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Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Reinvent Classic Activities into Virtual Versions. Scavenger Hunt - This game is so simple, you come up with an idea for an object the students should go find and then run back to the screen to share it with everyone. For younger kids, this can work on a certain skill, such as an item of a certain color, a number, or representing a season

Fun Activities for Remote Learning: Middle and High School Fun Activities for Remote Learning: Middle and High School. April 26, 2020 In this part three of our series of lessons and activities for the corona age, we offer a series of lighter, fun activities for you and your students to come together and enjoy each other's company 4. Virtual Talk Shows - This virtual talk shows takes learning and makes it fun. Students take the place of characters, concepts, or even a time period in a virtual talk show. Each student takes the hot-seat to answer questions showing their comprehension of an idea from the viewpoint of a person or idea being studied in class Geared towards students in grade 3-5, this virtual field trip from the American Museum of Natural History explores how animals adapt to their environments in order to survive. This field trip includes a teachers guide, student worksheets and extension activities Here is a list of 50 icebreakers and games to keep students engaged and motivated during remote learning! Perfect for back to school, these activities also develop important 21st-century skills like communication, creativity, and collaboration. The following list is divided into three parts: relationship-building icebreakers, fun games, and top.

Create Successful Remote-Inclusive Events to Engage Your Student Community Campus communities need a place to come together, now more than ever. As many schools are moving activities from in-person to virtual settings in light of the COVID-19 crisis, many higher education professionals and campus 100 remote learning activities, templates and tutorials. Remote learning activities can be fun AND promote quality learning. Here are lots of examples and templates to use! It's easy to feel anxious, overwhelmed and frustrated if you're asked to create elearning activities and teach remotely because of a school closure Virtual End-of-Year Activities and Ideas. April 8, 2020. Elizabeth Taylor. Who knows what the end of the school year will bring. This year, some schools may end up going back to the classroom to finish the school year, and that would be awesome. However, for many, this school year is going to be completed from the safety of our students' homes Seeing and critiquing peer work through virtual gallery walks: Virtual gallery walks give students an opportunity to view their classmates' projects while learning from each other, according to Joe Marangell, a high school social studies teacher. After his students presented their own projects through five-minute screencasts, they were. List of virtual team building activities. From tiny campfire, to International Monster Hunter, and Bingo, here are some fun virtual activities for virtual meetings and other formats. 1. Online Office Games . Online Office Games is a form of Office Olympics that includes spirited challenges, virtual team games and activities

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Virtual Classroom Games. 1. Quiz Games. Quiz games are a perfect activity for virtual classrooms. All students need is a pen and paper to write down their answers. There are many types of quiz, but one quiz game which kids and teenagers really enjoy is the 'top five' quiz. In a 'Top 5' quiz, each question has multiple possible answers The first day of high school is full of excitement and nerves for students and teachers alike. You can put your students at ease right away by enthusiastically welcoming them to your class and greeting them at the door with a smile, an introduction, and a handshake In our virtual student council activities, students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership, planning, organization, and social skills by planning and participating in events that contribute to the school (spirit) and community. Virtual Voices. Virtual Voices is a choral group for middle and high school students Perhaps you can set up email pen pals, host group video sessions, or arrange for current students to lead virtual tours for accepted students who are deciding whether or not to enroll. 45. Puppy cam. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then live video footage should be even more valuable Virtual Classroom Activities. Proactively, many universities have moved to virtual instruction and a number of K-12 school districts in at risk areas are temporarily closing. Parents of students with underlying health conditions are choosing to keep their children home. Educators are being asked to prepare lesson plans for the possibility of.

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  1. Share via: Facebook 0 Twitter Print Email More Social emotional learning is playing a huge role this school year. Of course, SEL is important all of the time, but right now kids and young adults are in special need of support. In order for kids and teens to succeed academically, they also need skills for [
  2. Right now with coronavirus severely impacting on the ability for students to get together in the same physical space, there is a need for virtual team activities and online games instead. Inclusive, engaging, and relevant team building activities for high school and college students can be hard to find, but the right ones can really energise.
  3. Scheduling fun events for high school students is great but virtual high school events can also be used to teach important life skills as well. Our virtual speakers , like Brian Miller and Mike Fritz , have a lot of information to offer that will be especially valuable for juniors and seniors who are starting to prepare for college life
  4. Let kids decorate their virtual classroom! We want our students to be a part of our classrooms even when our classrooms are virtual. A fun first day of school project is to have students create a digital art project to hang up in your virtual Bitmoji classroom. It can be a decorative name tag or a digital picture
  5. In this virtual first day back to school lesson plan, I break down the day with team building ideas, free science lessons, a character education read aloud, a writing prompt that emphasizes diversity and inclusion, a technology scavenger hunt to familiarize your students with the tools they will be using this year, and so much more
  6. - Strive for College Knowledge is hosting a Virtual College Exploration Week, April 23-30. Help students make final choices by visiting campuses online. Student Questionnaire - (Page 115) Ask students to complete a short questionnaire, so you can get a better feel for seniors' plans for after high school. The questionnaire ca
  7. Back to School Games. Your students likely had some summer work to do, including a reading list or other activities. You can create some virtual games related to those activities as well as.

