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  1. maintenance, but it is safe to attempt retraction and extension of the boom within the limits of the capacity chart. 9. When the boom length or lift radius or both are between values listed, the smallest load shown at either the next larger radius or next longer or shorter boom length shall be used. 10
  2. You want to make sure you have enough room to turn your telescopic boom lift, go through doorways, and avoid obstacles. The smallest models are 40 feet tall, while the largest telescopic boom lifts are 180 feet tall. A 40-foot machine has a maximum range or horizontal reach of about 34 feet, and a 120-foot boom lift has a range of 75 feet
  3. Height - stowed 9 ft 2 in 2.80 m 9 ft 2 in 2.80 m Length - stowed 36 ft 6 in 11.10 m 40 ft 12.20 m Length - transport (jib tucked under) ——— ——— 38 ft 11.60 m Width 8 ft 2 in 2.50 m 8 ft 2 in 2.50 m Genie S85 boom lift spec sheet Subject: View the Genie S85 boom lift spec sheet. Available for sale or for rent from Stevenson.
  4. 2. Loaded Boom Angle (Shown in Parenthesis on Main Boom Capacity Chart): is the angle between the boom base section and the horizontal, after lifting the rated load at the rated radius with the rated boom length. 3. Working Area: Areas measured in a circular arc about the center line of rotation as shown on the working area diagram. 4
  5. The operator will use boom angle and extension to place or retrieve the intended load at the required height and reach. As an example using the model specific load capacity chart below, the operator needs to place a 5000 pound load at a height of 20 feet and a reach of 10 feet. The material is palletized with a load center of 24 inches

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Riesen-Auswahl und aktuelle Trends. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic boom truck will need to be set up in relation to lifting a particular load. The load radius is shown at the bottom of the diagram. The height above ground is shown on the left side of the diagram. Within the diagram, the boom lengths and boom angles are shown. All of these indicators will assist in positioning the boom truck correctly to lift a. Max Platform height 18.30 m Horizontal reach 15.2 m Platform size 0.76 x 1.52 m Safe working load 227 kg Drive speeds stowed 4.80 km/h Drive speeds raised 1.60 km/h Turning radius (inside) 4.70 m Stowed length 9.40 m Overall width 2.45 m Wheelbase 3.10 m Overall weight (approx.) 10000 kg Basket rotation 180 ° 240 volt power to basket 60' BOOM LIFT

2. Loaded Boom Angle (Shown in Parenthesis on Main Boom Capacity Chart): is the angle between the boom base section and the horizontal, after lifting the rated load at the rated radius with the rated boom length. 3. Working Area: Areas measured in a circular arc about the center line of rotation as shown on the working area diagram. 4 Lifts at any distance or height drops the maximum capacity dramatically. 3. Lift Range . Lift range is also important. This chart illustrates how much boom length is needed in order to lift a load both at height and a distance. For example: You need to pick up a load at 25 feet and lift it to the top of a five-story, 65-foot building Lifting Capacity Boom Overhang M Ft Max. Lift Capacity S.A.E. J 743B Max. Load Capacity ISO 8813 Working Range ISO 8813 Yellow light turns on when this curve is reached, namely 15% before max. lifting capacit

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Boom Cards are self-grading exercises that are gamified. for students and provide the data teachers want. My kids BEG for Boom Time. They are the reason I have so many decks. They constantly ask for more and more! -- Della Larsen, Kindergarten Teacher and Teacher-Author, Massachusetts. We are addicted to Boom Cards 600SJ. Machine Width: 8 ft 2 in. Platform Height: 66 ft 8 in. Horizontal Outreach: 56 ft 9 in 5644 (supersedes 5611)-0713-N3 HTC-86100 Link-Belt Cranes Main Boom Lift Capacity Charts - Standard 14..... 8,500 lb Counterweight - Fully Extended Outriggers - 360° Rotation 14.... 6 Specifications Boom and jib combinations data Available in three basic models. Model 1369A — Equipped with a 6,7 m - 21,03 m (22 ft - 69 ft) four-section boom. Maximum tip height is 23,77 m (78 ft). Model 13100A — Equipped with a 8,83 m - 30,48 m (29 ft - 100 ft) four-section boom. This model can be equipped with a 7,62 19.1*2.49*3.15. 27,500. 4.4 km/h. 40%. 4*4*4. CumminsQSB3.9-C100. TELESCOPIC BOOM LIFT. Telescopic boom lifts offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platforms, allowing you to work in areas with limited access points. MORNLIFT telescopic boom lift adopts a diesel engine that's best for outdoor applications

