you have one of those and your STB supports the use of such wires, you can obtain a coaxial splitter. You can purchase 2-way or 6-way splitters, which means you can connect up to 6 screens to one STB. Also, coaxial cables come in a variety of length ranges, similar to HDMI cables

You can't connect a satellite dish to two receivers simply by using a splitter box. The problem is that the receiver sends a signal to control which band and polarity the pick up head (called an L.N.B. for low noise block) in front of the dish tunes in to and sends down the cable to the receiver Yes, you can connect two TVs to a single Tata Sky set top box. However, the same content will play on both the TVs. You can look for an HDMI splitter 1. Sep 2, 2007. ratompkins said: I want to connect 2 TVs to one of my Joeys. No problem with having both TVs viewing the same program. First TV I can connect to joey with HDMI cable. Second TV has coax connection that I can access from Joey Location. I can't rewire because the insulation is sprayed foam. The only option I can think of wireless. You will need an LNB (the device attached to your satellite dish) with multiple outputs. It is not recommended to split one cable into multiple feeds. Set Top Boxes require one satellite feed. Digital TV Recorders require two satellite feeds

You can connect 2 TVs to a set top box but watching two different channels is not possible. You will have to buy a new set top box. p.s. all the current dth providers offer discounts for an additional set top box 18,640. 3. Feb 12, 2010. #3. My SD DirecTV box has composite and coaxial outputs, and they both work simultaneously. The composite feeds my crappy old CRT tv, and the coax goes into my PC's tuner. They both have to watch the same thing of course, but it does work, which leads me to believe it would also work with two TVs In the case of connecting multiple decoders of same satellite TV service to one dish, only one LNB is needed. This LNB can either be a dual-feeder LNB, tri-feed LNB, quad LNB, Sat-CR LNB or even Smart LNB

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Because only one TV channel can change from a settop box. There will be two set-top boxes for two TVs. It's important to note that the box has an LNB IN port, but we need a settop box that contains the LNB OUT port. The TV will not run if the box does not contain these ports.The two settop boxes must have one MPEG-4 and the other mPEG-2 settop To put it simply, you cannot connect your satellite dish directly to your TV. Since this device receives higher frequencies, they need to convert them first to a much lower value. Generally, a frequency less than 1 GHz is safe for your device. Your set-up will typically include a coaxial cord, receiver, and an HDMI cable We bring you the flexibility of no long-term contracts while also giving you free equipment rentals and installation. We can even take care of your high-speed internet needs too! Connecting two TV's to one satellite receiver isn't convenient. Contact POYNT360 today and let us help you get Shaw Direct Satellite TV to every TV in your home The projection tv has no audio out (internal spk only) and the Vizio is connected to a audio receiver, I tried using a Y cable out of the directv receiver and running a 50 ft hdmi to the projection tv. which works until I plug in another hdmi ( which is not connected to anything )into the Y connector and I lose the signal Connect two different receivers to one SWM dish. Currently my set up is with a Slimline dish, one wire from SL3S4NR2-01 LNB going to a 4 way mspliter 4r0-03 at the dish mount with 2 wires from splitter to one receiver and two wires going to the other receiver. (one to my RV and one to my wife's, different location) This works fine with both.

Connecting 2 TV's to one receiver / split BEFORE receiver. I am VERY confused after talking to DirecTV tech support. We recently upgraded to a DVR which works fine. We have an older house with a coax cable running to another room (kitchen) so that the TV in the living room and kitchen would play the same channel Using either a coaxial (RF) cable [FIG.1] or composite audio video (A/V) cable, [FIG.2] to connect the TV2 output of the receiver to the TV. If using a composite A/V cable, turn on the TV and press the TV/Video or Input button to select the appropriate video input.Then begin using the receiver. If using a coaxial cable, set the receiver to Air. 18,640. 3. Feb 12, 2010. #3. My SD DirecTV box has composite and coaxial outputs, and they both work simultaneously. The composite feeds my crappy old CRT tv, and the coax goes into my PC's tuner. They both have to watch the same thing of course, but it does work, which leads me to believe it would also work with two TVs We need to have both Direct TV and Dish Network in our building. We currently have Dish Network in our Townhome building but a new owner would like to also get Direct TV. There currently is one conduit from the rooftop sattleite to the distribution panel that is a 3/4 inch and it has a RG6 dual shield cable. Can the Direct TV tech fish another.