This back-to-school season feels different for educators preparing to meet a brand new cohort of students online. As soon as I heard that teachers and students in my district would start the fall semester in a 100% distance learning setting, I began to brainstorm how I might create a safe virtual classroom where students feel accepted and connected by integrating community-building activities. 7-12 Interactives - Fun, educational, online games geared towards seventh through 12th grade students Although schools today pay much attention to the health of the students and offer them opportunities to indulge in activities like basketball, football, yoga, gymnastics, and racing. But, there are many other after school physical activity programs in which the kids can participate and enjoy. These include walking, cycling, aerobics, dancing.

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  1. Additional Virtual High School PE Resources. I also want to take this opportunity to share a couple more resources I'll be using in my high school physical education classes this year. These were shared on SHAPE America's TOY Talk Tuesday Episode 5 (listen here or read below). Needs Assessment Surve
  2. From virtual icebreakers for college to digital university classifieds to online freshmen anthologies, here is a list of online orientation ideas to welcome new students with a bang. 1. Online icebreaker and ice cream social. Icebreakers and college orientations go hand in hand
  3. Here are 20 interactive activities to harness the power of PowerPoint in your classroom. 1. Play Snapchat Games. When I first saw some of these Snapchat games — specifically Would You Rather, This or That, and My Face When, I immediately thought of how it could be used in class
  4. We hope that these free career exploration activities for high school students will inspire you to try them in your classroom. Remember that teachers have an important role in the development of their students, so do your best to guide them. If some students lack motivation, give them encouragement with these motivational activities for students
  5. A principal shares the Zoom-based activities that she and her teachers dreamed up to replace the typical end-of-school-year fun. 10 Ways to Make the Final Days of Virtual School Fu
  6. Ages: Middle School + High School Here's an awesome platform for either an individual student/kid or a group of students to do some fantasy stock trading. You get $100,000 in virtual cash to build a portfolio
  7. Virtual Business (VB) High School simulations are browser-based, online business simulations that provide you with an interactive curriculum to teach business, marketing, financial literacy/personal finance, and much more. In use by high school teachers across the U.S. and other countries, VB simulations are Perkins funding eligible

Virtual Career Day: Videos and activities to encourage career exploration. Editor's Note: School Counselor Ashley Bell of Polk Central Elementary worked on a resource for students and families to participate in a Virtual Career Day. There are videos from local staff and organizations included as well as other online resources Looking for fun and engaging virtual activities? Need a break from classes? A few moments to de-stress? Take a few minutes and explore the below resources compiled by your Campus Activities office. (DVM student Sophie Trowbridge '17 leads a yoga class with fellow students and their dogs.

Tell students to post two truths and one lie about themselves on your learning management system or in the chat of a virtual meeting. Then have other students comment back with which of the three statements is the lie! 4. Remember the Time Students have lots to say about the world and life pre-COVID-19 At-Home Learning Activities for High School. April 13, 2020. April 16, 2021. by Stephanie, posted in Online Tools, Teaching Activities & Lesson Plans. If you're teaching American history or government to high school students, check out these online activities and lesson plans from around the National Archives and Presidential Libraries These top 10 classroom games provide fun ways to engage your students in academic learning, without them even realising! 1. Charades. This simple but classic game is a great way to encourage your student to get out of their seats and participate in the lesson. Resources: a list of people, actions or concepts related to the subject you are teaching From kindergarten to high school extracurricular activities, students can engage in subjects they are passionate about. Whether your child enjoys theatre, music, or DIY activities like LEGO® builds, Stride K12-powered schools offer online clubs that champion e-learning for kids