Weight capacities for boom lifts vary depending on whether it's an articulated or straight boom lift. Genie's articulated and straight boom lifts all have a lift capacity of 500 pounds. JLG's straight boom lifts can hold up to 1,000 pounds on many of their models. JLG articulated boom lifts have lift capacities between 500 and 1,000 pounds A straight or telescopic boom lift is a common alternative to articulating boom lift but it offers limited access in terms of reach as it can only move in one direction. A telescopic boom lift comes with a wider base in order to ensure stability safety while working at height Lifting Capacity: 36,000 lb / 16 329 kg Boom Length: 70' / 21,3 m Maximum Tip Height: 120′ / 36,6 up for bid is a 2006 JLG MODEL 1930ES ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT W/ 145 HRS! 18.8' PLATFORM HEIGHT! 417 Platform Height Elevated- 18 ft 9 in Overall Width- 30 in Platform Capacity- 500 lb Platform Height- Elevated 18' 9 5.72 m Platform Height- Lowered 34 86 cm Platform Railing Height 43.3 1.10 m Overall Height 6' 5 1.98 m Overall Height. 9 LOAD CHART - MAIN BOOM RT230 Outriggers Fully Retracted (0%) 10,000 lbs 7 ft 4.5 in (0%) 360° Standard ASME B30.5 Notes to lifting capacity Lifting capacities do not exceed 85% of tipping load

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The boom lift's 180/185 ft arm can extend and retract horizontally, and offers operators a stable aerial work platform to work undeterred for an extended period of time. The machine's diesel dual fuel engine is ideal for outdoor tasks, and gives operators the capabilities needed to extend over on-site barriers LOAD CHART MINI-CRAWLER CRANE URW306 Lifting capacity varies depending on outrigger configuration, boom length and angle. 52ft Tip Height 5,800lbs Capacity WORKING RADIUS OUTRIGGERS ASME/B-30.5 Compliant URW306 Spec Sheet - Sept 2015 BOOM SECTION 1 EXTENDED | BOOM SECTIONS 1 + 2 EXTENDED Working Radius (ft.) 6.5 8 10 11 13 15 17 18. NOTE: Boom and jib geometry shown are for unloaded condition and machine standing level on firm supporting surface. Boom deflection and subsequent radius and boom angle change must be accounted for when applying load to hook. OPERATING RADIUS/LIFTING HEIGHT CHART TR-500XL-3 1 TADANO MODEL TR-500XL-3 - 50 TON CAPACITY LIFTING CHARTS - Rough. The Genie S 'straight' boom or 'stick' boom self-propelled access platforms are popular worldwide. These access platforms are diesel powered and can be specified in 2 and 4 wheel drive. Traditionally used for solving working at height issues in the construction industry, the S boom platform is the lift of choice for most steel erectors Common Uses for Boom Lift Rentals. Building maintenance. Installing and replacing building and traffic signs. Repairing and installing air conditioning systems. Boom Lift Rental Rates. 55 Ft. Articulating Boom Lift - $2,650 Per Month. Lift Height: 55 Ft. -. 80 Ft. Articulating Boom Lift - $2,600 Per Week

1 5577 (supersedes 5530)-0810-N3 Link‐Belt Cranes HTC‐8690 Technical Data Specifications & Capacities Telescopic Boom Truck Crane 90 ton (81.6 metric ton) CAUTION: This material is supplied for reference use only Get around obstacles and reach heights of more than 135 feet with Herc Rentals' wide selection of articulating boom lifts. Also known as cherry pickers, these lifts are controlled by a panel located on the platform - and unlike scissor lifts, boom lifts can travel both vertically and horizontally. Features and applications include: - Smooth.