With either receiver you can view/record standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) DISH Network programming on two TVs or view/record over-the-air digital/HD broadcasts on the nearby HDTV. Nearby TV (TV1)Connect to an HDTV to view SD and HD DISH Network programming and over-the-air digital/HD broadcasts By combining two or more antennas and getting the reception from both directions, you can hopefully solve the problem. Most people assume that your TV can only operate with the one antenna and so they put up with a lifetime of poor signals and subpar quality on their screen Hello, I have a dish network dvr receiver. I understand that the HDMI out port on the receiver sends an HD signal to my TV1, and the TV2 coax is SD only. I have two HD TV's. Also understand this had been a problem for Dish for a while. The question is, could I use an HDMI splitter, and send.. Alright, I have one box thats connected to 2 tv's. TV 1 works properly, the remote changes channels and works fine. TV 2 doesnt work. The tv works fine, the controller does turn off the t.v., however. I just can't get it to change the channel for the dish network. The tv does get signal from the.. Normally, TVs require individual cable reception boxes. However, if you have a TV in two different rooms in your home, it's possible to connect them to the same box using cable splitters. You can either use a wireless cable transmitter or coaxial cable splitters to link the TVs in your home to one cable box. Overall, it's a relatively simple DIY task and can be cost-efficient

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  1. A TV satellite receiving installation is usually made up of a dish, LNB and receiver. A single LNB is designed to feed one receiver. Yet in some circumstances, depending on received transponders properties, a LNB with a single output can feed multiple receivers, although the number of received transponders will lower
  2. This post is about how to connect two TV sets to a Gotv or The standard Dstv decoder. Sometimes situations arise when you own more devices than your TV ports allow. Take for example the LG 22LN4130 LED TV; it only has one input option for connecting a DVD Player/Decoder/Play station
  3. Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you split a satellite signal to two receivers? You can't connect a satellite dish to two receivers simply by using a splitter box. The problem is that the receiver sends a signal to control which band and polarity the pick up head (called an L.N.B. for low noise block) in front of the dish tunes in to and sends down the cable to the receiver
  4. Step 3: Remove the cone and place the HD Antenna on your existing Satellite Dish. Step 4: Install the U-bolt that is included with the antenna and secure it tightly in place. Step 5: Connect the already existing coaxial cable to the HD Antenna. (The cable is already going from your TV from the dish, so just disconnect and re-attach to the hd antenna) Step 6: Check all connections to make sure.
  5. ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Jan. 22, 2018 / PRNewswire / -- DISH today released Hopper Duo, its dual-tuner HD set-top solution for one- and two-TV households. Hopper Duo packages the most essential features of DISH's award-winning Hopper 3 for customers with smaller-scale entertainment setups. The average US home has about two TVs connected to a pay-TV.
  6. Connect your Whole-Home. DISH Whole-Home HD DVR systems let you put a TV anywhere in your home, even without wires, for a consistent experience on every TV. You can pause TV in one room and resume in another, access the same guide, DVR recordings and more for the same experience in every room
  7. The projection tv has no audio out (internal spk only) and the Vizio is connected to a audio receiver, I tried using a Y cable out of the directv receiver and running a 50 ft hdmi to the projection tv. which works until I plug in another hdmi ( which is not connected to anything )into the Y connector and I lose the signal
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The Tailgater Pro supports multiple TV viewing, so you can stay current on more than one show or live event. Coupled with DISH Pay As You Go, this is a mobile customer's ultimate package for satellite TV on the open road. DISH's Pay As You Go program is simple & effective: No Activation Fees. No Disconnect Fees. No Restart Fees The (ViP222) HD Duo Receiver high-definition receiver has two built-in tuners that let you enjoy independent viewing on two TV's; one in HD and one in SD.The (ViP222) HD Duo Receiver is ideal for the households with multiple HD Televisions and is the perfect companion to the (ViP222) HD Duo Receiver 2. Connect the coaxial cables from the LNBFs in your system to the ports on the switch labeled TO DISH (see also the wiring diagrams that begin on page 17). Note: You can only connect to LNBFs marked with the DISH Pro logo, DISH Pro Plus logo, or those used with a SuperDISH Step 3: Check the Receiver's Green Light. So, you've checked the TV input and you've double-checked the cables; nothing's wrong with them. The next thing you want to look at is the receiver. You would want to check if there's a green light on the DISH receiver At DISH, we make moving free and easy. Get free premium channels and great deals on sports packages when you move. Learn More About Moving with DISH. * Gallery by DISH scapes is regularly $5/month. Offer valid once every 12 months. After one month you will be billed $5/mo unless you go online to cancel. Go back