Ice Breakers for Older Students. One of the best things to do with middle and high school students during the first few days of class is an ice breaker activity or game Much like students who spend more hours on the hook of an essay than they do the bulk of an essay, I often found myself with a case of English teacher writing block when it came to planning my first day of school activities. Though I had ten years (x two semesters each) of first-day Read More about First Day of School Activities for High School and Middle School Englis

Lit circles give kids an opportunity for choice. You can group students based on their reading level. Pro tip: assign specific group roles to hold students accountable, and help them practice different reading strategies. Students can meet in their virtual breakout rooms to discuss the chapter they read the night before. 7) Project-Based Learnin The games that we chose to feature are either free or low cost, and we tried to stay away from more pricey options unless their value proposition was worth the high price tag. Without further ado, here is our list of the best virtual reality games on the market The Bone Hall is a visitor favorite, where students can look at all different kinds of skeletons. Take a Virtual Trip to Ellis Island. Another great virtual field trip idea for high school aged students would be a visit to Ellis Island. To take a unit on immigration to the next level, explore Ellis Island through a 31-minute video clip of. Icebreakers for Middle and High School Students That Really Work. Get to know your students in person or online. Ask around and you'll quickly learn that most teens think the first few days of school are a complete waste of time. All we do are the same dumb games we did in elementary school!. Or, It's just seven periods of my.

It's a quick ice breaker to set up and gets students moving around the classroom (or school!). Create a list of 20-25 things specific to your classroom and/or school. Divide the class into groups of 2-3 students. Have them find all items on the list. For example, List of laboratory safety rules for grade 9 science A virtual Investigate the Teacher activity is an engaging, unique way to start the school year. 2: BACK TO SCHOOL LEARNING STATIONS. If you need a way to cover necessary back-to-school information and sneak in some extra get-to-know-you activities, then consider using learning stations Camp BuddEConnect - A virtual summer camp for children with special needs, Camp BuddEConnect runs 5 days a week for 3 hours a day with seven one week sessions staffed by high school and college students. The activities are focused on fun, socialization and engagement with virtual activity cabins including music, games, film, arts & crafts. It also has tools for teachers and students to create their own. ChemReaX Users can model and simulate chemical reactions, focusing on thermodynamics, equilibrium, kinetics, and acid­-base titrations, with accompanying virtual lab exercises. It is designed for high school (AP/IB) and undergraduate students and teachers Here are 10 free, popular games for high school students to learn how to navigate their finances. 1. Payback: Payback nudges students to think about how to succeed in college without taking on excessive student debt. Tony Montgomery, a teacher at an alternative high school in New York City, says, Payback teaches students that it is very.

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6 Leadership Activities and Games for High School Students. By high school, students are more sophisticated. Here are some interesting activities for high school students to develop leadership. 1. Brainstorming for change (Stapleton, 2018) The teacher puts students into groups of 4 or 5 Getting to know you activities for homeroom will help you improve the atmosphere in your homeroom class. Try one activity or use them all throughout the year. You'll soon establish a classroom community that feels more like a family of unique personalities. Students will also appreciate how these activities help them create new friends from perfect strangers

8. Virtual Tour- Take a Virtual Tour of the Classroom and/or School- Since students can't physically be in the classroom or school building, use Nearpod to upload pictures of your student and classroom! This is a great way for your students to see what their classroom and/or school like without being there physically. 9 Exploring American History with Students. Get ready for September 17, Constitution Day, with these preK-12 Constitution Day activities, lesson plans and resources. The Share My Lesson team has selected a variety of free lesson plans, educational resources and classroom materials to support you while celebrating Constitution Day with your students Handy for Smartphones . High school Principal Mark Thomas said it's an expansion, in the works for about two years, of the district's MiGPS program, a partnership between the district, area employers and employment agencies.He said the Mavin program has coordinated with West Michigan workforce development coalition Talent 2025, and currently represents the work of some 160 companies and. High School. Behind the class of 2021 are years of notes and assignments, memories from student clubs and activities, and plenty of Zoom calls. Ahead of them is the opportunity to shape their future. And for recent FLVS graduate Maddy, it's an opportunity to build a life for herself and her one-year-old daughter. Continue Readin These virtual activities for the first day of school are part of a back to school activity pack for Google Slides. You can easily assign these to students to complete at home during distance learning. These also make great independent activities in a technology or social studies center. You can find them HERE