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Consult load charts for proper load capabilities. Specifications Part No . Rated Capacity Width Height Length 169-3945 500 kg (1,100 lb) 850 mm (34 in) 810 mm (32 in) 4 mm (13.1 in) The truss boom is designed to lift and place materials, such as roof trusses, frames and beams as well as equipment. The truss boom, with it Consulting the range diagram, 69 feet of boom is required to make the lift. Tower crane lifting plan. Lift angle: This chart illustrates the maximum lift if a luffing or fixed jib is used. Lifts with jib lengths of 32 and 49 feet (in addition to boom extension of 105 feet) are illustrated. With higher angles of lift, the maximum load capacity.

foot lifting height with a side-shift feature. If you consult the load chart or I.D. plate for this forklift, which few operators understand, you will see that this lift may only be rated to pick up 3,700 pounds. That's right, 3,700 pounds. I have another secret This crane load chart on the left is a typical load chart for a Link Belt to use when you are lifting with the fly. Even though these important items for cranes have many other uses, keep in mind the primary purpose of a jib, fly, or a boom extension is to increase the overall height a load may be lifted This 2-dimensional load chart has much more information for the operator to view such as: X and Y axis, show not only distance from the crane, but vertical height as well. This is especially important when lifting above 15′, as it shows the curved load of the crane during the lift The load charts are specific to the make, model and configuration of a specific piece of equipment. Don't forget to include adjustments for buckets, boom extensions, load blocks, hoisting rope and other attachments that will alter the lifting capacity of the crane or equipment used to perform the lift

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509-42. The high boom design allows for capacities of 9,000 pounds and a lift height of 42 feet. This model is ideal for masonry and framing applications and is a must for all rental fleets. This easy-to-operate telescopic handler is equipped with low effort servo controls that are arranged in a pattern style that most operators are accustomed to Haulotte 4527A 51' Height Towable Boom Lift,New 2021s w.Rotating Basket Option $39,000.00 Haulotte 4527A 51' Height Towable Boom Lift,New 2021s In Stock,w/Spare Wheel Ki maximum lifting height. v max_TAB maximum permissible 3 second gust speed (m/s) for maximum lifting height, which are specified for the load values in the load chart. v act Actual measured wind speed v(z) The average value for the wind speed over a period of 3 seconds at a height of z above the ground (m/s) boom deflection; wind pressure is 125 N/m², lifting operation is still permissible under the condition of wind level 7. The total rated load is the max. lifting capacity for the boom head without jib, when jib is attached on the boom head, the weight of jib should be reduced from the total rated load for boom Telescopic models, or stick booms, are considered better suited for locations with rougher terrains and for providing greater horizontal outreach. Genie, for example, offers an SX-180 telescopic boom lift with an 80-foot horizontal reach, 750-pound lift capacity, 186-foot working height, and 160-degree platform-rotation abilities

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The Genie® Z80/60 Articulated Boom Lift from Working at Height Provides a Safe, Efficient Access Platform. Click or Call 01483 415410 for more information 1 5746 (supersedes 5727)-0216-N3 Link‐Belt Cranes HTC‐86100 Technical Data Specifications & Capacities Telescopic Boom Truck Crane 100 US ton 85 metric ton CAUTION: This material is supplied for reference use only Scissor lifts and boom lifts come in a variety of lift height options. When choosing a unit, consider the reach of the application. Knowing how high you need to reach will help you choose the right unit. Check out the options listed below. Low-level boom lifts and scissor lifts: Low-level scissor lifts can reach up to 25 feet. They are ideal.

Heavy Lift Telescopic Handlers. Magni's HTH Series are the STRONGEST telehandlers in the world. With 8 models and lifting capacities from 22,000 - 110,000 lbs., Magni's are the leader in heavy lifting. Sharing the same engineering and technological excellence as all Magni's, our heavy lifting machines delivery on safety and productivity Articulating boom lifts allow the users to gain access to work areas that may be blocked by barriers or obstacles. MORNLIFT articulating boom lifts provide the ability to lift up, over and out with precise positioning for ultimate versatility in hard-to-access work areas. They are widely used in installation, maintenance and climbing operations in such industries as municipal administration.