Get Second Airtel Digital TV - Book Multiple Airtel DTH Connections Now! Add a DTH Connection. at a Special Price Today! Add a DTH Connection at a Special Price Today! Get your DTH HD Box at just ?899. Fill up your details & we?ll get you started There is a way, though, to split the signal so two televisions can receive the satellite signal. The only downside to this is that both TVs must be tuned to the same station. Connect a channel splitter to the 'out' port of the DIRECTV satellite splitter (where the coaxial cable is connected) Basic installation for two TV's in an RV. Can you run me through the basic installation for two televisions in an RV. The RV is pre-wired for cable/satellite with one line coming into the RV which then terminates at an entertainment center. However the line has a loop in it and continues to the second TV TV is connected to dish network, vcr and DVD at once by using change over switch. If your tv has video/audio connections then plug the DVD player into the on the TV. Connect the cables to the input and output ports on of the VCR to the TV. Coax output of Dish Receiver feeds the Coax input of the VCR/DVD combo which is usually marked INPUT.

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Multiple feeds: Ideally, to connect multiple boxes to one dish, you'll want to have a Multi LNB on your dish. Commonly, these can support 4 different feeds from one dish (for four tuners), or you can get an Octo LNB that supports 8 feeds. With a multi-LNB, you run one feed per tuner from the LNB to the receiver You can get both DirecTV and DirecPC in the same package, but it ain't cheap. You'll need to buy a special satellite dish capable of receiving both Internet and television signals, as well as a. Firstly, before I go on any further, it is possible one way of another to have hundreds of TV points fed from the same satellite dish. The largest system we have worked on was for a block of flats that had 17 floors, with 4 flats per floor and 2 connections per flat The process is simple: Make sure your TV is ready and that it's connected to the same internet as your mobile device. Click the 'Cast' button. It's available in two places: on the main screen in the top right corner, OR in the watch screen after you've hit play. Clicking either will bring up a list of your devices to choose from Use your DISH remote for your TV, DVD player, and other auxiliary devices. No matter which DISH remote control you have, you can easily turn your TV on and off, control the volume, access the guide, record programs, and tune to a specific channel. Find manuals and feature help for your specific remote control