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Varsity Tutors is offering a free program called Virtual School Day, which includes live, online classes and educational resources for K-12 students. Students can receive more than 30 hours a week. VOICE Virtual Mentoring Activities. Here are some suggestions of things to do with your mentee during a virtual session. Download these to share on your screen, then use Zoom's 'annotate' tool so mentor and mentee can simultaneously write or draw on what is being shared. Some activities may require creativity to adapt them to fit the mentee. Luckily, there are many good, quality math apps out there. To help high school educators find innovative ways to teach math, we decided to create a list 9 of the best math apps and games for high school students. CK-12. Great STEM resource with content that is accessible and student friendly. PhET Interactive Simulations: Math Career exploration activities refer to fun programming that introduces kids to a wide variety of occupations. These programs are typically focused on children in elementary and middle school, as high school students usually explore careers through more in-depth work-based learning. Career exploration is an important step in helping students.

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The games included in our group of icebreakers for high school students were actually reviewed by some students for age appropriateness. We also wanted to make sure they were not considered silly or stupid and had the ability to actually break the ice for a group of high school students Virtual Games To Play With Students High School. To play, head to this free game generator and send each person a link to the game. I spy is a classic game, but also a great one to play to work on adjectives and to test your students' observation skills. This interactive game teaches young people the importance of saving and spending wisely Virtual Halloween Games to Play with Students. October 26, 2020 6 min read. GoGuardian Team. Spooktober is here, and it is the perfect time to roll out inventive games for some spooky-themed adventure. Halloween games keep kids engaged and adults occupied throughout the days leading up to Halloween, whether at home or in a classroom setting

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  1. with the last student. Minute to Win It Games ★ Balance: students walk around the room balancing paper plates on their heads. Add things to the plates to make it more challenging. When the plates/objects fall, student is out. ★ Water-Bottle Toss: Students take turns throwing a half-full water bottle on a table
  2. May 9, 2019 - Math activities recommended for Grades 9-12. See more ideas about math, high school activities, math classroom
  3. Online PD: Virtual Keeping the Wonder; Valentine's Day Activities for High School and Middle School ELA Students. Planning special Valentine's Day activities for my high school students is important to me because I want to make sure each of my students feels loved and considered
  4. Clubs. The following is just a small sampling of the online school clubs and activities offered to students. Art Club is designed to spark student creativity by exploring two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, photography, and graphic design through techniques and styles associated with each medium. Students have the opportunity to create original designs and artwork, share their artwork.
  5. Virtual First Day of School Activities. It will be a bit different, but you can still do fun first day of school activities virtually. Help students get to know each other by going around and introducing themselves. For younger students, consider calling each child's name, saying Welcome, ____! and having them wave
  6. Virtual Pharmacy Program: March 3 - June 2, 2021. Typically, this a residential camp held in summer, but this year due to the pandemic, we will host a virtual camp from March 3 - June 2, 2021, with eight required virtual meetings, including a mandatory virtual orientation on March 3, 2021 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. (CST)

Non-credit STEM Academies are open to all high school students, including rising 9th graders. Taught by CU Boulder faculty and graduate students, these week-long programs are designed for highly motivated high school students looking to delve deeper into a specific STEM field Online Interactive Activities. Children and teens get education about drugs and alcohol from their parents and schools. Starting at a young age, programming around knowledge of substance misuse, associated risks, and prevention are built into school curriculum. This education is important because it teaches children, teens, and their parents.

At Home PE - Virtual Activity Ideas for Students. 06. May. I was scheduled to have a Friday off in March before our weeklong Spring Break started. My daughter had a Field Trip planned on that Friday but was eventually cancelled. When I always leave my office, I take a minute or two to look around to make sure I didn't forget anything 2. American Red Cross. From providing blood collection support to serving on the Disaster Action Team, the American Red Cross has tons of virtual volunteer opportunities available to high school students. 3. Sidelines. Sidelines is a nonprofit organization that offers support for women with high-risk pregnancies NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind Activity #3- Best Parts of Our School Class Time: 5-20 minutes (each part of this activity can take place on a separate day) Group Size: 4-6 students Resources Needed: Best Parts of Our School handout Skills Focus: Teamwork, Leadership Often, students feel disgruntled about school, so this team-building activity for high school students encourages everyone to look for the positive.