As low as $85/hr. 8-boom extensions. Maximum Boom Length: 20m. Lorry Maximum Carrying Capacity: 10 ton Boom lift hire options are available in 4WD diesel all terrain and electric Indoor units. Electric indoor units are narrow enough to work in between racking and warehouse shelving. Are you interested in Auslift's boom lift hire? For more information regarding our boom lifts, or to receive a free quote - contact us on 03 9702 7977. Alternatively.

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Boom Tip Lift Hook . This factory-installed option provides a secure lifting point for handling suspended loads without the use of an additional attachment. The lift capacity remains the same as a standard carriage, while the quick attachment point increases versatility and reduces downtime Find right aerial lifts for your operation; A&G equipment offers short and long term scissor lift, boom lift rental and more machinery for rental in Singapore. We deliver professional services, boom lift and scissors sales for sale. Get in touch with us Lift up to 2,000 lbs. (w/snatch block attachment) Fits through a standard 3 foot doorway; Ergonomical (see the Ergonomic Edge on our advantages page) Durable 8″ locking caster wheels; Boom extends to 20 ft. (26 ft. with jib boom attachment) Hook height 19 ft. Stores in a 3'x 2′ x 9′-6″ space (disassembled

66-foot lift height allows this telescopic handler to reach the sixth floor of a building, offering comparable capability to a mobile crane. For added versatility, all JCB telescopic handlers are equipped with a single boom auxiliary feature to power a wide range of attachments Top-Auswahl an Schuhen zu günstigen Preisen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Home Spec Search lift Boom Lift JLG 860SJ JLG 860SJ BOOM LIFT VIEW ARTICLES ON THIS ITEM Looking to purchase this item? Find a JLG 860SJ Boom Lift being sold at Ritchie Bros. auctions. C. OVERALL HEIGHT - MAST LOWERED 10 ft in 3050 mm D. WHEELBASE 10 ft in 3050 mm E. GROUND CLEARANCE 11.8 in 300 mm F. MAX PLATFORM HEIGHT 86 ft in 26210 m Boom Length (5-Section) Maximum Lift Capacity Stowed Travel Height. Maximum Sheave Height 127 ft (38.7 m) Vehicle Travel Length 90,000 lb (40,823 kg) 13.25 ft (4.04 m) 135 ft/189 ft (41.2 m/57.6 m) 39.9 ft (12.2 m) crane specifications. Two Speed Winch Capacity 15,000 lb (6,803 kg) 3 Position Out-and-Down Outriggers - Full Span - Mid Span.

load chart us standard load radius is the horizontal distance from the center of rotation of the unloaded crane to the vertical load line with the load applied. exceeding capacity ratings or applying side loads to the boom or boom extension is misuse,hazardous, and voids warranty. caution: boom extension loads must not exceed main boom capacity Lift Range, Lift Angle, and Crane in Motion. A range diagram typically includes lift charts to illustrate how much boom length is necessary to lift loads at any distance or height. The lift angle refers to the maximum lift when using a luffing or fixed jib. The term crane in motion refers to the pick and carry of the crane Four section boom: Main boom, two powered sections, and one manual section (3rd section) Maximum hook height 17 m Boom elevation angle range (min. / max.) -5° / 60° Maximum hook height with jib 19.5 m 40º articulation each side of centre providing a total 80º slewing arc 80° Machinery hook 10 tonn Capacities for the 35 ft. (10.6 m.) boom length shall be lifted with the boom fully retracted. If the boom is not fully retracted, capacities shall not exceed those shown for the 40 ft. (12.2m) boom length. When lifting over the front of the machine, radii less than 35 ft (12m.) not recommended The max. lifting height with boom and jib extensions is up to 169.16 m (555 ft). This crawler crane features a high-power Liebherr D 856 A7 SCR engine with a 238-gallon fuel tank, pushing 270 HP/2,000 rpm. This crane comes with a main winch, luffing jib winch and boom winch. The winches are compact in design and easy to assemble