Next, use some aluminum foil to cover the 2 outside LNBs (110 and 129). Aim the dish so the weakest non-spotbeam transponder is at the max value you can get. then pull off the foil and do the check dish installation.After one wally is recieving, then hookup the other 2 and also do a check switch on them as well HOW TO WATCH DISH NETWORK ON XBOX ONE. 1. Connect your Xbox One to your TV with an HDMI cable. 2. Connect your Xbox One to your DISH receiver with a separate HDMI cable. 3. Launch your Xbox One. When you see the Entertainment hub, select Live TV Setup and answer the prompt questions. 4 As I mentioned above a satellite dish is not compatible with the Freeview service and the tuner in your TV, PVR or set top box. There are several reasons why namely: 1- Freeview and satellite dishes use different frequencies. 2- Satellite dishes connect to satellites in space. Freeview connects to land-based transmitters Add $15 for DVR service with either an HD-DVR or Hopper receiver. Add $7 for each additional TV you'd like connected to DISH. Add your state tax to your total. Call Now 1-800-970-9509. Call Now 1-800-970-9509. Offer for new and qualifying former customers only. See Full Details Here. 1-800-970-9509

The newer boxes connect the second tuner automatically and internally if only a single cable is found on setup. If you later add a second the Foxsat-HDR requires a factory reset to detect the extra cable, the newer boxes will detect the cable just by doing a freesat tune. 0 TV Anywhere You Are. Watch 100% of your live and recorded TV on the DISH Anywhere app available on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an internet-connected Hopper with Sling or Hopper 3 and compatible mobile device How to access YouTube on DISH. To open the YouTube App, navigate to the Apps screen on your Hopper by pressing Home and selecting Apps. Click on the YouTube tile and with just a few taps, you'll be able to browse and search to your heart's content. You can also navigate to Channel 371 in the guide to launch the app 1. Locate the HDMI port on the TV. 2. Acquire a cable that fits the ports on both devices. 3. Connect the cable from one device's HDMI port to the other. 4. Use the Source or Input button on the TV to switch to the port. 5. Configure video and audio on the device if needed

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  1. In this post, we will show you some methods that can be used to connect your computer to TV. You can choose one method that is suitable for you. If you want to connect laptop to TV, these methods are also available. First of all, you should make sure that you are using an HDTV
  2. Satellite systems can be an excellent way of getting a TV signal. The digital dishes offered by Dish Network connect directly to one of its satellites, receiving high-quality digital signals that offer a large selection of channels and movi..
  3. g and add extras for movies, sports, and kids. Build My Offer
  4. Do More With DISH Bundles Packages. With high-speed internet as part of your DISH internet bundle, you can watch movies, stream video, listen to music, send emails, and connect with family and friends quicker than ever. And with several plans to choose from, you can stay connected without breaking the bank

The DISH tailgater is essentially a portable, compact satellite TV antenna that allows you to connect one TV to it. It's great for camping, road-tripping, or just watching TV outside — you can keep up with your shows on the road The DISH Wally® HD Satellite Receiver is the smallest and fastest mobile receiver ever made, with a suite of new features for an enhanced user experience. The Wally offers full functionality with a smaller footprint and expanded capabilities including the use of built in apps like Netflix (requires Wi-Fi Adapter and wireless connection), as well as other great features To determine if your satellite system is prepared to install a second TV, see if there are two lines coming out of the dish. If not, you will need to replace your dish with one enabled with a double LNB. The LNB is the part of the dish that actually receives the signals; with only a single, you can only install one television no matter what Some will block the voltage and/or tone back to the dish. Since you are using a multi-sat dish, your ONLY option is to run another line from the dish to the new receiver. If you were using a regular 18 dish, you could use a stacker ($175) at the dish and a de-stacker ($80) at each receiver I have an Elan V883 unit that is using IR source to run a few inputs (two dish, one DVR and a Blueray player) but can't seem to get the video feed to change on the connected TVs when I switch to Dish read mor