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Virtual School Assembly is a series of free mini-assemblies created for K-12 students. Speakers include Hollywood celebs, Olympians, and pro athletes That's why I'm sharing this list of more than 100 hands-on activities for middle school and high school students! I do want to include one caveat - not all of these activities are specifically geared toward older students. But often activities for younger kids are beneficial to older students. And most can be easily adapted May 19, 2021 - Our boards are for free resources only. No links to TpT, contests, Etsy, subscriptions, powerpoints, or anything that expires. All for-profit pins will be immediately deleted. (We are not a TpT billboard.) Don't post the same thing multiple times. . See more ideas about high school activities, school activities, teaching A Self-Help Quiz for High School Students Tip for Career Counselors: You can transform this list of self-help questions into a group exercise for five or six students. Each student would have a chance to be interviewed by the others in the group and be encouraged to identify their own skills, abil ities, and special talents Huntington Study Hall allows students to attend virtual school with a certified teacher to help during and after schools, while Homework Help gives students one-on-one time with certified teachers.

Vocabulary, literature videos and grammar set to rap music. Free Rice. Vocabulary modules and quizzes with a nonprofit mission. Maptia. Place-based online cultural stories. My Shakespeare. Text of all plays, videos, and teacher resources. Newsela. Leveled current events reading site, offering free access for the school year Share it and we'll add it to this list of incentives for high school students for everyone to share! Incentive. Grade. Price. Category. Value. Family Night Bag. Over the weekend, a student gets to borrow the Family Night Bag, which includes games, movies, popcorn, etc A comprehensive program of online educational activities for students aged 4 to 12, mapped to the curriculum. Studyladder has thousands of engaging learning resources for children; including games, video tutorials and printable activity sheets. 16. DreamScape At Squiggle Park, we take video games seriously Back to School Games. If you are looking for back to school games that can be played remotely, virtual scavenger hunt games are a great option. I have created another blog post that lists some of my favorite virtual scavenger hunts that help students get to know each other. I've also created this video with over 20 virtual scavenger hunt ideas

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18 Virtual End-of-the-School Year Celebrations. This school year has looked different from any other. And the end of the year celebrations are going to feel a lot different too. Even though you're away from your students physically, their achievements can still be honored and celebrated virtually! So we asked the TpT community on Instagram. One of the biggest questions that arise when researching virtual education is, What social opportunities do you offer? We are proud to offer the following clubs and activities at the High School level. Student Council: Student Council is offered to students in grades 9 - 12. Student Council members are responsible for activities such as. Most of us under lockdown (or quarantine) at home. However, do not let this situation hamper your college preparation activities. Several summer programs for high school students have been switched to the virtual model. In this post, we will look at the top online summer school programs in 2021 for Indian high school students

Appropriate for senior high school economics students, the site enables users to take a series of virtual field trips throughout Zambia visiting a number of places and people. At each stop on the way they will be able to gain access to key data and economic theory, a glossary, pictures and have the opportunity to complete worksheets 500+ Examples of Extracurricular Activities for High School Students. Bonus Material: Internships give high school students a period of (typically unpaid) work experience, often within an organization. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to possible internships for high school students. Virtual Supreme Court Competitio 6 Ethical Considerations for Virtual School Counseling; 10 Mindfulness Activities for Kids and Students; Classroom Set-up During Covid-19: Creating and Implementing Routines; What I learned my first year of teaching; 5 Calming, Relaxing, and Mindfulness Apps for Kids and Students 2. Hokey Pokey with Bone Names. Kathy Regan of Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School finds that the most engaging anatomy and physiology activities get students out of their seats. One of her students' favorites is playing Hokey Pokey with the names of bones. I play Hokey Pokey with names of bones ‎Welcome to Virtual High School Simulator Stepping into the role of a new high school girl could be tough, make her first day at school in my city. The high school girl is nervous and hyper on her first day. Assist her in the first day of school in finding activities. Don't get late for your first e

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Learn To Be Virtual Tutor. High school students can sign up with Learn To Be and serve as a virtual tutor for K-12 students in need of academic assistance in science, reading, and math. Tutors work on-line, one-on-one with students. Check the website for details to find out how to sign up and become matched up with your student Here are her hands-on tips for teachers to make the most of virtual learning: Communicate regularly with students. This regular communication and collaboration can take place in person or online through a digital messaging center, discussion group, or even through the feedback provided on teacher-scored activities

Emily Elizabeth Goes to School (in Spanish): A Clifford Interactive Storybook Activity. GRADES. PreK-1. WRITING ACTIVITY. Mystery Writing: A Writing With Writers Activity. GRADES. 1-8. LISTEN AND READ ACTIVITY. Arctic Foxes: A Listen and Read Book, Level A 7 Games and Activities for Middle and High School Students So far we have covered a lot of games geared towards younger audiences, although they can be applied to older students too. Now we offer resources specifically for older students The expression hands-on, minds-on summarizes the philosophy we have incorporated in these activities - namely, that students will learn best if they are actively engaged and if their activities are closely linked to understanding important biological concepts.Most of our activities support the Next Generation Science Standards, as indicated by (NGSS) in the descriptions below and the links.