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Unlike most telehandlers, boom lifts are used to transport personnel and materials to high heights. A basic boom lift consists of a grounded base, a hydraulic lift system powering a crane and a platform or bucket. Boom Lifts are sometimes attached to a truck or van, making them very easy to transport. Boom lifts can extend anywhere from 30 to. tl100 load charts with riggers boom—metric tl100 load charts with riggers boom p.o. box 506 dixon, il 61021 phone: +1-815-288-7626 fax: +1-815-288-7634 riggers@riggers.com www.riggers.com tl100 lifting capacity from riggers boom boom extension from face inches counterweight in pounds counterweight out pounds 12 50,000 50,00 Our Standard Cranes Smiley Crane Service has many crane options. In addition to Boom Trucks, Smiley Crane offers SPYDERCRANES for lifts that need to happen where a traditional boom truck may not fit. Please see below for our boom options. Call for Pricing 70′ Working Radius $95 per Hour 80 The Articulating Jib Crane from Contrx is designed for reaching around or under obstructions, reaching through doorways, machines and/or trucks, while providing easy movement and precise load positioning. This crane is perfect for custom welding, material handling, loading/unloading. and any manufacturing applications that may require flexibility

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  1. Types of MEWP for Working at Height Infographic A Brief Guide To Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. For MEWP Hire including Cherry Picker Hire, Boom Lift Hire, Scissor Lift Hire and more please call 0800 085 3709 today.. We've put together an infographic featuring different MEWPs, showcasing some of the types of vehicle available from our fleet
  2. Maximum tip height: 63 m (207 ft). Boom elevation Two lift cylinders with safety valves provide boom angles from -1.2° to +82°. 120 t (264,500 lb) consisting of various sections with hydraulic installation/removal system (see counterweight configuration on page 12)
  3. You can now find the cell on the lift chart where the lift point height and lifting radius intersect. This number is the excavator's lifting capacity. If there is no number listed, the excavator has no lifting capacity and the lift should not be attempted. Generally speaking, as your lifting radius increases, the lifting capacity will decline
  4. Winner of the International Awards for Powered Access 'IAPA Product of the Year 2021', the SP50N is a self-propelled boom lift that will lift 2 people and their tools to a platform height of 49ft 6in or a working outreach of 32ft. A 180° rotating cage and jib-boom coupled with fully proportional multi-function controls deliver exceptional precision when positioning, making tasks easier.
  5. BOOM LIFTS. Heights from 30' to 185', two-wheel or four-wheel drive and models that will put you within reach faster and easier than scaffolding. Whether the need is maneuvering into tight spaces or for higher access jobs, maintenance contractors, builders and facility managers rely on the versatility of electric, bi-energy and engine rough.
  6. Lifting capacities—accounting for boom strength and for winch style and capacity; and 10-ft. radius lifting capacity—a working comparison developed by Terex Tel-Elect in the early 1980s that considers a rig's ability to lift loads within a 10-ft. radius from the derrick's centerline of rotation
  7. Harmar Vehicle Lifts are designed to safely transport a power chair, scooter, or manual wheelchair on a vehicle. With the help of your local, authorized dealer, you can feel confident in chossing the right lift for your car, truck, van or RV

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The Snorkel AB85J articulated boom lift is the largest model in the articulated boom family. Equipped with a jib boom for 140° side-to-side rotation, it provides the ultimate working envelope. Proportional controls combined with powerful 4-wheel drive delivers smooth performance on any surface Lift Capacities with Canopy - Minimum Configuration Lift Point Height Lift Point radius 3 m (9.8 ft) Lift Point radius 4.5 m (14.8 ft) Lift Point radius (Maximum) Over Front Over Side Over Front Over Side Over Front Over Side m (ft) Blade Down Blade Up Blade Down Blade Up Blade Down Blade Up 4.5 m (14.8 ft) Standard Stick kg *1225 *1225 *1225. Notice that some of the lifts in Red are higher than main only, since the stick has mechanical advantage and the limiting lift is the main relief. Lift Capacity Chart PRENTICE 2124 • Boom Type: Knuckleboom • Boom length: 22' (6.7m