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I used a tape measure. A ruler that can measure out 1/2 inch. (Mount already mark the ruler on the holder) setup same as ----How to setup 110, 119, 121 in one dish (supper Dish) by suing Mount We should able setup 110, 119, 121, 91 in one dish by using Magic Mount We should able setup 110, 119, 121, 91, 97 AMC4 in one dish by using Magic Moun I have asked this question before and I think the short answer is: capitalism. That is, the company can just flat out say one dish per household My father's house has one dish ind it serves two different tuners in the house so you can watch two channels at once in different rooms Re: How to connect two TV sets to a 4U DSTV decoder in different rooms. Wire from the dish goes into decoder as per normal. Connect the tv closest to the decoder via the hdmi / av cables to that tv. Take the out cable at the back of the decoder to the other tv, no splitter needed. Use normal co-ax Whether you're just getting started with your new DISH receiver, you've lost your old remote in the black hole underneath your couch, or you just want an additional control for your TV, you'll need to pair the device to your receiver before you can use it. Thankfully, this user-friendly process is easy to do We then go outside the RV, connect the satellite dish RG6 to the Ghost Wire connection on the outside of the window and position the satellite dish where it can get a good signal. As mentioned before, it may take a few tries until we find the right place. Once the connection is working, you are set to watch satellite TV

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  1. Yes, it is possible to use two (or even more than two) routers on the same home network. The benefits of a two-router network include: Support for more wired devices: If the first router is the wired Ethernet kind, it supports a limited number of connected devices (typically only four or five). A second router provides more open Ethernet ports.
  2. 2 - Press and hold the TV button at the topof the Dish remote until all 4 mode buttons flash. 3 -Enter in the code 773 or 505 or 627 (whichever works on yourVizio model). 5 - The TV button will flash 3times to tell you it worked. 6 - Test the volume or powerbutton using the Dish remote
  3. Some of the more recent HDMI-switching home theater receivers also support upconversion of component, composite and S-video sources to HDMI so you can connect all of your devices to the receiver - VCR, game system, camcorder, DVD player, HD set-top box, etc. - and hook up just one thin cable (HDMI) between the receiver and your HDTV
  4. If you want to connect two or more receivers to the same satellite dish and be able to watch different channels through each receiver, you must use a dual-output LNBF. This allows you to connect each receiver to a different output, preventing interference between the receivers. In this case, during installation you must run a separate coaxia
  5. In this video I show how to easily program a Dish remote control. This is the method the technicians use because it is more efficient. Let us know how it wo..
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If there is an aerial already in place and working fine then this 99% of the time will be fine to feed lot of TV's. I'm aware I'm staying away from an actual number here but I can't see many situations where 30 or more TV's will be required in a domestic environment. The largest communal TV system I worked on had well over 100 flats Pay-Per-View & On Demand. If you like to watch new release movies and events without lines, late fees or hassles, you'll love our On Demand library. Order online, on your receiver, or in the MyDISH App! Now Playing: Mortal Kombat

Find your Wi-Fi network name and password. Be sure to have your Wi-Fi network name and password handy before trying to connect a device to a Wi-Fi connection. If you haven't changed your Wi-Fi password from the default name: Go to your AT&T gateway or your Internet Service Provider's router to find the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password Now that we are organized, get your notebook (or sheet of paper). Important: Pay close attention to the TV ports. In and Out mean very different things. Connect your Soundbar HDMI cable to an available HDMI IN on the TV. Try to avoid the HDMI (ARC) port, as this could cause confusion later. Note: The ARC port can be used if no other ports are.