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Virtual math manipulatives -intermediate/high school. Math manipulatives are very important in math as they help students visualize and internalize different concepts. Children need to hold math in their hands before they can hold math in their minds. Virtual math manipulatives that simulate the physical manipulatives and more are very useful. Fun Physical Education Games for High School Students. By Michele Meleen M.S. Ed . Copied! Gym class is a time to exercise and have fun playing sports or other games. Help teens have a great, active time in gym class when you play a variety of games including old favorites, new discoveries, and original games they create with you.. Through Google Classroom, teachers can leave optional enrichment activities for students to complete. Links to extension activities can foster growth during distance learning after the virtual school day is over. 3. Communication, Communication, Communication. Gifted students can have a variety of social and emotional needs High school students interested in medicine or business can take interactive classes through Wake Forest University's virtual program. There are two courses offered. There are two courses offered. After students have completed their studies, they will receive a certificate of completion

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Not only does it provide all middle and high school students with a fresh approach to career exploration, it also infuses much-needed relevance into academic coursework. Watch to see how VirtualJobShadow.com empowers staff and students at Oklahoma City Public Schools Coding Bootcamps for High School Students 1. Galvanize x K12. Galvanize is a software engineering and data science immersive bootcamp. They're partnering with K12, the leaders of Destinations Career Academy, to provide full-time and part-time coding bootcamps for high school graduates. The bootcamps also offer career services Ag-DISCOVERY is a two-week residential camp for students designed to help high school students (age 14-17) learn about careers in plant science and veterinary medicine. Students live on the college campus and learn about science from university professors and practicing entomologists, botanists, and plant pathologists Play fun, interactive business strategy games, cool money management games, customer service simulation games, cafe, restaurant & diner food service games, airport management games, awesome virtual farm management games, and more.. These educational activities for older children, middle/ high school students, teens may can be used in the. High school teachers can bring real-life civics into their virtual lessons when they invite federal judges and volunteer attorneys to facilitate a civil discourse and decision-making simulation with students at home or in the classroom this fall

Photographs and written accounts of club activities are a great way to showcase your club in your school yearbook, advertise to recruit more students, and demonstrate pride in your interest in chemistry. If you would like to be featured on the ACS website or share your activities with the community, please email hschemclubs@acs.org. ACS. For high school students who are considering a career in medicine, a great way to learn about the medical field and get a head start on the clinical skills requisite for medical careers is to participate in an immersive pre-med summer program.Many universities and other organizations offer summer opportunities for high school students to learn more about medical school and medical professions South Carolina State University's I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium will offer a virtual workshop providing four days of activities in drawing and painting to high school-age students next. Icebreakers and team-building activities create an exciting atmosphere to help high school students establish a common ground and build new relationships with classmates. These activities energize students and give them an opportunity to share interesting facts about themselves, as well as learn about others. A few.

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Multiple Subjects. Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs. Biology. Injury Prevention and Safety. Mental, Emotional and Social Health. High School. These PowerPoints and fact sheets provide students with information on alcohol and its effects on the body. These resources, along with the adverts,.. MPS' virtual gym class is offered for credit recovery during summer school or in lieu of in-person gym class during the school year. The only difference between the two offerings is that students who take the course during the school year work online only and complete workouts on their own time, while the summer school version is a blended. Sora is a live, virtual project-based high school designed to accelerate students towards their wildest dreams. At Sora, students are given the responsibility and agency to design their education based on their interests With all of that in mind, here are six of the best PE games for middle school students, to get their bodies moving. 1. Relay Races. Classic and time-honored for a reason, relay races are excellent for middle-schoolers since they allow them to exercise their natural competitive sides while also developing teamwork skills along with their ability. Take these homeroom activities for middle school students & run with 'em! Creating a supportive environment for your students is a key element of homeroom. From activities to get to know their peers to working on their self-esteem, middle school homeroom activities are vital to their growth and development

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