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Lifting Capacities 3-section Boom 26.5 ft. - 70 ft. Jib 23.6 ft. - 40.6 ft. LOAD CHART: Main Boom & Jib Structural Tipping 20.8 ft. (100%) 372º Non-continuous Load Ratings in LBS with Outriggers and Stabilizers Extended Jib Load Ratings in LBS with Outriggers LMI Code #1 and Stabilizers Extended (ft.) Boom Length & Marker Fixed Jib Telescopic Ji loaded boom angle to determine load rating of jib. 5. For boom angles not shown on jib load rating chart, use rating of next lower boom angle. 6. For boom lengths not shown, use rating of next shorter or longer boom length, whichever is less. For radii not shown, use rating of next longer radius. 7 Boom Lifts : Knuckle Boom Lifts are perfect for reaching up and over or around obstacles at height. Our inventory includes articulating boom lifts or Z booms, diesel knuckle boom lifts, all terrain knuckle boom lifts or rough terrain knuckle boom lifts, Jack Boom lift, Zebra 16 or Z16 boom, tracked boom lifts and electric knuckle boom lift Shooting Boom Forklifts are ideal for material placement on rough terrain construction and industrial sites. They feature excellent stability and superior lifting capacities at extended heights and reach. Shooting boom forklifts available range from 4,400 to 17,000 lbs. capacity, with up to 56' lift heights

The JCB 505-20TC telescopic handler has a large, spacious cab with a wide access door; tinted cab glass reflects 30 percent of the sun's energy for increased comfort. JCB 505-20TC controls are comfortable, precise and smooth thanks to single-lever electro servo controls with proportional auxiliaries. JCB's proportional constant flow feature. Our Boom Lift Machine Options. Ohio Cat Rental Store has a vast selection of boom lifts for rent in Ohio. All of our options are from quality manufacturers, like JLG and Genie, so you can trust in the reliability of your boom lift rental. We have both straight and articulated boom lifts. Our straight lifts range in height from 40 feet to 135. 2020 5 STAR 31 FEET Max Lift NEW ELECTRIC HIGH SCISSOR LIFT MAN LIFT. $5,999.99. Free shipping. 9 watching. Genie-GS-3232 Genie Scissor Lift 32' Platform Height 32in. Width Electric. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) 1 product ratings - Genie-GS-3232 Genie Scissor Lift 32' Platform Height 32in 2019 Genie Z60/37FE Hybrid Boom Lift, 185 hrs, 66' working height, 8' basket, 4WD, Kubota diesel, foam filled non-marking tires, generator, onboard ch... Private Seller Marietta, PA - 2,163 mi. awa

Mine Telehandler Underground Mine Telescopic Boom Mining Lifts2005 Terex TH-644CGenie® Z®-60/37 DC & FE Articulated Boom LiftZoom Boom Rentals | Telescopic Forklift RentalsXtreme XR2450 Telehandler Specifications | Skyrider Equipment

Lifting Capacity kg. Maximum Hook Height Maximum Working Radius Boom Length Boom Sections Boom Raising Angle Slewing Angle 250 250 400 STROKE 805 405 Min. 1' to Max. 78' 360. Continuous ,370 ROTATION CENTER 15,710 Drawing: UR-V504 (Unit: mm) 240 1 ,938 642 352 STROKE 565 Crane Model UR-V506 UR-V505 UR-V504 UR-V503 UNIC TRUCK FRAM 3,800 MID. For full capacity lifts to full height. Direct Lift Mast Two-stage hydraulic lift cylinder lifts without chains. Removable Counterweight For reducing weight to ship machine For more control and smooth acceleration. 2 Speed Transmission For extra power and precise movements in low. Horizontal Boom Telescoping out and back with swiveling. Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift's fleet is unparalleled in size, quality, performance and availability. We source our fleet from the world's top crane manufacturers, including HSC Cranes, Kobelco, Manitowoc and Terex-Demag. Our crawler and telescopic cranes range from 50 tonnes to 1,600 tonnes and can be mobilised for projects across Australia NEW 2021 Haulotte 5533A Towable Boom Lift - Finance for $875 per mo* OAC Biljax. Brand New. $44,021.00. or Best Offer. Freight. 14 watchers. Watch