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A Monoblock LNB is sort of two LNB's in one with a single cable output and this can be seen as there are two feed-horns joined on the LNB. As the LNB only has one cable output this means that the satellite receiver that you install has to be DiSEQC compatible so that the receiver knows which LNB to switch to when switching from one satellite. The TV shows on DISH Anywhere are provided under licensing rules that can limit the number of episodes we can serve online and the length of time they are available on our site. If you can't find the episode you want, it might have expired; it's also possible that we have not yet made it available on the website Give us a call at 1-800-333-DISH (3474) CONNECT YOUR OTA ANTENNA TO YOUR TV Turn your TV on, and take note of the channel or input that it is on. Connect your antenna to your TV's Antenna In/Air/Cable port. • If your TV requires a conversion box, connect your antenna to the conversion box, and then connect the box to the TV How Does DISH Anywhere Work? DISH Anywhere allows you to watch TV on your phone, tablet or computer.Anyone can watch On Demand TV shows and trailers, and DISH customers can log in to watch both live TV and recordings from their DVRs.After logging in, you can also view the TV guide and set your DVR to record a program from the guide. The features of DISH Anywhere are possible due to the Sling. 06/06/11 - 20:16 #2. That looks to be a standard quad LNB on your dish with just two cables connected. If you slide up the cover, you will see two more sockets, just waiting for 2 more cables to be attached to which will feed your second box. because you can't record on a sky+ box without a subscription, you actually only need 1 cable for the.

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DISH's Hopper HD DVR is a digital video recorder that records and plays back live TV shows, movies and sports. The Hopper lets you watch your favorite shows on your schedule. There's also a remote locator, AutoHop, integrated search and a user-friendly interface for hassle-free entertainment. The whole family can watch and save their. The DISH Playmaker antenna has one satellite output. One single-tuner receiver can be hooked up to the antenna. Q. If I hook up two TVs to the antenna, can I watch any program on either TV? A. No, the satellite system works with only one receiver. However, it may be possible to split the output so multiple TVs can show the same program. Q

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RCA/Aux: Run RCA cables from the TV audio output to the input of the speaker system.Set the Audio output from the TV settings. Digital Optical or HDMI-ARC: Optical and HDMI are different but both connect by running the cord from the TV to the speaker.; Bluetooth: Turn on the TV and the Bluetooth speaker.Then go to the Bluetooth settings on the TV and start the pairing process to connect Before you can watch the Dish Network on your TV, you need to properly set up your Amazon Firestick. connect your Firestick to the internet. We recommend at least a 10 Mbit/s internet. Save money on outdoor TV when you have a DISH home subscription. Current subscribers can add outdoor TV for just $5/month. (HD Receiver fee applies to each solo HD receiver model activated on the account). Buy this receiver, or any of our antenna bundling options, and you will receive the same programming that you receive at home while you travel In our DIRECTV versus DISH review for 2021, we show how each has their benefits and drawbacks - and which one may be right for you. *All in One Plan: Over 145 channels, Connect up to 4.

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So we decided to go with Dish Network with one Hopper 3. My question is, can we use Rokus on the three other TVs to stream Dish Network to those rooms? Sorry for the novice question but this is all new to me, thanks! Yes, sort of. You'll need an amazon fire tv stick but you'll be limited to one stream at time There are two basic processes you'll use to program your DISH remote, depending on the model you have. The process below works to program DISH remote models 40.0, 50.0, 52.0, and 54.0, which is basically all of them from the last several years, including the DISH Voice Remote

DISH Outdoors is committed to keeping you in touch with live local news coverage and weather forecasts, as well as the primetime shows you love, wherever you roam. Simply use the MyDISH app to verify your location. DISH is ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power and our customers for the third year in a row It provides access to a world of OTT apps such as ZEE5, ALT Balaji, Sony Liv, Hungama Play, Watcho and a huge library of curated online videos, Catch-Up shows, and Web-series. Apart from that it enables Alexa features on the set-top box. What is the price of DishSMRT KIT? The KIT is priced at an introductory offer of Rs. 1199/- DISH Network Channels Guide - 2021. This DISH channel guide, complete with channel numbers and your local stations, is the best way to choose a TV package you'll love. DISH delivers hundreds of channels in plans that fit your lifestyle! Find the channels you and your family watch, and compare package lineups side-by-side DISH offers a variety of high-speed internet options through partnerships with the country's leading internet providers. For example, we provide internet from MetroNet, AT&T, Centurylink, HughesNet, and Frontier. DISH can set you up with both satellite TV and WiFi for your home, so you don't have to deal with different providers yourself